Sunday, December 27, 2015


Okay for this week... I am not going to do a day by day because I didn't write in my journal and honestly I don't remember, but I will write about a few of the little miracles that happened!
These two are going to Utah, so look out for them! 

On Monday we decided to have a nice lunch for Christmas so we went to this place called Joma's. So we sit down and this guy comes up to us and is like... "hey are you mormons?' may I add that he said this in English. He grew up in Canada but he was born in Hong Kong... after we told him that we were missionaries he was like okay will you tell me more about this man named Joseph Smith. We were like oh yeah for sure we can. We talked to him for awhile , and then we got our food, and he was like oh here I will come back later, but before he left I gave him an English Book Of Mormon. I am pretty sure that book was meant for him because I have always had this feeling to keep an english book of mormon with me, and then we ran into this guy! He took the book and went and read while we ate our lunch, and then he came back when we were done and asked us even more questions about the church. He asked questions about the apostasy, he was like "well if Smith had to restore the gospel then something was wrong with the churches before what was it?"Just tons of questions like that! It was a way cool experience. He is going back to Hong Kong next week, but before he left he said "thank you for the book I will treat it like the holy scripture that it is." I really think it will make a difference in his life, actually I know it will! It was super cool because he was a catholic, but he didn't like everything, he asked what happens to us after this life, and just about everything... He seemed super interested.. You can tell we have the fullness of the gospel because it just fills in all the holes to the other religions. Our church is literally perfect because it has the entire fullness of the gospel. It was super super awesome to see this man who had studied many many different religions just get that light in his eyes when stuff just started to make sense... That's just it the gospel... our church... it just makes sense.. it is literally perfect.
Merry Christmas

Christmas Party

We found some new investigators this week. We were walking by Bong Savon's house and I just asked the girl if she wanted to learn, and she was like yes do you want to meet me tomorrow at 2. Needless to say we went to her house the next day. She is 18 years old and when we went to meet her, her mom also wanted to learn. We taught their family and they were super great they have a lot of potential. They both don't know how to read, so we will go over there and read with them a couple of times a week.They have this little boy who is like 2 years old. Last week he got his foot caught in a bike. When we saw it, it was sooo bad.... like fleshy and infected, it was super bad... we came back with the first aid kit you got me, and just tried to clean it out. He was sooo tough when we were cleaning it, Sister Kimball cleaned his foot, and I just held his hand. He didn't cry at all, but you could fill him flinch a little every time. Gosh he was so tough though. It is super hard to see the people that you love so much in situations like that... when we were finished the little boy had the biggest smile on his face, and so did the Ming. We are going to keep going back to check on his foot and teach them. I have never seen so much gratitude and happiness as I did from them. They were so grateful. For me I just think that the gospel really is the best thing we can give them now, because after the struggles that they have gone through in this life they are going to be blessed in the next, and I can't wait to see that day. The people of Cambodia are the nicest people ever, they are happy with what they have and that isn't a lot. I love them so much! I can't even express how much I love the people here.
Lunch with Ming Ha

One great BM! 

Love the Young Women in this ward

Christmas dinner

We also found two more new investigators from English class, one girl came and then she brought her friend. The lesson went super well and she really loved prayer. She asked "if we pray for something with all of our hearts can it really happen?" We testified of it. I told her about language, without the help of the Lord there is no way I could ever in a million years learn Cambodian. She said that is what caught her interest at the start. She came to english class and wondered how missionaries learned Cambodia so fast when they have never even heard of it before. She loved it when we all talked about the power of prayer and how we prayer for the gift of tongues everyday... every prayer really! The spirit was super strong. It really is true there is no way we could do it without the Lord! She promised to start praying and we are meeting her again this week.

Tuk Tuk Ride

For Christmas we went and watched the Christmas devo, and had a testimony meeting/ dinner with the missionaries in our zone. It was really really good. We also went caroling to some of the members houses. Oh cool story we went to this one less actives house and just talked with her for a minute and invited her to go church.. and she was like I have been a member for a long time, and then she was like yeah and I have been less active for a while, and I was like "yeah for too long I want to meet you at church on sunday" She was like okay if my son is better we will see maybe I will go, and guess what?! She totally ended up going and she hasn't been there in a super long time! It was super awesome! She is super great I love her! She has got some super cute kids as well. 

Thats it for this week!
Love you soo much!!! 

