Sunday, November 29, 2015

Leaving Pochentong-Going to Toul Tom Poung with Sister Kimball


We saw Royalty! Sister C and I were just on our way to go to Melody's birthday party, but all the roads were blocked off, which is rather impressive in Cambodia, everyone around us was super quiet just watching the road. There were guards EVERYWHERE. It was crazy, and then came like 20 police cars, and in the middle of some of the police cars there was a limo with the Cambodian flags and everything on it. We asked someone who it was and turns out it was the 2nd in command to the President for the Russian. He was just on his way to the royal palace. Pretty sweet! Pretty crazy haha. Then we went to Melody's birthday party. It was good we had some cake together, shared a story from the Liahona with her. It was good for her and Bong Pake. I was glad we could make them a little happier. She said she just wanted us to come so Melody could have the spirit with her on her birthday. I think she did! She seemed really happy. 

Birthday Party


Tuesday was sort of crazy we had to wait to for the landlord to come because we have some mold in our house that needs to be taken care of, so we waited for them with Elder and Sister Levitt, and the landlord ended up being like an hour late so we had to switch the appt. to tomorrow. It was kind of chaotic.. we went out to go teach Ming Phiap a RC and her husband, who isn't' a member, but when we went over there Ming Phiap said that her husband was drunk, and that he couldn't learn with us right now. Her husband has a really big drinking problem, but you know one day I really do think he will come around. We just have to find a time to teach them together! When he will remember it. I have hope for him though. I love Ming Phiap, and want her to have so much happiness! It's just hard right now for her... Then we had our english class. We had one student because it was a Cambodian holiday this week, but it went well. We taught a little english and then Sister C gave a spiritual thought on Lehi and the Book of Mormon, and I translated. 
Love the Neighborhood


That awkward moment when you meet a potential investigator thinking she lives really close to you, and you end up following her on a motto for an hour to her house. That wasn't the awkward part tho, the awkward part was that after trying to keep up with her for like 40 minutes I lost her. I literally had no idea where she went. Also I don't know why I thought that I could bike as fast as she was going. Turns out my biking was not as fast as her motto, even as hard as I tried it still wasn't as fast. So I stopped and turns out I had lost Sister C as well. I had no idea where she went, so we were both lost... really it wasn't that bad, I just walked up to the Lookpuu that were chilling at the gas station and borrowed one of their phones to call Sister C. We ended up meeting back up after about 10 minutes. Then our new investigator came back as well. We did end up finding her house. Thankfully! We taught her and her family about the POS. Her parents are hard core Buddhist, but they were willing to listen, and they want us to come back. Their daughters name is Sophorn. I contacted her last monday right after we got done emailing! I got her phone number, and she told me she was interested in learning! She is super awesome! Her family is super great as well. We gave her and her parents Book of Mormon, and Sophorn has been reading! After that we went to see our other 3 investigators, Ming Sokpaul, On Darline. and On Rotaa. We were going to teach them lesson 1, but our BM kind of sort of just started talking about Adam and Eve and some much other random stuff so.. we taught about prayer, and scheduled to come back on Saturday. 
With little kids outside Bong Paa's house


THANKSGIVING, for thanksgiving we went over to the mission home and had lunch with all of the missionaries in our zone. It was great! President and Sister Christensen are the best. I bet it took a lot of work cooking for all of us! They are seriously the best! I love them! We all went around and said three things that we are grateful for. We sure do have a lot to be grateful for! I feel super lucky to be here in Cambodia with all of these amazing people that I love so much! Also I have the best family ever! Seriously though I love you guys so much thanks for everything! I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving! 

President and Sister C.

Sister E and Sister Matthews
When you leave you camera :)
I love these two! 


We finally got to see Srei Neak today! She is so solid! She is just super busy with school and stuff right now so it has been hard to meet her. We taught her about recognizing promptings from the spirit which is actually something I need to work on as well. It was a really good lesson.We just talked about how usually you don't realize it's the holy ghost until after.. which is so true! That always happens to me! It's amazing how much we much we miss the Holy Ghost. It's with us so much we just don't always realize it! Anyways Srei Neak is just awesome, she is a super great example to the young women in Pochentong, and she is always there to help them when they need it. She is great! I LOVE HER! Then we went to see Om Puan, and it was sort of just like a goodbye. She said she won't read the Book of Mormon, because she can't even remember all that's in the bible, and she has a calling in her other church, civit thmei, so we aren't going to see teach her anymore, but we still love her! She loves God so much, and who knows she still has the Book of Mormon in her house so maybe one day she will read it! 
Thanksgiving with my favorite Comp! 


We got to see Bong Paa! She is struggling to find a job right now that is close to home, and doesn't require her to work on Sunday. She says whenever she gets too stressed and really tired she just prays and feels a lot better. She really is great, she has got a lot of faith, and really just wants to learn more. I love her and her kids. They are just a great family, I am excited to see what God has in store for them. 
Bong Paa, we are buddies


TRANSFER CALLS.... so here is the deal. Turns out that I am going to Toul Tom Poung and whitewashing with Sister Kimball. The area was closed because there wasn't enough Sisters but now they are opening it up again because we have so many new Sisters coming in. As for my comp Sister C she is going to be training two people! She just so awesome they gave her two people to train! I don't know who is coming into Pochentong with Sister C, but they are super lucky I will tell you that much. 

1. Sister C is the best trainer ever! They don't even know what they are in for! She is an awesome teacher/comp/friend/missionary! She is just a stud! LOVE HER
2. The people in Pochentong are the best! The members love and support each other, and they look out for the missionaries. The youth is strong, and they just have some of the sweetest people there. I love the people of Pochentong, I am going to miss them so much! They are like a part of my family!
I am super grateful for the time I spent in Pochentong with Sister C! I love the people and I love her! I am also super excited to see what Toul Tom Poung has in store! I can't wait to go strengthen the people out there, and continue to watch Cambodia grow in the gospel! I love it here!
I hope you all had a great week! I love you all so much!
Sister Schwab

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