Monday, June 27, 2016

Week of Exchanges

Hello Everyone! 


So for Pday we had this sort of water fight at the church with all of the sisters haha! It was a good time, nothing like a little stress relieving water fight to start off the week right. After that we shared a message with our Recent Convert Sophia who is going to China this upcoming week with her dad, but no worries she is just going for her dad's work she will be back in a week.
Then we say Muay who is like one of my favorite people ever, but we really didn't get to teach her because Om Kalin came in who is this crazy old member, I feel bad though she is going through a really hard time right now. Her kids are in prison for drugs, and she has 3 little boys that are crazy, and less actives as well.... She is just having a super super hard time right now... So we are going to go visit her and keep her in our prayers. She just started to cry right there at the church... it's been super hard. We shared 2 Nephi 26:33 with here and talked about how Heavenly Father loves everyone including her family. Nobody is excempt from Heavenly Father's love! 


Exchange Day with Sister Rein, but first we met with Srei Leak an investigator of ours. She is so good. We taught her lesson 2 and then we talked a bit about repentance. Which we talked about the week before... she told us a story about someone at work who wouldn't talk to her, and she had no idea what she did to her. Srei Leak said she was so mad at that person.... but decided to use repentance in her life and tell the girl she was sorry even though she had no idea what she had done. She is so good! She already is applying repentance in her life! Seriously she is golden. Then we had DM. 

We talked about what a priveldge it is to have the opportuniy to testify about Christ 24/7! When else are we going to be able to do this?!!! We are so lucky! I love it so much! After DM we went and started the exchange. I went with Sister Rein. She is so good. She literally talks to everyone she is the master contacter I fell like I learned so much from her! She is a convert of about 3 years, and she is amazing! We went out and saw Om Kia, and committed her to prepare to go to the temple. Then we went to teach Rosa, and taught about service. Lucky for us we did a live example of service when Rosa's little cousin... pooped on the floor we grabbed the broom and cleaned is up... haha it was super funny while we were doing it Sister Rein was like see this is service this is how you serve haha! It was awesome! Then we went and saw Nada. We taught her about Family History and doing temple work. 
Sister Rein


We met Ming Ponluu in the morning and taught about Faith, we taught in Alma 32:27 about how our faith is a seed. Ming Ponluu is just super good! She is a strong RC that is working to get married/sealed with her husband in the temple. It gives me chills thinking about that day. Then after her we went and saw Ming Pholla and committed her to living worthy of the Holy Ghost she told us that she feels like she has lost it because she hasn't been going to church... We told her because she realizes what she is doing wrong that means she does still have it... and maybe she is just not used to it's voice! So hopefully we can get her back coming to church again!

English class we had a big activity and went into the chapel. Elder Lambert taught about the Plan Of Salvation and then we had Muay talk a little and another member. Muay did so well she has such a strong testimony and she is going to be a killer missionary one day! 


So this was the day I have been waiting for since day 1 entering into Cambodia.... I got to be comps with Sister Collins again! It was soooo good! It was awesome because the last time we were together we didn't know how to teach, we couldn't speak cambodian, and well you know we were in the mtc so everything was hard. It was so awesome to be together and see how much we have grown! I loved loved loved teaching with her again... so good! We went and saw Ming Ruet and taught about faith. Then we saw Om Nae. So Om has all of these pills that she is taking and she said that some of them are making her sick because she doesn't know what they are but she takes them because the hospital gave them to her.... yeah so sister collins and I just decided to throw them out... Om wasn't too happy about it and she tried to stopped us but i just stuffed them into my bag and took them.... so yeah it was good! Then we committed her wearing her garments! She is going to go with us to buy a different kind. After Om Nae we went and saw Nada. We taught her about miracles and about how Heavenly Father is going to help open her parents hearts when she tells them she is going to get baptized.
Finally companion for a day! 