Love Sister Schwab

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas is Coming!


We went ice skating! It was so much fun, the had like fake snow that fell and everything. It really felt like Christmas. Even though I suck at ice skating, haha I have like no balance whatsoever! That's okay though! It was super super fun! After ice skating we got to go see Bong Savon. I honestly just love her so much. She is such a sweetheart! We talked about baptism and have a date for her on January 17th. I am so excited for her. We also had a girl named Bong Liap that came and sat in on the lesson, so we decided to teach the entire lesson one again. The girl asked really good questions and we gave her a Book of Mormon. She wants to learn again, but her parents don't like the church so... it's a little hard. We got her number and we told her we would call her every time we come over to Bong Savon that way she can come if she can. She was super cool though, asked really good questions. She was great.

Ice Skating on P-Day


We picked up Sister Yin from the mission home. She is super cute and so so nice. She also knows a lot of English, but usually we speak Khmer with her all of the time. It's good though it's helping her with her English and me with Khmer. We are trying to help each other out haha. Sometimes it's hard because we don't understand each other, and then we try to think of a way to explain in the language, but it actually has been really good. Haha. She is super super nice though, she will be serving in the SLC Utah mission. I told her that I will make my Aunt Katy say Hi, and also if my family is up that they will stop and say hey and bring her food as well. So just so you know when she gets up there to Utah you need to look out for her!

Welcome Sister Yin



We had english class. I gave the spiritual thought on Peter walking on water, and how that when we focus on christ we can overcome all of our trials in life. It went pretty well. That has turned into one of my favorite stories ever. I really do believe it to, when we focus on christ we can do anything, we probably won't have to walk on water, but the Lord is going to make it so we can accomplish anything! We the help of the Lord we can do anything! He is just waiting for us to reach out and take his hand! All we need to do is ask!

Srei Mao and I before English Class


We switched houses. We now officially have a house!! It's super nice too. The Levitt's for sure take care of us! Love them!

Sister Yin doesn't have a bike yet. 


We went and visited Bong Sokphiak. She is a LA that is a return missionary. She is having a hard time right now because she got a divorce with her husband and she is raising two kids by herself. She is super awesome though I love her. She showed us her missionary pictures and she said that she is super happy that we have sisters in toul tom pong again. She says it makes her miss her mission sooooo much! You can tell that she really loved it a lot. I can't believe it's already been almost 6 months for me already! What the heck where has the time gone? It's gone by super fast already. crazy....

Sister Tao I love love love her

Lookpu and Charlie


We found the Bishops house. We shared the Christmas story with him and his family. His wife is a LA. I can tell how sad it makes him that his wife isn't coming to church.... I have a lot of faith in her though. I think she is going to start coming back. I am super grateful for our family and the church. I love you all so much, I can't imagine eternity without all you guys! It also makes me realize how lucky I am to help in God's work in helping families have the opportunity to live together forever. We are so lucky to have the knowledge of the gospel! I love it so much, and can't even put it into words! After that we had a Christmas party with Bong Savon, and i have never seen her so happy... :)

Companion bonding at district meeting

Christmas Party

Future Sister Missionaries


Sister Kimball was sick so we stayed inside all day, but we did end up going to church. Bong Sokphiak was there. The LA that we had visited. She hasn't been in a while so it was sooo good to see her. She came with both of her kids.

Christmas Party at Bong Savons

This week was crazy but great none the less. I hope you all have a great great christmas. Thanks for all of the emails and everything! I wish I could write everyone back but I am way short on time! Love you all and I wish you a Merry Christmas! Seriously love you all so so much. I can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!


Sister Schwab

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Service and a new companion

Can we just talk about how I get to Skype you all next week! I am super excited!


For P-day we went and ate with all of the Sisters at.... Burger King! Now, I know I hate it in America but when you are in Cambodia the american food is pretty good! It was good though, it was nice to see everyone again. Once of the perks being in the new area is that we are only like 10 minutes away from the mission home so we get to see everyone on Mondays. After that we went and saw our investigator Bong Saavon. She is the one in the wheelchair. She has been taught all of the lesson once, but she didn't really understand them with the elders so we are teaching them again, like one point at a time. We taught her about the apostasy and restoration. It was good. Bong Saavon is so good! I love her so much, she has such a sweet spirit. When we were teaching her I just realized how much I love being here talking about the gospel with these amazing people. I feel super blessed to be here, and I feel so lucky to get to share about the gospel! I love it so much! I can't explain it, but it really is one of the best feelings to be out here teaching God's children about the gospel! I love it!
Just skoaling the new area
When you fall off your bike two steps in front of your house


