Monday, September 26, 2016

Where are the weeks going...3 months left

Hello Everyone!


Shots for Sister Ormax...ផ្សារ

You know all of those fun P-day activities, and then after that, we had a meeting with President :)

BUS RIDE, so on the way out we get a call from Sister Collins and she has to go to the hospital, so I just went with her to the hospital, no worries she is good! Hey it was good to see my good old MTC comp in SiemReap. After taking her out for ice cream, because I feel like that just heals all sicknesses, haha we went out and held the English sign at the church. I saw some members there, and I got the phone number for the District President so that when you guys come up to SiemReap we will have a TUK TUK driver haha. They are waiting for the call haha. It was so good to see them though... Ahh I love them so much!

Wednesday :

Sister Collins, Sister Suan and I went out to Branch 1 and saw some RC's of theirs. The first one we saw was Bong Nat, who has some serious faith. She doesn't have a lot but what she does have is faith. She told us "I love Christ so much, he has given me so so much, and every time I think of the Savior and what he has done for me I just want to cry." We taught her about the Jaredites and them traveling to the promised land, we compared it to her life, and she loved it. We talked about how all of those obstacles she is facing right now are leading her to that promised land all she has to do is endure and trust the Lord...

Then we saw Om Vang, who I actually saw get baptized, haha she remembered me and she got this huge smile and gave me a huge, she was like where have you been haha?! I love her so much, haha I didn't even know her that well but she is so so sweet. We taught her Helaman 5:12, so this Om speaks super unclearly and has that thick accent haha I LOVED IT I missed that accent I honestly could have listened to her talk all day haha!

After that we got on a bus to BB and then went to their English Class.


I went with Sister Clark and Sister Bensen, her kid. Oh my goodness they are great, Sister Clark is a killer trainer, and Sister Bensen is improving so so much! It's awesome to see the Lord's hand in their life, he really does help out those new missionaries so much it's amazing! We went and saw some LA's in the morning and taught them about faith we shared in Ether, about how faith is our anchor and it keeps us steady turning the storms. Then we went home and had some lunch, I had my first baby duck egg... in soup form... it was fine it tasted like chicken but I couldn't gone without the feathers... and it's kind of weird eating the chicken head with the beak and all... haha but hey it was good! Something you will have to try haha!

Then we got on the bus... at 3.... so our bus Soriya was broken so they put us on a random supply bus that picks up stuff along the way, and it was an overflow bus so it was super crowded. So we make this random stop and they throw in like 60 huge bags of cucumbers in the bus... all the people on the bus start cheering and saying "wahoo, snacks, I am going to steal one." Then before you know it all the people are holding cucumbers and cheering... haha so now we have this mountain of cucumbers in the back of the bus. then the person I was sitting by decides to get into a singing contest with the Lookpuu behind me... so for like 2 hours of the bus ride they were standing up with their microphone aka their cucumbers singing on the bus.... and then they say hey make the french person sing... that's me I am the french person... I was like no I don't know how to sing.... they were surprised at the answer because they assumed I had no idea what they were saying then they were like okay well can you at least dance... I was like nope I can't haha then awkwardly got out my journal and started righting... I feel like if I wasn't on my mission maybe haha it was pretty funny.... we ended up not getting home until 11:30 at night so we were dying! Super tired! Hey it was all worth it though we got three people that were interested in learning about the gospel from that bus ride, one of them being the singer sitting next to me haha!


Went on an exchange with Sister Gallahad, who is amazing. We saw Chadeang and shared with her DC 58:2-4 about Enduring to the End.

Then after that we saw Bong Saophia and taught her about Temples and family which I think was a really good lesson for her, because they have been having some serious family problems lately It was really great to hear her talk about how much she loved her family and how much she wants them to be sealed together for time and all of eternity hopefully it gave her some fire to start going to church again! We shared with her DC 97:15-17 and talked about how she has to be worthy to go to the temple.


We had English class, and then we went to lunch with the Sisters.
Then we saw Ming Savon a LA we taught her about the Book of Mormon... we had her share her testimony about the book of Mormon and it way awesome the spirit was super strong when she did that. I hope that spirit will get her reading again.
Then we went and saw Om Siat and just read the BOM with her... we just read from where she left off.


Weekly Planning
Meetings :)

Well, that's really all for this week family! Hey sethy you are a stud and totally would have taken state, but you are awesome, and it's awesome because it's not over for you! You could golf in college, because you are so GOOD! Also I love the pictures of the temple so so much! I can't wait to go through it... actually I can wait for at least 3 months :) These weeks are flying by and it's freaking me out. I love it here I love this work, and I love my Savior!
All is well!

Sister Schwab 


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