Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leaving Pochentong-Going to Toul Tom Poung with Sister Kimball


We saw Royalty! Sister C and I were just on our way to go to Melody's birthday party, but all the roads were blocked off, which is rather impressive in Cambodia, everyone around us was super quiet just watching the road. There were guards EVERYWHERE. It was crazy, and then came like 20 police cars, and in the middle of some of the police cars there was a limo with the Cambodian flags and everything on it. We asked someone who it was and turns out it was the 2nd in command to the President for the Russian. He was just on his way to the royal palace. Pretty sweet! Pretty crazy haha. Then we went to Melody's birthday party. It was good we had some cake together, shared a story from the Liahona with her. It was good for her and Bong Pake. I was glad we could make them a little happier. She said she just wanted us to come so Melody could have the spirit with her on her birthday. I think she did! She seemed really happy. 

Birthday Party


Tuesday was sort of crazy we had to wait to for the landlord to come because we have some mold in our house that needs to be taken care of, so we waited for them with Elder and Sister Levitt, and the landlord ended up being like an hour late so we had to switch the appt. to tomorrow. It was kind of chaotic.. we went out to go teach Ming Phiap a RC and her husband, who isn't' a member, but when we went over there Ming Phiap said that her husband was drunk, and that he couldn't learn with us right now. Her husband has a really big drinking problem, but you know one day I really do think he will come around. We just have to find a time to teach them together! When he will remember it. I have hope for him though. I love Ming Phiap, and want her to have so much happiness! It's just hard right now for her... Then we had our english class. We had one student because it was a Cambodian holiday this week, but it went well. We taught a little english and then Sister C gave a spiritual thought on Lehi and the Book of Mormon, and I translated. 
Love the Neighborhood


That awkward moment when you meet a potential investigator thinking she lives really close to you, and you end up following her on a motto for an hour to her house. That wasn't the awkward part tho, the awkward part was that after trying to keep up with her for like 40 minutes I lost her. I literally had no idea where she went. Also I don't know why I thought that I could bike as fast as she was going. Turns out my biking was not as fast as her motto, even as hard as I tried it still wasn't as fast. So I stopped and turns out I had lost Sister C as well. I had no idea where she went, so we were both lost... really it wasn't that bad, I just walked up to the Lookpuu that were chilling at the gas station and borrowed one of their phones to call Sister C. We ended up meeting back up after about 10 minutes. Then our new investigator came back as well. We did end up finding her house. Thankfully! We taught her and her family about the POS. Her parents are hard core Buddhist, but they were willing to listen, and they want us to come back. Their daughters name is Sophorn. I contacted her last monday right after we got done emailing! I got her phone number, and she told me she was interested in learning! She is super awesome! Her family is super great as well. We gave her and her parents Book of Mormon, and Sophorn has been reading! After that we went to see our other 3 investigators, Ming Sokpaul, On Darline. and On Rotaa. We were going to teach them lesson 1, but our BM kind of sort of just started talking about Adam and Eve and some much other random stuff so.. we taught about prayer, and scheduled to come back on Saturday. 
With little kids outside Bong Paa's house


THANKSGIVING, for thanksgiving we went over to the mission home and had lunch with all of the missionaries in our zone. It was great! President and Sister Christensen are the best. I bet it took a lot of work cooking for all of us! They are seriously the best! I love them! We all went around and said three things that we are grateful for. We sure do have a lot to be grateful for! I feel super lucky to be here in Cambodia with all of these amazing people that I love so much! Also I have the best family ever! Seriously though I love you guys so much thanks for everything! I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! 

President and Sister C.

Sister E and Sister Matthews
When you leave you camera :)
I love these two! 