We saw Ming Ponluu and talked about how she can prepare to go to the temple. Ming Ponluu loves talking about the temple. She really really wants to go. Then... after some language study... we exchanged back. It was so good though. I love Sister Collins she is an amazing missionary and I am grateful that we were able to serve together again! Seriously I can't even tell you how good it was.
Then I stayed with sister xiong again.... for about 3 hours... I just tried to encourage...and stuff... it was hard... we cried together...and I just worry about her....
Then I went out and taught with Sister Nguyen. So she is one of my favorite sisters. I love teaching with her, we just work together so well. She is amazing and a killer missionary... I wanted to be her comp one day but she just got switched over the to Viet program here... she is going to be awesome though!!! Seriously she is one of the best missionaries out here.
Then we saw Muay and taught her about how to recongnize prompting of the Holy Spirit. 
This girls face when she finally met Sister Collins


We didn't know what to do in the morning so we decided to go to the church and do some english contacting.... turns out Srei Nian was there. Just waiting so we ended up teaching her about miracles... I love how Heavenly Father just sets stuff up like that for us. It was good to get to know her a little better. Turns out she didn't have a way to get home she wouldn't had to wait at the church for 5 hours so we ended up just dopping her home. Then we went to lunch with Muay, and she helped us teach for the rest of the day. She is so good! She just has such a good solid testimony and she can relate to everyone so well. We saw Bong Vaeng and taught about sacrament with her, then we saw Komsaeng and talked about baptism, and then we saw Nada. We committed her to setting a goal to get baptized the 23rd and telling her parents 2 weeks before it happens.Also we talked a little bit about missionary work and nada told us that she wants serve one day! I hope she does!


We saw Yiay Sem in the morning! We watched Faith in Christ with her and then shared our testimonies. I love testifying of the Savior. Then we saw Neari one of our new investigators we taught her about enduring to the end. She still doesn't want to get baptized... but we are working on it! She is super awesome though. She understands a lot.
Church church was the same we had two new investigators show up at church today!
Then we planned for the temple activity we have tonight and for pioneer day at the end of this month. 

THEN.......TRANSFER CALLS!!!! Yep nothing changed... we are the same except we are moving to South zone also my kid Sister Chanthakhoun is coming to the city, and living in our house! I couldn't be more excited. Also fun fact this transfer is 2 months long! Well that's all for this week
Congrats to Sean! And Bobi you looked beautiful! Love you guys and I am so happy for you both! And go Sethy!!!!!!!!!!! He sounds like he is killing it! What a stud little bro I have! Love you all family have a good week! 

Sister Schwab

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stolen Bikes and New People to Teach


We went shopping with Sister Collins and Sister Winder for Pday! They seem really good Sister Winder has a great mom, and she already knows way more Khmer then I did when I left the MTC! We went out to Phsaa Ourasaa... It's a huge Phsaa in the city! It's harder with 4 American's though because they just try to rip you off! Haha it's a struggle... I don't know what I am going to do when I go back to America and everything is so expensive... It's okay though, I still have loads of time before that day comes :)

After that we met Muay at the church and watched Faith in Christ with her. I have honestly seen that so many times now, but it got to me on Monday. Just thinking about the love that Christ has for us, and not only that but Heavenly Father's love... enough to let his son suffer and die like that so we could live with him again. I am so grateful for Christ and the atonement! I was thinking a lot about Gloria, Terry, Grandma Jeane... and I am just so so so grateful that we get to be with our families forever! We get to see them again! I know that that is true! I know! That's why I am out here, because I want everyone to have that same opportunity! We are so blessed that we have a Father who loves us so much! I am just grateful that I get to share that with all of God's children in Cambodia!

After we watched it, we all bore our testimonies about Christ, and I just started to cry... and then everyone was crying by the end of it. Nothing brings the spirit more then testifying of our Savior!


So we taught Nada about the temple, and turns out that her parents don't know that she is learning... also her parents aren't really big fans of the church, or better said, they hate it! They don't know that she is coming and learning with us they think that she is going to school. So we are holding off her baptism, so she can tell her parents... She is still doing really well though. She talked about how she has felt herself change from before. Before she was a shy person, and didn't really like to talk to people, but now since she started learning she has friends her that she loves and she feels more outgoing. Then she said she has been sick a couple of times, so she will pray to Heavenly Father and then like 3 hours later she will feel better. With tears in her eyes she said I know that heavenly Father listens to my prayers and I can feel myself changing. I have experienced so many miracles since I started learning" Ah the gospel is just so good it really does change you! One of my all time favorite parts of the mission is seeing people change!


