Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goodbye and Hello

I am just going to apologize now because I forgot my journal this week so this letter may be a little rough.

With Sister C.

For P-day we went to Wat Phnom. We ended up taking most of the time talking with some monks. They wanted to know about what we believed, and then they told us a little of what they believed. It was pretty cool, we just sat and talked with them for about 30 minutes about our beliefs. After that we went and had Family Home Evening with Ming Oun... I love Ming Oun! I am seriously going to miss her so much! She just always wants to help the missionaries, and not to mention she is super nice! Gosh I will miss her, kind of sucks saying goodbye... I am really bad at goodbyes, really it's a good thing I still have a year left because when I go home I may have to take the country of Cambodia with me with all of the people and everything... I don't know how i will keep that under 50 lb, but I have a year and some to figure it out
Saying Goodbye to Ming Oun

Wat Phnom, when the Monks talk to you for 30 minutes


We met our new investigator, she was super legit, she had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation. She is going to be a good one I think, she is for sure one of those who are prepared to receive the gospel. Hopefully she continues to progress, after that we went and saw Ming Somnay, and I told her I was leaving. She was like "that was way too quick" which is what I was thinking... seriously this past three months has gone by so stinking fast! It's crazy, I can't believe I am already leaving Pochentong!
Going to miss this cute little guy

Goodbyes are hard


We had to go to the mission home, I got to see Sister Semones! She seems really good! It was good to see her, haha I am glad that she is alive! After we went and taught Ming Naan, she is doing well. She is trying to go back to church, it's just hard for her right now, but she has been going back. I know that she going to be blessed because she is trying! All we have to do is try our best that is all our Heavenly Father asks.
Sister Semones is alive!


Transfer day... pretty stressful actually... we got to the mission home, and we had no idea where we were going to stay! Since the Toul Tom Pong area had been closed off to Sisters we didn't know if we even had a house. Also we didn't have a phone or a bike for Sister Kimball.... yeah it was a rough start haha, but it's all good we are waiting until the 15th to move into our new house, so right now we are staying with the Vietnamese sisters! Who are super cute and nice by the way! So we are sort of living out of our suitcases until then, but it's all good! Then we went with the Elders and they introduced us to some of our members and one of our investigators. I already love the members a lot! They are great! Our investigators's name is Svan, and she is in a wheelchair. She is super great as well. I am excited to get to know her and teach her. All of the members live really close to each other. I will have to send you pictures of where they live... it's in a really swampy area, and there wooden house are on stilts I will have to show you pictures it's just hard to explain.
Transfer day

I don't know who this Elder is. 

 Wat Phnom


We did weekly planning, let me just tell you weekly planning is a little rough when you don't know the area at all... but we did do it, it just may take us a week or two to get it down or maybe a little more... haha I don't really know. Anyways we went and visited some of the members. Fun Fact about Toul Tom Pong it's the oldest branch in Cambodia so we have got a lot of really old members, also fun fact we have over more then 100 Less Actives... we have a lot of work to do in Toul Tom Pong, but I have faith I know with the Lord we can do anything, so we are just going to have to rely on him a lot to do this! We are going to find those Less Actives though gotta get them coming back, we just need to remind them of the happiness that comes from the gospel. Anyways we met with some of the members we met Lookyiay Yan and Ming Jenny, Lookyiay had a stroke and still can't really move her arm. She is the one that had the sunglasses on in the picture. Ming Jenny is in the background. Then we met Ming Huan, she is a super strong member. She was just like yeah I have only missed church once... I was just in awe. I find myself in awe of members constantly because they have to endure so much but yet they are still so strong. They are literally some of the strongest people I know..
Lookiyay and Ming Jenny


We had zone training! After zone training we went and tried to find our new investigators house. The Elders were waiting for us, and we got so lost! We went the opposite way of their house... we gotta learn how to read a map, I mean I would get lost in Wyoming, so Cambodia is a little rough.. We ended up paying a tuk tuk driver so we could follow him on our bikes... hey but now we know where the house is so that is good. The new investigators names are Juilian and Darlin.. They are both young girls and their parents want them to learn about the gospel because it teaches people to just be good, their moms listens in with the lesson so I think she is interested as well. I love them though! They are super cute and super smart! They already have friends in the ward. They are already super strong! I feel pretty lucky that Sister Kimball and I get to teach them.
Bong Pirun


We went with Bong Pirun to go meet some of the members. Bong Pirun is currently working on her mission papers and let me just tell you she is going to be an awesome missionary! We went around and saw some of the members. They are so good! We went to church our church is at 3, and it was testimony meeting. All three of our investigators came to church! Seriously they are already so strong! It was really funny though when it was getting close to the end of testimony meeting everyone just starting looking at Sister Kimball and I then pointing, with their lips cause that is how you do it in Cambodia, they pointed to the pulpit. So we got up and bore our testimonies, haha I don't even remember what I said, but after we were done they closed the meeting, it's like they were waiting! haha! Overall though it was a great week in this new area. Oh fun fact like everyone in our ward speaks really good english, but they always speak Cambodia with us to help us. It is so nice because they just teach me new words and then write them down for me! I love them they seriously help me so much! After church we had a meeting for the Christmas party this saturday. Guess who has to sing? Jk there is like us, Pirun, and the Elders that are singing, so I guess i better practice up on my lip singing so it can be believable! No, haha jk, but really I probably will lip sing. Overall it was a pretty good week, just trying to figure everything out around here that's all...

Well I hope you have a good week! I love you all so much, Mom have a great Birthday!!! Love ya!!!


Sister Schwab

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