We finally got to see Srei Neak today! She is so solid! She is just super busy with school and stuff right now so it has been hard to meet her. We taught her about recognizing promptings from the spirit which is actually something I need to work on as well. It was a really good lesson.We just talked about how usually you don't realize it's the holy ghost until after.. which is so true! That always happens to me! It's amazing how much we much we miss the Holy Ghost. It's with us so much we just don't always realize it! Anyways Srei Neak is just awesome, she is a super great example to the young women in Pochentong, and she is always there to help them when they need it. She is great! I LOVE HER! Then we went to see Om Puan, and it was sort of just like a goodbye. She said she won't read the Book of Mormon, because she can't even remember all that's in the bible, and she has a calling in her other church, civit thmei, so we aren't going to see teach her anymore, but we still love her! She loves God so much, and who knows she still has the Book of Mormon in her house so maybe one day she will read it! 
Thanksgiving with my favorite Comp! 


We got to see Bong Paa! She is struggling to find a job right now that is close to home, and doesn't require her to work on Sunday. She says whenever she gets too stressed and really tired she just prays and feels a lot better. She really is great, she has got a lot of faith, and really just wants to learn more. I love her and her kids. They are just a great family, I am excited to see what God has in store for them. 
Bong Paa, we are buddies


TRANSFER CALLS.... so here is the deal. Turns out that I am going to Toul Tom Poung and whitewashing with Sister Kimball. The area was closed because there wasn't enough Sisters but now they are opening it up again because we have so many new Sisters coming in. As for my comp Sister C she is going to be training two people! She just so awesome they gave her two people to train! I don't know who is coming into Pochentong with Sister C, but they are super lucky I will tell you that much. 

1. Sister C is the best trainer ever! They don't even know what they are in for! She is an awesome teacher/comp/friend/missionary! She is just a stud! LOVE HER
2. The people in Pochentong are the best! The members love and support each other, and they look out for the missionaries. The youth is strong, and they just have some of the sweetest people there. I love the people of Pochentong, I am going to miss them so much! They are like a part of my family!
I am super grateful for the time I spent in Pochentong with Sister C! I love the people and I love her! I am also super excited to see what Toul Tom Poung has in store! I can't wait to go strengthen the people out there, and continue to watch Cambodia grow in the gospel! I love it here!
I hope you all had a great week! I love you all so much!
Sister Schwab

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello Everyone!


Normal P-day.. we went and saw Ming Tavee's house talked about Elder Ballard's talk "God is at the Helm" we asked what Ming Tavee's goals are, and she told us that she wants all of her family on the boat with her to eternal life. I honestly think that is the goal for all of us. We want everyone in our family to receive the happiness that the gospel brings, and we want them all in the boat so we can live together for eternity! I love the gospel, and the comfort it brings, knowing that we can live with our families forever! I hope one day Ming Tavee's family will enter into the gospel! She is amazing with her example for them I don't doubt that one day they will join! 

Just waiting for Bong Amy


We had a district meeting on the gift of tongues, and I have come to the conclusion I have been sort of ungrateful for the gift of understanding that I have been given. I honestly understand a lot usually when we teach, it's just speaking that is the hard part, but I know that will come. Also I know the lord has been helping me out a lot in the whole language thing! I am super super grateful for it! I still have a lot to work on, but the improvement is happening, so that is what matters! I know the Lord is helping me! It was a really good district meeting though! After that we tried to teach Bong Yaa one of our investigators it was so awkward! We were going to teach about the priesthood and it was just crazy, motos coming in and out, all four of us were sitting on a bench, and people kept on talking to her, haha it was just hard, so we ended up reviewing prayer. She did say the closing prayer, all she did was pray for her daughter and her husband. She loves them so much! It was super sweet. So we decided next time we see her, we will teach about temples and families. We then went to go see Bong Pake, she is struggling right now... just with money and work, it's just exhausting for her. She invited us to Melody's b-day party, she says she doesn't have money so it will just be us, she told us that even though she couldn't afford a party she wants us to share a scripture so they can feel the spirit... So that is what we are doing tonight. We are going to make it the best birthday ever! For real though! 
Ming Naan and her cute daughter

President Lamoon's Birthday!

Presidents cute little boy!