We saw Om Phia and shared about miracles... she just talked to us about how the gospel has changed her... she lost her family in Phol Phot and was the only one to survive, so the gospel meant a lot to her... it brought that light that she needed when her world was full of darkness.

Then we taught Srei Rean's mom, our investigator. She was really interested in learning and prayed for the first time on her own. She is really awesome, and always free :) So we are going to go see her a lot. Then we saw Om Nye who has been feeling really sick so we shared DC 121:7-9 with her. Then we had english class..

After English class, turns out that Sister Lines got her bike stolen! They stole it before the guard got there... so she rode on the back of my bike on our way home.


We spent the morning on a hunt for Sister Lines bike... well we didn't find it... for some reason I had this hope that it would just be sitting at the church but it wasn't so we went out and had to buy her a new bike! Hey it's pretty nice if I do say so myself!

After that we taught Teedaa a new investigator. She is a walk in referral. She really wants to join a church, and she loves ours. She told us she wants to learn slowly because she is Buddhist, but want to learn about christ, so we taught her about prayer. She prayed on her own for the first time ever! Takes a lot of faith to do that! :) We are going to meet her again some time next week.

Then we saw Sommolly and talked about how we can strengthen the YWs! Sommolly is awesome and she really cares about them alot it was nice to have her so we could get to know everyone a little bit better.

Then we saw Nada, and Rosa our kid member who is getting ready for baptism next month.


We saw Ming Ponluu and ended up teaching about the Word of Wisdom, Then we saw Ming Pholla and taught her about obedience she said that she should be able to start going back to church. She wants to quit her job if they don't let her have sundays off!

The Elders took us around to show us some houses, and we went to Ghost Village again... and well it didn't really freak me out at first but wow that place is sketchy... we went and this super drunk Lookpuu came up to us, and got in the Elder's faces.... so the Elders blocked the way so we could get through... well turns out the Elders went back later in the week and the same thing happened.... so yeah better watch out in good old ghost village... it's pretty sketchy... and sad because they all live in graveyards, but yeah we are going to try and see that member. Then we had a BM meeting and Lookpuu took us all out to dinner at BK! He loves american food :) That is one of the reasons I love this area is because of our BM leader he is the best... and hilarious!


Saturday we went out and saw tons of LA's and kid members. We saw Komsang and taught about temples. K I love there family so much they are one of my favorites out here. They are working on going to the temple and saving up for next year. They wanted to go this year but had some house problems and now have to use their money to build a new house... so they are working on next year. I love them so much. It gives me chills thinking about the people here getting sealed to their families! I love it!

After that we taught Srei Leak a new investigator who is super good! She has lots of questions, she has learned before but wants to start again! She wants to meet us everyday! :) She is so good!


Sister Lines was sick... dang I feel so bad for her.... but we are doing better now!

Sister Nygun went to church with me! :) Bless her heart six hours of church is a long time! Anyways that was my week! I am loving it out her! It goes by way too fast! Transfers call are this Sunday... yikes.... Well I Love you all! Hey Happy Fathers Day Everyone!! I have the best Dad out there, go buy yourself a RockStar :) Thanks for everything!

Love you!



Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Cambodian Plague

Hello Everyone!


For P-day we went to lunch with the other Sisters. I went Sister Collins to Eyon Mall, and we totally ended up getting lost on the way there... Hey in my defense it has been 5 months since I've been there. We did eventually end up getting there, but we ended up parking my bike on the opposite side of Sister Lines... so that did cause so minor difficulties for Sister Lines and I went we went to leave. It's all good though we made it!

After P-day we went and meet Sophia and RC at the church and taught about DC 84:85 about how we are never alone. God's angels literally surround us and protect us. She seemed to like it. She was going through a little bit of a hard time, but she is doing so so much better.

