Monday, September 12, 2016

Exchanges with Sister Hall!

Hello Everyone!


We ended up gong to 3D world again... because it was Sister Rueng's last P-day and that's where she wanted to go :)
Take us back to Siem Reap! 


We took Sister Rueng to the airport... she is officially in England! I know she is going to be awesome she has a special spirit that one... she is going to effect so many lives down there. I love her! Also fun fact about the airport if they try to stop you from going in just keep going because they can't leave their post or just act like you don't understand them and keep going haha they won't stop you.. and who did I learn that from? The one and only Sister Levitt! haha! 
Future Sister Missionary!

After the trip to Pochentong airport... by the way that for sure brought back memories considering it's been a year since I have been there. We went and saw Bong Mom.. she had eye surgery so she is at her house the next two weeks... so we just went and read in 3rd Nephi with her. After that we went and saw Bong Sophia and taught her lesson 2 about the plan of salvation. She understood it really well... you know it's really a neat experience teaching someone the plan of salvation because they literally had no idea where they were going until now... it's amazing to see the hope light up in their eyes. 


We saw Om Soka and taught her about sabbath day... she promised to go to church this week... sadly she wasn't there. So we are going to see her this week and see what's up.


YEAR IN CAMBODIA!!! How did I celebrate... an exchange with Sister Hall. I love her so so much. We talked about the good old Siem Reap days... it's amazing to see how much she has grown...You can really see in other people, how much the Lord really does help his missionaries and she has improved so much and it's only been a couple of months... Amazing what the Lord can do in such a short amount of time. I loved teaching with her we saw Srei Leak, an active member and we talked about miracles. I love hearing about miracles...After that we saw Bong Saophia and then Bong Lisa. Bong Lisa was having a super super hard night... it's just been hard with her family lately... if I have one goal in this area it's to see that family love and care about each other! Right now they are just kind of taking advantage of Lisa right now... She is having a really hard time and it kills me to see her so sad... 

I love Sister Hall!


Pretty much everything fell through so we ended up English class contacting :) 


We saw Om Soka and Bong Lisa again... we are just trying to help that family....


We saw Chaden in the morning and reviewed lesson 3 with her!
Then we saw Bong Kontia, she is the 2nd counselor in the RS, we shared with her about charity because we figured we all could use a little bit more of that right? :)
Then we went and saw Bishop and his wife! Oh my goodness I love them so much they are going to be the first senior couple from Cambodia I am telling you! Bishop told us that he has been a member for about 15 years. The Elders came to his house and at that time he had a broken leg from a moto accident. He couldn't get it fixed because he didn't have enough money to do it... but he started learning with the elders and he said they committed him to go to church, and he was like elders do you not see my leg is broken how am I going to get there. They said to have faith and pray if the lord wants you there he will get you there. So that's what he did and little by little his leg got better without the surgery and he was able to go to church! It was a miracle!!!!!!!!!!! He said ever since that moment he has had faith. He loves the missionaries and he wants everyone in the world to know about the gospel because it gives us hope in a sinful sick world... The gospel really is the way to happiness. Bishop knows that and he wants everyone else to know it too! The spirit was super strong in their little house... just because you can tell how much love they have in that family!! Sister Ormax and I both came out of that lesson and just felt so happy... I love their family! 

Well that was pretty much it for this week we are out of time but I love you all and hope you have a great week! I can't believe the temple is opening I have never been so jealous and happy at the same time! Congrats to the SV volleyball team, they are studs, and the golf team!! Go for state :) Also I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you! 

Sister Schwab

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