We went to Lookyiay Tooc's house because she hasn't been at church these past couple of weeks... she is super sick. She had bacteria in her chest, and then the medicine they gave her made her even more sick, turns out she has heart problems. Yeah, she is usually really with it, but she was having a hard time. Hopefully she will get better! We just need to keep her in our prayers. She is one of the strongest people I know! After that we saw Om Polly, she is a less active that we have been looking for and we finally found her! She was really awesome! She said she had 5 siblings that were killed in Pol Pot, she said that they starved to death, she said they used to give them a handful of rice to eat, but it was for ten people. She said she doesn't know how she made it, but she has a super strong testimony of the church, she said god has made many miracles happen in her life. She is great, I love her! I can't wait to get to know her even better. Then we went to see Om Puan our other investigator. She said she has started reading the Book of Mormon, which is awesome. She loves the scriptures, every time we go over there she is just reading in her bible! We had a special BOM lesson with her, she is super great loves God, BUT she loves her old church and she does not want to leave it. It's a little hard, but I think reading the Book of Mormon is a step in the right direction because you can't deny the spirit that it brings. We then had English class, it was good. I gave the spiritual thought about Peter walking on water, and how we can still have miracles today. 

Some of my favorite English class students


Thursday consisted of a lot of contacting. We have a mission goal to get ten contacts a day, and this week it's 12 a day, so we have put a focus on that. We ended up contacting into a lesson. I think it's awesome the way God helps, I had a feeling to go down this road and contact a girl that was chilling there, oh and she denied it hard haha. I was like "dang it" but that road led us to the Lookpuu and he was awesome. We ended up teaching him the entire lesson 1, then we gave him a book of mormon. We asked him if he would pray about it, and he was like " sistee i am going to read it first" can't argue with that! We are going to meet him again this week. He was awesome though he really wanted to pray for his family, and wanted to know how the gospel could help him and his family. I am excited for him! After that we did some more contacting and then went to President Lamoon's bday party. I love their family that are great! Both RM's and super strong members! 
Lookpuu trying to sell us stuff

He wanted us to take lots of pictures


I went with Sister Mattews for a day. It was really fun. We went some of the members in her area, and then we met Ming Sok E. I was there for the lesson 1 with her when I did the exchange with Sister Kellian, so it was awesome to see how much she had grown. 
Packages have arrived! 


Everything fell through like everything... we tried to visit lots of people but they just were not there. We called and scheduled an appt. with bong Paa our investigator and we went to her house very last, and she wasn't there. It was rough, but there were these kids at here house, and they were such a blessing. We played with them for 4 minutes. I grabbed their hands and we would count to three, and then I would shake there hands really fast and they would just laugh! haha they were super cute, and they followed us out until they couldn't see us anymore. Seriously they made that day so much better. Just a little thing but it made such a difference! They were such a blessing! 
What you do when your appointments fall through. . . take a break and try again :)

These kids are such a blessing!

These kids are super  cute!

Church was good we met a new less active and went and visited her. Her husband is in jail and she just had a baby boy that is two months old. She is struggling with money right now because she doesn't work and her husband can't right now.... He gets out in a year..I am really glad we found her though, I think right now the gospel will really help her bring happiness back into her life. The gospel is really what brings real true everlasting happiness. The world yeah it kind of sucks sometimes, but we can always rely on the gospel! I am super grateful for it!

Elder Or

I hope you all have a great week! Tyler have a good birthday this week!! Love you all!!!
Sister Schwab

Sunday, November 15, 2015

New people to teach

Hello Family!