Then we taught Muoy about receiving personal revelation! She already is super good at it. We shared DC 76:19 with her. I love Muoy so much! Let me tell she is going to be one amazing missionary one day! Also she just got a calling to be one of our BM's! So she is going to have all kinds of mission prep stuff!

Also miracle!

I saw Sister Chanthakoun and Sister Kong and they told me that Ming Saron ( our investigator that was baptized... well her grandaughter and her husband are getting baptized at the end of this month!) Miracles!


We went to MLC, so funny story I thought it started at 10 and so we scheduled a lesson at 9 right, so at 9:20 we get a call from Sister Loftus asking where we are, and we told her teaching, and she told us that the meeting starts at 9:30! So we said sorry to Ming Ponluu and flew to the mission home we got there right at 9:30 we were so sweaty and gross haha. President came over and said "I am glad you made it... and so fast!" Yeah Elder Wong was presiding at the meeting so I was really grateful we weren't late haha! MLC was really neat.. it was great to talk about how our missions can improve.
Elder Wong

After MLC Sister Lines got really sick.... so she just hit the bed and was out. So I went with Sister Nguyen and we went and taught her investigator about missionary work. It was so good. Muoy came to the lesson and she was the perfect member present. The investigator was talking about how it's hard because she is the only one in her family that believes. Muoy then talked about how it is in her family. Even though she is the only member... her family just seems to be happier then before. Like before they would fight and stuff but now they don't as much. It's amazing what the light and testimony of one person can have on their family. Also side note! It was so fun to teach with Sister Nguyen she is an amazing teacher!


We went and saw Ming Pholla in the morning and shared 2 Nephi 22:2 with her and talked about Savior. Then after we went to Zone Conference. We focused on temples and repentance! We are putting a new focus on the temples we want everyone to know that the ending goal isn't baptisim that it's the temple to be sealed with their family. We also talked alot of Mosiah 3:19 and about repentance. It was a really good zone conference I always feel like I learn so much! We were also blessed with the chance to hear from Elder Wong and his wife. They have amazing insights and we were so blessed to hear from them.

In Adv. English class we had a new record of 20 students which is so good! Honestly it's a party in their our English class is like a little family and it's so fun! Sister Lines gave the spiritual thought and taught them how to sing The Lord is My Light! It was so good! English Class! I love it! It was just such a good day we had 4 refferals from English class that day as well!!


Sister Lines was sick again... we did weekly planning and then she felt way sick, so she slept until late afternoon, and then we went out. We went and saw Rosa a kid member who is getting baptized next month and we taught her about temples, then we came back to the church and taught Nada about tithing, fast, and fast offering. We told her about all the miracles that have come from fasting in our lives... which is so many... and she loved it!

After that I went with Sister Xiong to go see a Less Active named Ming Vanni, Sister Xiong came with because we have to go over a huge bridge to get over there, and Sister Lines was too sick... darn it.... we went and saw her and taught about faith. I really want her to come back to church! She told me she can't she is embarrassed because she has no teeth.. come on!!! That is the worst excuse I have heard yet haha.... I really love her though so hopefully we can get her coming back.


For Zone Training I taught about being a consecrated missionary. It went alright! I just talked about what we needed to give up in order to be a consecrated missionary. As for our Zone we talked about how there are angels helping us in this work. It was really cool, we really are never alone in this work! I am so grateful for that I know that whenever we leave the house we aren't leaving alone we have angels watching out for us!

After Zone training I did an exchange with Sister Semones! It was so good to teach with her! She is amazing and I love her. She is also an amazing teacher I feel like I learned a lot from her. It was about time we got a chance to be comps for the day! We both wanted to commit on being bolder. We also saw Om Parri and talked about Alma's conversion story. Then we saw Ming Ruet and Muoy!


