Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stolen Bikes and New People to Teach


We went shopping with Sister Collins and Sister Winder for Pday! They seem really good Sister Winder has a great mom, and she already knows way more Khmer then I did when I left the MTC! We went out to Phsaa Ourasaa... It's a huge Phsaa in the city! It's harder with 4 American's though because they just try to rip you off! Haha it's a struggle... I don't know what I am going to do when I go back to America and everything is so expensive... It's okay though, I still have loads of time before that day comes :)

After that we met Muay at the church and watched Faith in Christ with her. I have honestly seen that so many times now, but it got to me on Monday. Just thinking about the love that Christ has for us, and not only that but Heavenly Father's love... enough to let his son suffer and die like that so we could live with him again. I am so grateful for Christ and the atonement! I was thinking a lot about Gloria, Terry, Grandma Jeane... and I am just so so so grateful that we get to be with our families forever! We get to see them again! I know that that is true! I know! That's why I am out here, because I want everyone to have that same opportunity! We are so blessed that we have a Father who loves us so much! I am just grateful that I get to share that with all of God's children in Cambodia!

After we watched it, we all bore our testimonies about Christ, and I just started to cry... and then everyone was crying by the end of it. Nothing brings the spirit more then testifying of our Savior!


So we taught Nada about the temple, and turns out that her parents don't know that she is learning... also her parents aren't really big fans of the church, or better said, they hate it! They don't know that she is coming and learning with us they think that she is going to school. So we are holding off her baptism, so she can tell her parents... She is still doing really well though. She talked about how she has felt herself change from before. Before she was a shy person, and didn't really like to talk to people, but now since she started learning she has friends her that she loves and she feels more outgoing. Then she said she has been sick a couple of times, so she will pray to Heavenly Father and then like 3 hours later she will feel better. With tears in her eyes she said I know that heavenly Father listens to my prayers and I can feel myself changing. I have experienced so many miracles since I started learning" Ah the gospel is just so good it really does change you! One of my all time favorite parts of the mission is seeing people change!


We saw Om Phia and shared about miracles... she just talked to us about how the gospel has changed her... she lost her family in Phol Phot and was the only one to survive, so the gospel meant a lot to her... it brought that light that she needed when her world was full of darkness.

Then we taught Srei Rean's mom, our investigator. She was really interested in learning and prayed for the first time on her own. She is really awesome, and always free :) So we are going to go see her a lot. Then we saw Om Nye who has been feeling really sick so we shared DC 121:7-9 with her. Then we had english class..

After English class, turns out that Sister Lines got her bike stolen! They stole it before the guard got there... so she rode on the back of my bike on our way home.


We spent the morning on a hunt for Sister Lines bike... well we didn't find it... for some reason I had this hope that it would just be sitting at the church but it wasn't so we went out and had to buy her a new bike! Hey it's pretty nice if I do say so myself!

After that we taught Teedaa a new investigator. She is a walk in referral. She really wants to join a church, and she loves ours. She told us she wants to learn slowly because she is Buddhist, but want to learn about christ, so we taught her about prayer. She prayed on her own for the first time ever! Takes a lot of faith to do that! :) We are going to meet her again some time next week.

Then we saw Sommolly and talked about how we can strengthen the YWs! Sommolly is awesome and she really cares about them alot it was nice to have her so we could get to know everyone a little bit better.

Then we saw Nada, and Rosa our kid member who is getting ready for baptism next month.


We saw Ming Ponluu and ended up teaching about the Word of Wisdom, Then we saw Ming Pholla and taught her about obedience she said that she should be able to start going back to church. She wants to quit her job if they don't let her have sundays off!

The Elders took us around to show us some houses, and we went to Ghost Village again... and well it didn't really freak me out at first but wow that place is sketchy... we went and this super drunk Lookpuu came up to us, and got in the Elder's faces.... so the Elders blocked the way so we could get through... well turns out the Elders went back later in the week and the same thing happened.... so yeah better watch out in good old ghost village... it's pretty sketchy... and sad because they all live in graveyards, but yeah we are going to try and see that member. Then we had a BM meeting and Lookpuu took us all out to dinner at BK! He loves american food :) That is one of the reasons I love this area is because of our BM leader he is the best... and hilarious!


Saturday we went out and saw tons of LA's and kid members. We saw Komsang and taught about temples. K I love there family so much they are one of my favorites out here. They are working on going to the temple and saving up for next year. They wanted to go this year but had some house problems and now have to use their money to build a new house... so they are working on next year. I love them so much. It gives me chills thinking about the people here getting sealed to their families! I love it!

After that we taught Srei Leak a new investigator who is super good! She has lots of questions, she has learned before but wants to start again! She wants to meet us everyday! :) She is so good!


Sister Lines was sick... dang I feel so bad for her.... but we are doing better now!

Sister Nygun went to church with me! :) Bless her heart six hours of church is a long time! Anyways that was my week! I am loving it out her! It goes by way too fast! Transfers call are this Sunday... yikes.... Well I Love you all! Hey Happy Fathers Day Everyone!! I have the best Dad out there, go buy yourself a RockStar :) Thanks for everything!

Love you!



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