After the norm P-Day activities we went and saw Srei Roet, who has been very sick. She is in the YW's president, and all the other girls love her. She lives on the railroad and her family is pretty poor. When we went to see her she had an IV and told us she has still been trying to go to work because that's the way her family gets money. She was really happy to see us though. When we went to see her, Somnaan and our RC Srei Neak were already there talking to her. I am telling you the youth in the Pochentong Ward are just awesome! Srei Neak seems like she has been a member here entire life, she has such an influence on the ward! Everyone loves her! I love her haha! They have so much unity and love for each other in the ward. Anyways we just talked to her and said a pray with her. Hopefully she will get better quick! 
Just a little meat


Yeah tuesday was a little rough... everything fell through. We went to go see a referral from Bong Tii, and well turns out that referral lives super far away like in an area that we don't have any missionaries in yet, so we ended up just reading the Book of Mormon with Bong Tii. Reading the Book of Mormon is super great because it brings the spirit so much, but it's also a little hard for me because we just start reading where they left off, and most of the times it is in a super random spot, and I am just like what is going on here haha! You know the whole language thing, the whole your alaphabet is pictures thing... I can read the scriptures, but then after I am like well.... I don't know what I just read! When others read it, I understand, when I read it...yeah... haha! It's awesome to see the improvement though! The Lord really does help out the missionaries here trying to learn a language, and I know that we will learn it whenever we are supposed to! In the Lord's time! We had two other scheduled appt. that day but they also fell through, so we ended up going to see Mattida. She just had a baby girl, and oh my gosh she is super cute! Mattida is President Lamoon's wife. They are both RMs. They have the cutest family! They have three little boys and now that cute little baby girl! 
Cute baby!

Yes that is a BYU tuk tuk

We had training from the one and only Sister Marriot and Sister Esplin. It was a neat experience. Sister Marriot talked about Moroni 7:48 and talked about praying with all of our heart to have that pure love of Christ for everyone that we meet. It's something we have to constantly strive for and once we have that everything else will just fall right into place. I think that is something we all strive for out entire lives is to have that pure love of Christ! Sister Esplin talked about teaching with the spirit which is also something I have been really working on and praying for! After the training we went and saw Om Puan! Oh gosh I love Om Puan, but she really doesn't understand why we only have one true church! She really loves us, God, and every time we go see her she is reading the bible, like every time not even kidding, but she doesn't understand the restoration. We are going to have to take it super slow with her, but the love, the love is there! 

When weekly planning gets rough

Alright so Ming Yuana gave us this referral, so we went to go contact her. She is super awesome! We committed her to baptism on the 12th on december! She is 30-ish years old, and has two kids. A little boy, and a 15 year old girl that is mostly deaf. She can read lips if you talk really loud. Yeah she is awesome though! She split from her husband 5 years ago, and now lives with her 75 year old mom. Her mom is buddist, but she does listen to the lessons from time to time so maybe just maybe.. she will come around as well. Haha actually it was pretty funny before the lesson we were waiting for Bong Paa, our new investigator and her mom was just talking to her friend who was also like 75 years old. So we were just chilling there listening to this Lookyiay's chatting it up. Haha it was pretty funny!

Language study

We met our other new investigators Bong Yaa. She is 30 years old, and has a daughter that is two and super sassy! She is really cute! It's just hard to teach her because there are so many distractions, we always teach outside of her house so there are moto's and people always around... it's just a little hard. She accepted a baptism date, but I don't know if she understands the importance of the gospel just yet. She will get there though! We also met Lim! Lim like one of my favorite people ever from English class! She is awesome we taught her lesson 1, and she said she believes everything, she is already reading the Book of Mormon, but she wants to wait until she is 18 to get baptized. She is really intelligent, and super awesome, but I don't think we can teach her anymore! So look out in 3 years there is going to be an awesome new member in Cambodia! 


We got to see Bong Paa again! Ming Yuana was there to help and wow she helped us so much! I'm telling you those member presents they make a huge difference. We taught the entire lesson one, and the spirit was super strong the whole time. Everything just flowed really smoothly and she understood everything pretty well. We committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! She accepted and she also came to church on Sunday with her daughter and Ming Yuana. She is super awesome and prepared for the gospel, I am super excited for her! She just has that light you know... yeah she is great! Then we went to Ming Yuana's house and well, she fed us some fish, from her freezer... I don't have much time so please refer to Sister C's email for that story! Haha by the way I totally have the best trainer ever! Love her! 