Well we went and did service at Ming Semon's and then after Sister Semones was feeling a little sick so we went back to the apartment and she rested a bit. I think it's just me... everyone I have been with is getting super sick.... I have been pounding down the Royal D though. I refuse to get sick... after she rested up a bit. I went out with Sister Lines and we taught Yiay Sem and Thida, then we went out and taught. Komseang. Who is also a kid member getting baptized next month we taught her about the prophet! then we went back to the house and I stayed at home with Sister Xiong who got sick, while Sister Lines and Sister Nguyen went out and taught some people they needed to see!


We went out and saw Rosa in the morning. Then right before church we saw a new investigator whose name is Nerii, she is really good. She really wants to learn and she understood the first lesson really well. She found out about our church through English class. She loves coming but she doesn't want to commit to baptism yet. She said she want's to learn first and she doesn't really want to commit. She is really good though! She understands a lot and really wants to learn! Then we had church... the speakers only went for like 15 minutes total so the Branch Presidency had to fill in the time... it was pretty funny...

We had like nobody at church today because of the rain... there was a huge rain storm, and in Cambodia if there is rain you don't go outside... haha yeah...

After church we met with Nesa who is a new investigator of ours. She is really good and we taught her part of lesson 3. She commited to baptism next month. She was really curious about repentance! She says she really wants to change her life and she knows this is the way to do it. She told us about how she is the only one in her family that believes and ever since she started having faith she has meet many hardships in her life. She told us that she can't give up the faith because without God these hardships would be impossible to face.... She is really good! She is only free on sundays! So we are going to start seeing her everyweek after church.

Anyways so that was this week for ya! I learned a lot! I feel like I learn alot every week on my mission :) I love it here so much! I couldn't be happier!

Love you all hope you have a great week!



Monday, June 6, 2016

11 Months!

Hello Everyone!


For Pday we celebrated Sister Loftus's Bday! We went to Burger King and then to Krispy Kreme. You know, Dad was totally right. I really hated Burger King in America but ever since coming to Cambodia it makes you appreciate the little things haha including BK. Hey, I got to see Sister Collins, it's only been 5 months! It was so good to see her! She looks as good as ever, plus she is training! She is going to be such a good mom! That kid is way lucky! After P-day we went and saw Muoy. She is so good. We were going to watch The Restoration but the battery in the dvd player was dead, but I think it was meant to be because after we just shared a scripture and talked about serving a mission. It was so good. She asked a lot of questions about serving and what it's like, if it's hard, what do you learn, and I seriously couldn't stop talking about it! Man, I love my mission so much, I mean for sure it's been hard... yeah for sure, but I love it. I feel like I've grown and really become closer to my Savior. I just want everyone to go on a mission! It's literally a hard thing but the best thing for your life. You really do realize the love the Lord has for his children. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything. After the lesson Muoy said she really wants to serve a mission, and let me tell you I know she is going to be an amazing missionary. She was worried she wouldn't know enough, but I mean I knew nothing before my mission! She is going to be amazing I just know it. I really want her to come to america and serve in Star Valley. That would be awesome right?!
Happy Birthday Sister Loftus

Reunited after 5 months! 


We met with Ming Ponluu and she is doing good! She really wants to prepare to go to the temple. She is engaged to a member right now. She said she really wanted to work on family history. It's just hard because there are no records in Cambodia. We testified that if she had the faith God would open doors she never thought could be opened. It's cool because when we do family history work I really believe we get a lot of help from the other side of the veil! After that we saw Bong Leak a potential investigator. Her dad is a preacher for another church, and he has opened a lot of churches here in Cambodia. Bong already has a really great understand of the doctrine. She just hasn't gotten the restoration part yet, but she loves learning with us so we are going to keep on working on her. She is good though, she has lot's of questions, and a deep understanding of the bible. Hey it's a good thing the Bible and the Book of Mormon support each other right... haha no I am really grateful for that! The scriptures really are so amazing! The answer so many questions that I defintlity couldn't answer. Then we saw Ming Vang who won't go to church wait for it... because she is embarassed she doesn't have any more teeth.... I was like what the? Are you kidding me? Then she told us she also works on Sunday! But I have faith in her I think we can get her coming back!
Krispy Kreme


