Monday, June 6, 2016

11 Months!

Hello Everyone!


For Pday we celebrated Sister Loftus's Bday! We went to Burger King and then to Krispy Kreme. You know, Dad was totally right. I really hated Burger King in America but ever since coming to Cambodia it makes you appreciate the little things haha including BK. Hey, I got to see Sister Collins, it's only been 5 months! It was so good to see her! She looks as good as ever, plus she is training! She is going to be such a good mom! That kid is way lucky! After P-day we went and saw Muoy. She is so good. We were going to watch The Restoration but the battery in the dvd player was dead, but I think it was meant to be because after we just shared a scripture and talked about serving a mission. It was so good. She asked a lot of questions about serving and what it's like, if it's hard, what do you learn, and I seriously couldn't stop talking about it! Man, I love my mission so much, I mean for sure it's been hard... yeah for sure, but I love it. I feel like I've grown and really become closer to my Savior. I just want everyone to go on a mission! It's literally a hard thing but the best thing for your life. You really do realize the love the Lord has for his children. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything. After the lesson Muoy said she really wants to serve a mission, and let me tell you I know she is going to be an amazing missionary. She was worried she wouldn't know enough, but I mean I knew nothing before my mission! She is going to be amazing I just know it. I really want her to come to america and serve in Star Valley. That would be awesome right?!
Happy Birthday Sister Loftus

Reunited after 5 months! 


We met with Ming Ponluu and she is doing good! She really wants to prepare to go to the temple. She is engaged to a member right now. She said she really wanted to work on family history. It's just hard because there are no records in Cambodia. We testified that if she had the faith God would open doors she never thought could be opened. It's cool because when we do family history work I really believe we get a lot of help from the other side of the veil! After that we saw Bong Leak a potential investigator. Her dad is a preacher for another church, and he has opened a lot of churches here in Cambodia. Bong already has a really great understand of the doctrine. She just hasn't gotten the restoration part yet, but she loves learning with us so we are going to keep on working on her. She is good though, she has lot's of questions, and a deep understanding of the bible. Hey it's a good thing the Bible and the Book of Mormon support each other right... haha no I am really grateful for that! The scriptures really are so amazing! The answer so many questions that I defintlity couldn't answer. Then we saw Ming Vang who won't go to church wait for it... because she is embarassed she doesn't have any more teeth.... I was like what the? Are you kidding me? Then she told us she also works on Sunday! But I have faith in her I think we can get her coming back!
Krispy Kreme


We saw Ming P... she was selling when we came in and then right before she saw us she got super mad at her son and just started hitting him.... then she saw us and got super embarrassed. I hate that.... that kills me everytime I see it... Her son speaks english and I asked him if he was okay and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said I am never really great.... and then he left the house to get away. They really do love each other... but dang... whenver I see that it just hurts. Later we sat down and instead shared Mosiah 3:19 with her. We talked about becoming Christ like. She felt super bad after our lesson, she apologized to us, and then in the closing prayer she did again... We told her that she has to be patient, and teach them in a different way... it turned out to be a really good lesson and I think it helped her a lot... at least I hope so! Then we saw Ming Jenny and she told us about an experience when her daughter was 7 years old she got super sick, and nothing was making her better. For like 2 months it was like this, and then her daughter asked for a priestood blessing. The daughter recieved the blessing and literally 3 hours later was healed! Power of the Priestood I am telling ya its amazing! We also had a walk in refferal today. She walked into the church and said I want to learn about Chirstand I want a Book Of Mormon. It was awesome! Miracles I am telling you!


We met with Ming Ruet and she was telling us about how sad she is because of her LA family, and we just told her to never ever give up hope! It may not be tomorrow or 2 years from now who knows it may be 15 years from now that they come back, but we can never give up hope. Then we met Nada and she is soooo good! She is in 2 Nephi 20 right now in the Book of Mormon and she loves it! She even loves the Isiah chapters... if i am honest I still have a hard time with those ones haha! I need to learn from her haha!



Watched the Joseph Smith video with Ming Ponluu, and then went with Lookpuu Poun and found some more houses.Then we went and saw Om Parri, Rosa who is a kid member we teach. She is getting ready for baptism and she is so stinking cute! I love her! Then we went and saw Yiay Sem and she loved the Joseph Smith video. She was so into it! I think the best part was just watching her watch it haha! She used to chew tobacco and then she told me that before she has the nastiest teeth but she knew God wouldn't recieve her like that so she got them fixed so she could be clean in God's eyes! She is pretty much the cutest old yiay ever! Then we saw Muoy again, and again she is so good! I love her! 


We got a call that Ming Semon needed help at her house... she wanted us to come do some service. Well we had to meet an investigator first so we went out early that morning and taught Srei Rean, and her mom participated. We talked about temples and then her mom told us she wanted to learn more. We also have her a book of mormon. She is always at the house so we can go visit her anytime. When we left Srei rean was telling her mom about the church! :) Then we went and did service! The Elders couldn't come so we had Sister Win, and Sister Xiong come. We ended up moving dirt and it was a lot of it too! We worked for about two and a half hours and actually got a lot of work done! It was awesome. We had some help from the Lookpuu's haha after we were all so tired! It was good though. Then after we went to the church to see Nada. We committed her to living the LOC and the WOW she absolutly love the WOW, She was like wow other churches don't have this, but i love it! Honestly... she is so good!


We taught Ming Nian in the morning and then went to church. it was way cool, at church the first councilor got up and bore his testimony about the service we had did the day before. He said when they got there in the morning there was nobody there and they were feeling super discouraged... they called us and the Elders said they couldn't and then the sisters said they couldn't come until like 10... he said he called some people up and some of the priestood came to help, but it still felt hopeless, but they kept the faith. Then he talked about how we came with two other sisters. haha he was like you should've seen those sisters that are stronger then I am and they got so much done! He was like I am so grateful to them, and it just shows even though it may seem impossible if you have faith you can do it! Haha it was kind of cool. Really the least we can do really... I mean service it just a little thing that we can give to the people. He was like they must have been given strength from God to do it. Haha it was funny and cool. After church we met On Tuan the walk in refferal we met and she is so good literally she pretty much told us the story of Joseph Smith she understands a lot and has already started reading the Book of Mormon!

Anyways over all it was a week filled with miracles! I am grateful to heavenly father for always looking out for us! Also I hit 11 months this wednesday... What the??? I don't know why the time goes so fast, but I don't like it haha! Love you all hope you have a great week!
Sister Schwab

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