Sunday was sweet, in relief society we literally read through the lesson in ten minutes and then sang away in a manger for the last 30 minutes. It was pretty funny! After church we went and saw Bong Sompoah... hey funny story don't put this in the blog, but they asked me my first name I told them it was shay and they died laughing because that means something way different in Khmer so yeah . . . We were all dying laughing I was crying haha! It was funny! We taught her and then after went out to Somnaan and Somnat's house. We watched the restoration video, and their mom participated! Wahoo! and she said she wants to learn more so we are going back next week, and we are going to start up those lessons! It's pretty exciting the lord really does have a hand in this work. We have been praying for investigators that have more time, and he gave us two that are always free! I love it so much! I love Camboda, I love the gospel, I love being a missionary!
Hope you all have a great week love you so much! 

Sister Schwab

Sunday, November 8, 2015

4 Months

I've been out in the field officially two months on sunday! Isn't that crazy?! It's gone by pretty fast if I do say so myself! 


We went to go see Ming Po and share D+C 11:12-14 with her. It was really funny I found that scripture like 5 minutes before personal study ended. Then we shared it with her and she was like "wow i have been struggling with this, and then you came and shared this scripture." It was literally an answer to her prayers, something that she needed. I am really grateful that even though I don't know exactly what these people need that the lord does. He has got it all under control. It was cool to because we had someone else in mind to visit, but we both felt like Ming Po needed to be visited so we went there instead! 


We went and visited an Active member named Ming Niat. Her husband was not too happy with us because we came right before lunch, and he told us that he doesn't understand because Ming Niat is always unhappy after church, like satan is in her.... Yeah I don't even know what to do about him. Ming Niat was giving us that I am so so sorry look. He mellowed out a little after Sister C pulled some jokes and stuff with him, so maybe maybe he will come around. I have hope for him! He will come around! I think we just came at a bad time. After we went and saw Ming Naan. She just seemed so happy! I love going to visit her. We need to get her coming every week because she lives in a construction site, so when they are finished she is going to have to move... I can tell she loves it though, she has a lot of love for the gospel. She seems so happy when we see her at church! We then got to see one of my favorite people ever Ming Narat! We walk in and she just yells "HELLO!" We didn't end of teaching her because she took her medicine and needed to rest but we did get to sing a couple of hymns with her. She loves singing hymns! Then listen to this we literally experienced a stupor of thought. We prayed while we were contacting because we weren't having any success, and then once we were done we both just stood there for like a good minute and a half, and said nothing.... then this guys was leaving and pulled up next to us on his motorcycle. Apparently he had learned about Christ when he was really little, he seemed really interested. We got his number and gave it to the elders! Haha Sister C and I almost died after haha literally stupor of thought! 
Just me and my daikuu


We went and saw the one and only Srei Neak! She is great she had a question about Rev 13... has anyone ever read that before I mean it is sort of crazy... haha! Thank goodness for the references we have at the bottom that helped us explain it a little better. Too bad they don't have them in the Khmer bible... seriously tho! They would help so much! Anyways she is awesome and just super excited to get baptized! She is so great! As for English class that Wednesday we had 3 students because of the rain. One of them is Lim and we are setting up an appointment to teach her this upcoming week. She is great. She is 15 and has been to church at least 5 times since i have been here. She loves the gospel i can't wait to teach her! 
Our room


It was pretty rough on thursday... we just had a lot of people cancel on us and didn't have much success, but you all gotta have those days right. 


We had our district training. Then we went to go see Om San. She has had some questions about Adam and Eve, so we read some scriptures with her to help answer her questions. The thing with Om San is if you try to explain it to her she won't get it, but if she reads it from the scriptures then it makes sense to her! She likes to figure it out for herself! She is really funny every time we would try to explain she was like "Stop" and then ask another question! she is pretty funny, but i think at least some of her questions were answered! 