District Meeting= we talked about sharing about the Christmas story. I love the month of December because you literally get to share about the life of Christ all month! Plus there is a special spirit about the month of December. I love it. It is one of the best times to be a missionary, you literally just get to talk about the birth/ life of Christ and get them excited for Christmas. After district meeting we went out to find some of our Recent Converts... and after searching for 5 hours we went home... but we did contact this cool guy named Charlie who speaks english and lived in America for a good 5 or 7 years he wants to meet us again next week to learn about the gospel. Literally after he found out we were LDS he was like "listen I drink and I smoke and I am happy, but we can be friends and I will listen" But listening is all we need! So we are meeting him this week! He is cool, he's got potential! Everyone does in my opinion!
We should try this at home!


Sister Harris came and showed us around the area all day! I think that will help soooo much, but I for sure don't remember all of the houses we went to, but some is better then none right! No really though, it will help us a lot! Then we had English class. English class is so much bigger in Toul Tom Pong. We have three classes and lots of people in each class. We also have lots of teachers so it's nice because we can have some missionaries sitting right next to students helping them.
Area 70

Cambodian kids


Srei Guyo the President of the Young Women's took us around and we went and visited some Less Actives together. Ganika came with us! Funny story they spoke speak super good english! It actually works out super well because they help us with our Cambodian and we help them with their english, but anyways we went and visited some of the Less Active youth and their families. The Young Women's group is really strong! I love them already, and they are a huge help with the lessons. We went and taught Bong Saavan, and both Ganika and Srei Guyo testify that about the miracles that we can have if we have the faith we can receive them. Bong Saavon really wants to learn how to read so that she can read the Book of Mormon, so both Srei Guyo and Ganika talked about how they know that she can do it because God is going to help her. She just has to have the faith to be able to. I think she does. She seriously is the sweetest. I love her so much! I feel way blessed to be able to meet and teach her. Plus I feel super blessed to be in a ward where the ward is so legit! Really though they help us out so much, and they look out for each other. I love that! I wish every ward everywhere had youth like this! 

I just love her

Bishop and the family


Consisted of contacting and searching for member's houses. We talked to Ming Taa. She is super funny haha I love her. Gosh she is so full of it. When I first met her I had an elephant dress on and she was like Sister we were this at home not to church! HAHA! She is super sarcastic but super funny. I love her. We saw her and she helped us with some CBR's that we had. She is excited for when you come to Cambodia because she wants to meet my family, so there is something to look forward to haha! She also introduced us to some old investigators. Ming Phiap is her name, she just got done with her cancer treatments. I really really want to teach her. She is literally the most beautiful girl ever! Ahhh! I just want to teach her the gospel so she can be happy! 
They didn't want us to leave

Elder Or is coming to Cali


As for Saturday we did some service for Bong Gonsal. We helped him move dirt to the back of his house, and then we made some lunch with him and the Elders. After that we had a ward Christmas party! I have videos of it that I wish I could send to you! Mom you may have to make me a drop box so I can put them on there for you. It was good though the little kids loved it so much!!! 
Service for Bong Gonsal

Sister Schwab and Sister Kimball

Eggs are the only thing she is good at

Bong Gonsal  bought a lot of meat for us to cook


We had a stake activity and I got to see some people from Pochentong. Ahh it was so good to see them!!! I saw our investigator Bong Paa there. She looked super good and super happy! Gosh I miss them! I think that is one of the hardest things about a mission you love the people and then you have to leave! It's comforting knowing that even if I don't get to see them in this life again I will get to see them in the next.
Stake Activity

​Bong Helian at the stake christmas party... english class student from Pochentong he is an investigator of the elders.

Well President called just 5 minutes ago and turns out that tomorrow we are turning into a trio! Their is a Cambodian Sister that is waiting for her visa to go to the SLC temple square mission. So Sister Kimball is going to train her and I am going to be the assistant trainer" So that is the exciting news for the day! Other then that we are still just trying to figure out this area it is super good I love the people, we just need to find where they live haha!
Hope you all have a good week! I love you and can't wait to talk to you next week!!!
Sister Schwab