Monday, July 27, 2015

Week #3 MTC

Family! How are you? Hope you all had a good July 24th and all! We haven't gotten any dear elders or anything since thursday, so I feel like I don't know what's happening in your life! Thanks for the cupcakes, I shared with the district kind of our own little 24th of July party, also I totally forgot that that was even a thing until we went to the field for workout and there were all of these people preparing for a temple to temple run! Forgot the real world existed for a second. We are totally doing that when I get back by the way! Thanks for the cinnimon bears and trail mix you literally read my mind, I was craving them that whole day and bragging them up to people and then wham there they were! So thanks so much for those I really appreciate it! Also love love love the dear elders they make my night every day!

Sister Schwab and Sister Collins

So week number three in the MTC has flown by my goodness it's was such a great week though! We have two investigators that we are teaching right now one is a buddist and the other is christian it's actually easier for us to teach the buddist because we can just keep it simple which is good seeing as our vocabulary is very slim at the moment. Teaching has gone well though we don't script our lessons anymore and usually we are able to respond and understand the questions that they ask. Which is good, we haven't really had time to prepare some though so sometimes we just wing it, but hey it still went pretty okay went that happened so that was good.

So we did new missionary orienation on wednesday again, and they were all english speakers going to new york and i don't remember where else. It went well, but you know they are only going to be in there for two weeks so yeah! Also saw Elder Robinson on Wednesday, he said he was doing pretty well so thats good! That first day is crazy overwhelming, gosh! I was like if it makes you feel better you are still leaving before me! haha! It's really okay though I know I need this time to prepare though I just want to teach the people of cambodia so so bad, I already feel that love for them! So hopefully this 6 weeks goes by pretty fast. I thinks its 6 oh jeez haha I don't know. It's crazy on the schedule we are starting week 4 the time has flown by! The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.

The Classroom

Also on Wednesday we were going to the MTC store to buy some more flash cards, we are always buying more flashcards, we got stopped by this lady showing new missionaries where to go. She asked hey where are you sisters serving, and we told her cambodia, and she bowed to us and was like "CUMMBRIORSOR" just for the record I just butchered that spelling but that's how you say hello in cambodia I know how to say it but not spell it. Anyways she served there 10 years ago with her husband. She just started to cry and talk about how we will love the people, the people love the missionaries, and how the food there is so so good. Plus everything is super cheap there. She just loved it so much you could just feel her love for it, it was so awesome to talk to her we are going back this wednesday to talk to her again. I think her name was Sister Hayes... I think. Anyways so so great!

Really other then that we've had the normal class time, our Lookros demonstrated a lesson in khami on tuesday and I was just sitting there thinking... oh my goodness I have no idea what's going on! Let me tell ya the lord is definitley making me learn patience which I really really need to work on, and listening because to understand I need to listen like all of the time. We started learning how to read this week... ha and I thought speaking was hard. Yeah you read left to right but to be able to pronounce you first find the constant, then look underneath for subconstant, and then you look at the side for the vowels... so really what you do is read in a circle but left to right. It's super hard and kind of confusing to explain. Yeah so I'm really going to have to work on that.

We read the BOM in class like at least two times a week together, and we just read 1 nephi 1:1 and oh my goodness it was totally different as a missionary, wow Lehi was the perfect missionary. He had such amazing faith in the lord!

Sister Schwab's District and her Lookro

We also did TRC on Saturday, and oh my goodness we were not prepared at all, we taught wesley a return missionary that came back 5 months ago. We just had him read some scriptures about prayer, and bore our testimonies on it. They gave us back an evaluation and he said "speak really well and were really prepared, but we should've committed him to something" something around those lines. ha we so weren't prepared I think he was just being nice. Yeah but TRC was pretty good.

So Sister Mon's visa still hasn't come through and remember she's been here for like 12 13 weeks so just keep her in your prayers we love Sister Mon and she's going to be amazing has such a sweet spirit.

Sister Mon

On sunday we had Brother Stephen Allens give a devotional and he was so amazing seriously so motivating. He just talking about how we are satan's enemy now... we are in a war with him because we chose to serve missions, so he's going to try and make us feel not good enough, and compare ourselves to other. He was like don't do that the lord called you and is so proud of you for going and teaching his children that don't know about the gospel. We also had Brother the old choir director back today and he is awesome, we sang child's prayer and his son sang the first part gosh you could just feel the love that god has for all of his children!

Yep that was pretty much my week it's been really awesome. As for the t shirts just like two maybe my long sleeve volleyball region 9 shirt, and another t shirt just surprise me, and as for the shoes and sandles sister collins said she bought echos so something around that or something haha IDK, and just some black toms would be good! Anyways Love you all so so much! It's been good down here in provo so far! We did a session today which is always good. Hope you are all doing well! Love ya!

Sister Schwab

Also super sorry about the meadows ward keeping them in my prayers also... on the prayer roll today I just put down meadows ward, idk if I'm supposed to or not but I did it anyways I figure the lord knows who I'm talking about! Super awesome about Mitch and Aubree they are going to be awesome parents. Tell Jess I love her and I know she's going to be an amazing missionary! She's going to rock it! I can't wait to hear all about it! Love ya!

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