Started out a little rough we tried to call member to go to the baptism, and literally NOBODY answered their phone. We then called this random less active i was like she has a phone number call her and so we did. Her name is Lookyiay Lie, and she is like 84 years old. We set up an appointment with her. We went out and saw Ming Phiap first and she just seemed so much happier today. I love seeing that! Sister C shared Alma 32 with her while I distracted her daughter we kind of had to go team effort on that cause her daughter is crazy! Super cute but crazy! Alright everyone... her daughter literally looked at my face picked a zit... i was just like... what is happening. I was like okay and she was like " stop let me do this" "stop!" It was pretty funny actually I guess you just got to go with the flow when you are in Cambodia! Then we went and saw that Lookyiay she is super cute! Seriously she has two teeth left and super hard to understand, but gosh she is adorable. We then went and saw Maat Smah. She is really poor, she was married before she is divorced, she can't have children either, so she lives by herself. She never ever complains though... She is amazing. We calls us her kids and we call her our "Maat" I love her! She gave us little Cambodian flag pins to put by our name tags. I guess since she can't have kids we are lucky enough to be called her kids! I love her so much! The people here are just amazing.... some of the most christ like people i have ever met. Then we had Srei Neak's baptism! It went really well her mom and dad were able to come both of them aren't members, so it was awesome they got to see her get baptized! She just seemed so happy! The spirit was super strong, and when she bore her testimony she was just so so happy, the kind of happiness that only the gospel can bring. 
Srei Neak Baptism

 Her parents

The font
Yeah our ward is pretty legit

They came to visit with us

So our two new investigators told us that they were going to be out of town so they couldn't go to church but Sister C told me she had an impression that they were going to be there, so we went and surly enough they were there. I was like dang Sister C! haha we brought them to church. They only went to one hour, but yeah it was pretty awesome! They felt pretty uncomfortable so after church we took Somnaan a 17 year old in the ward and went and saw them. Somnaan was great she was like insta-friends with them! She is great. I love the members in Pochentong. They are super loving towards everyone in the ward! We had a lot of less actives at church as well! I love seeing all of them coming back, and when they do they seem so happy and so do all the other members its great. Then we saw that Lookyiay with all the members in that picture. I am telling you the members here are amazing! Just imagine the site, two america's followed by all those Cambodian women on bikes/motos going down the freeway! haha! I seriously love the members here they are amazing!
Well that is all for this week! Overall it was a pretty good week! I hope you all have a great week. Lots of love from Cambodia! Been 2 months in the field already! CRAZY!
Sister Schwab

Sunday, November 1, 2015

New investigators and a full church

Hello Everybody!


Okay, so we have been really praying to find a family that we can teach the gospel to, and monday night we were coming home from Ming Somnaay's house, and there was this couple walking down the street with their little son. We pasted them and then we both had the impression to go back. Sister C was just like "hey we need to go back and contact them" thank goodness she said that because we went back and they both accepted to learn. There little boy is super cute! They seem like such a great family! 

This is one of my favorite picture ever, he understands me and I understand him!

Bug Bites


We taught the one and only Srei Neak today! Seriously she is so prepared to receive the gospel. We taught her about Prophets and the Priesthood. She is just so ready to get baptized! She just has such a strong testimony of the gospel already! She loves it so much! I always feel so good after we teach her because the spirit is just so strong! After her house we went to Bong Lauren's house, someone must have really offended her at church because every time she talks about it she just cries. I feel way bad for her, but she promised she would go to church on Sunday. Ming Oun just told her what was up! She was like "listen you are going to church with me this sunday it's important k... good" Ming Oun helps so much! After them we taught Lookpuu Hoy and Bong Patty. It was that family we met on monday from contacting. We didn't have much time so we just taught them about temples! 
Some little girls at church
He is my little buddy, he is a missionary already


We finished moving dirt at Ming Po's house. Her daughters birthday was on Tuesday, and she had leftover cake that she wanted us to eat. It seriously had ants all over it, but she was like Sister no it doesn't so she gave all of us a bite of her cake.... yeah you just can't say no to Ming Po! For real though! We got these cards that say Families can be together forever. We have been handing them out like crazy. They are really awesome because that is literally all that they say nothing else. Then it has a website to learn more. I love them! If anything is going to catch someones attention it's that! We just went to a park and handed out tons of them. Well, because you know park=family so it worked out really well! Then we had out English class which went SO GOOD! Sister C's spiritual thought was awesome. It was about the sacrament and the atonement. She gave it in English and then I translated it! After the class we had 3 people that gave us our numbers and said they wanted to learn! It was so awesome! 