We saw Ming P... she was selling when we came in and then right before she saw us she got super mad at her son and just started hitting him.... then she saw us and got super embarrassed. I hate that.... that kills me everytime I see it... Her son speaks english and I asked him if he was okay and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said I am never really great.... and then he left the house to get away. They really do love each other... but dang... whenver I see that it just hurts. Later we sat down and instead shared Mosiah 3:19 with her. We talked about becoming Christ like. She felt super bad after our lesson, she apologized to us, and then in the closing prayer she did again... We told her that she has to be patient, and teach them in a different way... it turned out to be a really good lesson and I think it helped her a lot... at least I hope so! Then we saw Ming Jenny and she told us about an experience when her daughter was 7 years old she got super sick, and nothing was making her better. For like 2 months it was like this, and then her daughter asked for a priestood blessing. The daughter recieved the blessing and literally 3 hours later was healed! Power of the Priestood I am telling ya its amazing! We also had a walk in refferal today. She walked into the church and said I want to learn about Chirstand I want a Book Of Mormon. It was awesome! Miracles I am telling you!


We met with Ming Ruet and she was telling us about how sad she is because of her LA family, and we just told her to never ever give up hope! It may not be tomorrow or 2 years from now who knows it may be 15 years from now that they come back, but we can never give up hope. Then we met Nada and she is soooo good! She is in 2 Nephi 20 right now in the Book of Mormon and she loves it! She even loves the Isiah chapters... if i am honest I still have a hard time with those ones haha! I need to learn from her haha!



Watched the Joseph Smith video with Ming Ponluu, and then went with Lookpuu Poun and found some more houses.Then we went and saw Om Parri, Rosa who is a kid member we teach. She is getting ready for baptism and she is so stinking cute! I love her! Then we went and saw Yiay Sem and she loved the Joseph Smith video. She was so into it! I think the best part was just watching her watch it haha! She used to chew tobacco and then she told me that before she has the nastiest teeth but she knew God wouldn't recieve her like that so she got them fixed so she could be clean in God's eyes! She is pretty much the cutest old yiay ever! Then we saw Muoy again, and again she is so good! I love her! 


We got a call that Ming Semon needed help at her house... she wanted us to come do some service. Well we had to meet an investigator first so we went out early that morning and taught Srei Rean, and her mom participated. We talked about temples and then her mom told us she wanted to learn more. We also have her a book of mormon. She is always at the house so we can go visit her anytime. When we left Srei rean was telling her mom about the church! :) Then we went and did service! The Elders couldn't come so we had Sister Win, and Sister Xiong come. We ended up moving dirt and it was a lot of it too! We worked for about two and a half hours and actually got a lot of work done! It was awesome. We had some help from the Lookpuu's haha after we were all so tired! It was good though. Then after we went to the church to see Nada. We committed her to living the LOC and the WOW she absolutly love the WOW, She was like wow other churches don't have this, but i love it! Honestly... she is so good!


We taught Ming Nian in the morning and then went to church. it was way cool, at church the first councilor got up and bore his testimony about the service we had did the day before. He said when they got there in the morning there was nobody there and they were feeling super discouraged... they called us and the Elders said they couldn't and then the sisters said they couldn't come until like 10... he said he called some people up and some of the priestood came to help, but it still felt hopeless, but they kept the faith. Then he talked about how we came with two other sisters. haha he was like you should've seen those sisters that are stronger then I am and they got so much done! He was like I am so grateful to them, and it just shows even though it may seem impossible if you have faith you can do it! Haha it was kind of cool. Really the least we can do really... I mean service it just a little thing that we can give to the people. He was like they must have been given strength from God to do it. Haha it was funny and cool. After church we met On Tuan the walk in refferal we met and she is so good literally she pretty much told us the story of Joseph Smith she understands a lot and has already started reading the Book of Mormon!

Anyways over all it was a week filled with miracles! I am grateful to heavenly father for always looking out for us! Also I hit 11 months this wednesday... What the??? I don't know why the time goes so fast, but I don't like it haha! Love you all hope you have a great week!
Sister Schwab