Monday, September 5, 2016

One year in Cambodia!

Sorry this isn't going to be the best letter we don't have very much time today :)


Bowling for Pday... I won... it was all of Grandma's teaching... haha at least that's what I told people.. so I am bragging you up down here in Cambodia Grandma, everyone thinks you are some amazing bowler. haha 

Chaden our RC we taught her about the 10 commandments. Kanika helped us teach. She is from TTP my 2nd area. She is one of my favorite people out here... haha i know I have a lot of favorites but I just love them all so much you know! Anyways Kanika is awesome member helped at the very end she just shared a scripture and her testimony and the spirit was right there... She still has a couple of years before she becomes a sister missionary but when she does... oh my goodness she is going to be awesome!
After that we just got stuff ready for MLC!


We had our Missionary Leadership Council Meeting. For the first half me and Sister Ormax translated and then we got up and taught about Finding and Baptizing we are trying to shift our focus a little bit, we have been focusing on 50 percent retention for our RC's but our baptism numbers have dropped... so we discussed how we could better find and baptize. I think the best part of the entire thing was when Sister Ormax bore her testimony she talked about how when she first heard of the church she hated it... then a couple of years later she went to Malaysia and was a little bit interested but never had time to go, then she moved back to Cambodia and she lost something... it was then she said the first prayer ever in her life... she lost her dog and she told God that if he brought him back that she would believe... well like 2 hours later her dog came back... just keep in mind that he had been lost for 2 weeks... it really was a miracle and then she started learning with the missionaries... and look at her now she is one amazing missionary sometimes I forget that she has just been a member for 2 years... she is so strong! 

Then we saw Om siat.. our Rc. We taught her about tithing... she told us that she has been a member for about 8 months and has never missed paying her tithing once :) Seriously all these people here.... they have so much faith.... I never cease to be amazed... they are honestly examples to me! 


We saw Ming Somat a less active and taught her about Charity... she is the second councilor in the RS presidency but she hasn't been coming to church...We are going to try and change that :)
Then we went to the bike store and got cute litttle Sister Um a bike! After that we went to English Class. 

English class at the ministry! So fun honestly one of the highlights of the week. I love teaching english class at the ministry :) The students there are just so fun and excited to be plus they just have such a desire to learn. It's honestly the best.
Then we went back to the bike store wahoo! 

After that we had training for the new kid's that came in. We did a little activity where the kid's go downstairs and the trainers upstairs and they talk about what they want each other to do different and what they are doing well. It was awesome and can I just say that those kid's sure do love their trainers... but I mean that makes sense they have the best trainers ever. 

All morning we did training for the kid's Sister Ormax and I talked about Health, Area book, and CBRs! It's fun talking about health with sister Ormax because she actually knows what she is talking about because she is khmer haha for me it's sort of an educated guess haha. 

After training we went to Om Siat's house and taught her about baptism and confirmation, and then we saw Bong Sophia... who is having a really hard time right now.... we just talked to her a little while and bore testimony of the power of the atonement, and how if she really wants to be happy she has to go to church. Then we shared Jacob 2:8 with her... she told us that after the lesson she did feel a lot better, and she promised to go to church on Sunday. 


English class in the morning and then zone training in the afternoon.


We saw our investigator Om Soca in the morning and we taught her lesson 3 she committed to baptism next month on the 8th.. which may need to be changed but we will just have to see. She is also struggling right now she has to sell every single day and doesn't get home until 3 in the morning and then gets up and starts preparing and working again at like 11... we talked about sunday and how she needs a day to rest and that heavenly father is going to make up the difference.... she committed to coming to church... not this week but starting next week. 

Then we had church... Bong Nih and Bong Sophia came they looked so happy to be there it was awesome!
Then Sister Ormax and I taught in RS about Unity... because well we are trying to make that a goal right now. It went pretty well actually we shared in 3 Nehi 11:28-30 with them and we committed them to all try to be more unified so that we could actually feel the spirit when we learned with each other haha. 

After church we saw Om sen an active member... so we shared Jacob 2:8 with her, but she told us about an amazing miracle that happened today. She told us that she has been a member for a year and never missed paying her tithing... so usually her tithing consists of 5 dollars. She said this week she was worried about paying her tithing because 5 dollars was all that she had... and she didn't know if she was going to have enough for food.... but she put her trust in the lord and did it anyway.. well before she left church today a member just walked up and gave her an envelope... in the envelope was exactly five dollars.... SO AMAZING! She was in tears when she was telling us this story... It really is amazing... I know that Heavenly Father does answer prayers and if we place our trust in him and are obedient to his commandments we are going to be okay no matter what! 

After that we saw Ming Mollyna, an AM we shared DC 6:7 and we talked about putting God first!
Well that was my week everyone... so crazy thing is that I hit my one year mark in the country this week.... what the... crazy!! It doesn't feel that long at all. But honestly thanks for all of the love and the support. I love you all so so much! Have a great week! I hope everyone starts to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sister Schwab

James 1:27
Pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affiliction and to keep himself unspotted from the world

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