We got to teach Srei Neak again! On Thursday we taught her about the temples. I honestly think that one day there is going to be a temple in Cambodia, and oh my goodness I can't wait for the one in Thailand to be built! Being able to see families getting sealed to each other... that is going to be amazing. Because honestly that's what this life is all about! Without the gospel... Life wouldn't even have meaning to it! I will Never ever take temples for granted! I can't wait to have one in Star Valley! I LOVE TEMPLES! Also I LOVE SREI NEAK! She is golden! I am not worried about her at all! We then went and saw Bong Pake. She made me a skirt, and oh my gosh haha for like a good ten minutes she was just talking about how big I was! haha you would be surprised how much I get called fat, but they say my shoulders are big to so I am still "saat" or pretty! They also like dimples haha! With Bong Pake we talked about how with our physical body we can have scars but we will never have spiritual scars because of the atonement. 
Srei Neak one of my favorite people ever


Well I realized that I had been riding on a completely flat tire for half of a day in the morning so we had to get that fixed. Sometimes I don't even know... I knew something was wrong with the bike but I just ignored it, haha shouldn't have done that we had to get a completely new tire. I guess I will learn from that haha! We went and saw Om San in the morning she was talking about the Khmer Rouge, and how they told everyone to leave their stuff, and leave the city. then they would be able to come back in three days and get it back. She said that they lied because they left all of their stuff and then they took it. She said that during the Khmer Rouge she would just pray she didn't know who she was praying to, but she just prayed, and she says that is how she thinks she go through it. She told us they had this list of people they would give out every week and the names on the list would never be seen again. She said the week before the Khmer Rouge was overthrown that her name was on that list... So it really was a miracle. After that we went and saw Ming Yuana we shared 2 Nephi 26:24,33 with her! Those scriptures have come to be some of my favorite. Then we saw Lookyiay Tooc, and Ming Narat! Ming Narat... oh she is awesome she just yells when she talks to us. She told us that before she did religious ceremonies for Buddha and Christ. Then she had a dream she was going to visit her great grandparents and she was getting ready to go and she looked down and had two different pairs of shoes on. She was like " sister's I couldn't visit them like that" She didn't say it, but I think we all know that that was God telling her she can't have both, she needs to stick to the gospel of Christ so she can see her family again! 

Ming Narat, I love her she is so funny


We went through all of the baptism questions with Srei Neak. No worries she is for sure ready! We also went and saw Ming Tavee. We tried to commit her to praying about sharing the gospel with someone, and she was like "I just pray that everyone will receive the gospel" Haha I was just like you know what that's awesome! I pray for that as well! No seriously I loved that answer! She is the best! 
Ming Yuana she is always giving us food


We had so many people at church! It was great sacrament was filled, relief society was PACKED we had to get more chairs for everyone to fit. We had Bong Laurens family come to church and a lot of other less actives as well! It was awesome! I honestly love it here in Pochentong so much! After church we taught Lookpuu Hoy and Bong Patty. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation. After the lesson Lookpuu said that he believed everything! Then he tried out praying for the first time! He asked about if people have killed someone can they still receive salvation. He was talking about someone he knew, and our member present told me " I was in the Vietnam war, and I have killed people before, but I know that if they truly repent they can receive salvation" his testimony was so strong! He was meant to be there for that lesson! Then we taught two new investigators On Chen and her roommate. We taught them half of lesson one, and they are both coming to church with us on sunday!

Well that is all for this week! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Have a great week! I love you all so much!
Sister Schwab

Service before

Service after

Service you gotta love it