Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Cambodian Plague

Hello Everyone!


For P-day we went to lunch with the other Sisters. I went Sister Collins to Eyon Mall, and we totally ended up getting lost on the way there... Hey in my defense it has been 5 months since I've been there. We did eventually end up getting there, but we ended up parking my bike on the opposite side of Sister Lines... so that did cause so minor difficulties for Sister Lines and I went we went to leave. It's all good though we made it!

After P-day we went and meet Sophia and RC at the church and taught about DC 84:85 about how we are never alone. God's angels literally surround us and protect us. She seemed to like it. She was going through a little bit of a hard time, but she is doing so so much better.

Then we taught Muoy about receiving personal revelation! She already is super good at it. We shared DC 76:19 with her. I love Muoy so much! Let me tell she is going to be one amazing missionary one day! Also she just got a calling to be one of our BM's! So she is going to have all kinds of mission prep stuff!

Also miracle!

I saw Sister Chanthakoun and Sister Kong and they told me that Ming Saron ( our investigator that was baptized... well her grandaughter and her husband are getting baptized at the end of this month!) Miracles!


We went to MLC, so funny story I thought it started at 10 and so we scheduled a lesson at 9 right, so at 9:20 we get a call from Sister Loftus asking where we are, and we told her teaching, and she told us that the meeting starts at 9:30! So we said sorry to Ming Ponluu and flew to the mission home we got there right at 9:30 we were so sweaty and gross haha. President came over and said "I am glad you made it... and so fast!" Yeah Elder Wong was presiding at the meeting so I was really grateful we weren't late haha! MLC was really neat.. it was great to talk about how our missions can improve.
Elder Wong

After MLC Sister Lines got really sick.... so she just hit the bed and was out. So I went with Sister Nguyen and we went and taught her investigator about missionary work. It was so good. Muoy came to the lesson and she was the perfect member present. The investigator was talking about how it's hard because she is the only one in her family that believes. Muoy then talked about how it is in her family. Even though she is the only member... her family just seems to be happier then before. Like before they would fight and stuff but now they don't as much. It's amazing what the light and testimony of one person can have on their family. Also side note! It was so fun to teach with Sister Nguyen she is an amazing teacher!


We went and saw Ming Pholla in the morning and shared 2 Nephi 22:2 with her and talked about Savior. Then after we went to Zone Conference. We focused on temples and repentance! We are putting a new focus on the temples we want everyone to know that the ending goal isn't baptisim that it's the temple to be sealed with their family. We also talked alot of Mosiah 3:19 and about repentance. It was a really good zone conference I always feel like I learn so much! We were also blessed with the chance to hear from Elder Wong and his wife. They have amazing insights and we were so blessed to hear from them.

In Adv. English class we had a new record of 20 students which is so good! Honestly it's a party in their our English class is like a little family and it's so fun! Sister Lines gave the spiritual thought and taught them how to sing The Lord is My Light! It was so good! English Class! I love it! It was just such a good day we had 4 refferals from English class that day as well!!


Sister Lines was sick again... we did weekly planning and then she felt way sick, so she slept until late afternoon, and then we went out. We went and saw Rosa a kid member who is getting baptized next month and we taught her about temples, then we came back to the church and taught Nada about tithing, fast, and fast offering. We told her about all the miracles that have come from fasting in our lives... which is so many... and she loved it!

After that I went with Sister Xiong to go see a Less Active named Ming Vanni, Sister Xiong came with because we have to go over a huge bridge to get over there, and Sister Lines was too sick... darn it.... we went and saw her and taught about faith. I really want her to come back to church! She told me she can't she is embarrassed because she has no teeth.. come on!!! That is the worst excuse I have heard yet haha.... I really love her though so hopefully we can get her coming back.


For Zone Training I taught about being a consecrated missionary. It went alright! I just talked about what we needed to give up in order to be a consecrated missionary. As for our Zone we talked about how there are angels helping us in this work. It was really cool, we really are never alone in this work! I am so grateful for that I know that whenever we leave the house we aren't leaving alone we have angels watching out for us!

After Zone training I did an exchange with Sister Semones! It was so good to teach with her! She is amazing and I love her. She is also an amazing teacher I feel like I learned a lot from her. It was about time we got a chance to be comps for the day! We both wanted to commit on being bolder. We also saw Om Parri and talked about Alma's conversion story. Then we saw Ming Ruet and Muoy!


Well we went and did service at Ming Semon's and then after Sister Semones was feeling a little sick so we went back to the apartment and she rested a bit. I think it's just me... everyone I have been with is getting super sick.... I have been pounding down the Royal D though. I refuse to get sick... after she rested up a bit. I went out with Sister Lines and we taught Yiay Sem and Thida, then we went out and taught. Komseang. Who is also a kid member getting baptized next month we taught her about the prophet! then we went back to the house and I stayed at home with Sister Xiong who got sick, while Sister Lines and Sister Nguyen went out and taught some people they needed to see!


We went out and saw Rosa in the morning. Then right before church we saw a new investigator whose name is Nerii, she is really good. She really wants to learn and she understood the first lesson really well. She found out about our church through English class. She loves coming but she doesn't want to commit to baptism yet. She said she want's to learn first and she doesn't really want to commit. She is really good though! She understands a lot and really wants to learn! Then we had church... the speakers only went for like 15 minutes total so the Branch Presidency had to fill in the time... it was pretty funny...

We had like nobody at church today because of the rain... there was a huge rain storm, and in Cambodia if there is rain you don't go outside... haha yeah...

After church we met with Nesa who is a new investigator of ours. She is really good and we taught her part of lesson 3. She commited to baptism next month. She was really curious about repentance! She says she really wants to change her life and she knows this is the way to do it. She told us about how she is the only one in her family that believes and ever since she started having faith she has meet many hardships in her life. She told us that she can't give up the faith because without God these hardships would be impossible to face.... She is really good! She is only free on sundays! So we are going to start seeing her everyweek after church.

Anyways so that was this week for ya! I learned a lot! I feel like I learn alot every week on my mission :) I love it here so much! I couldn't be happier!

Love you all hope you have a great week!



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