Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #4 Halfway!

Well hey everyone!

How's it going in the real world? So first things first Sister Mon got her visa!! Yeah she left for Thailand she was so stinking excited! She was like "last week I could not smile, but now I cry and smile." She came and found Sister Collins and I to tell us first. Goodness she is going to be so amazing out there! yeah so now it's just the five of us in a room together... a very small room. Lucky everyone here is just awesome. Also the teacher's talked to Elder Rom and may send him out early because he is already fluent in the language. I don't know if they will or not, but they have talked to him about it.

We had new missionary orientation with the Thai's there were like 13 elders that came in. No sisters!! Seriously there are 75ish people in our zone and only 5 sisters. They need to get out here. Well I came into the MTC is was the first time ever the sisters out numbered the elders. Which is so awesome, but now there are way more elders then there are sisters. Yeah the new Thai district is pretty awesome though! Our zone is getting pretty big.

Anyways.... so as for teaching this week. It went really well we are getting better and better every lesson. It just really depends on how much we rely on the spirit when we teach. Some lessons are better than others. We taught about Adam and Eve... kind of hard to explain with our limited vocabulary, but then again that's why we are here to learn. Gotta learn everyday.

We taught our other investigator about Joseph Smith and it went so good! I love teaching about the restoration, and next we are going to teach him more about christ and how to follow his example. We are pretty excited to teach about that to. Hopefully it goes well. It's just hard when they ask questions and we have no idea what they ask which makes it hard. i mean usually we know what they ask but answering it is hard. We just have so much more to learn.
Lookkro Garlik, our teacher, was showing us some pictures of his mission, and then he bore his testimony, and he just started bawling. He just talked about how the lord is going to help us receive revelation for ourselves and for our investigators. He said he wishes he could switch us places and go back on his mission because he loved it so much. Some days more than others you can just feel the love of the people of Cambodia. That was for sure one of those days.
We got letters from the MTC presidents on thursday... or I think it was thursday. . . the days just blend together here. They just said that they already have pictures of us and can't wait for us to get down there. They love the people and the culture.

We did TRC on saturday and the first women we taught is from japan but went to Cambodia on her mission! How awesome is that. We taught her how to increase faith, and really she taught us and talked about how she learned faith and her faith grew while on her mission. Because you have to have faith that the lord is going to help you with the language the people just everything. Then we taught another women who came here from Cambodia and is going to school at BYU provo. She was awesome. Those children of god need the gospel.

Sheri Dew did the sunday devo yesterday and she was amazing! She's just amazing! you should read some of her stuff. Yeah we been talking about just in the pre mortal life the people of Cambodia or wherever we are going chose to come down to earth and be born in a family without the gospel, and how we promised them that we would come find them one day and share this message with them. So when the days are hard or long that's what you've got to remember. We don't go on missions for ourselves we go to show our love for heavenly father, and keep those promises we made long ago.

Anyways this week has been super good! I love you all so much!!! I hope you are having a great week. Thanks for the shoes and the shirts you're the best love ya! I miss and love all of you! Thanks for all the dear elders they make my day!
Love Sister Schwab

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