Sunday, September 20, 2015

One week in Cambodia!

Hello Everyone!
Alright so after we got done writing on monday we went to this super market here in Pochentong, it is seriously so nice. I was literally amazed! After we finished our shopping we went to the Russian Market we did get lost on the way there though so it took us like an hour to get there. Hahah we are always getting lost. So I bought you guys some ties and stuff there, but I figure I may wait to send it because I will just do a big christmas package or something... After we went to the market we Ming Samaay's house to see if she could show us some of the members houses. She told us that her knees were sick...literal translation there. So we went over to Ming Po's house. The Elders were already there but we helped her move some rocks and then before we left her little daughter sang to us in English "YOU RAISE ME UP" haha it was like the cutest thing ever! After we did that we came back to the house and cleaned up all of the mice poop that was literally everywhere!!! EVERYWHERE! We took the rest of the night to clean and then we set out mice traps that night.

Did I mention the mouse in our Fridge!!

Remember those mice traps yeah well we woke up in the morning... 8 mice, 8 mice were on that mice trap, no wonder we had mice poop everywhere! haha it's all good though now the house is clean and the mice on stuck on the trap! Anyways we went to go to Bong Teary's house, an investigator, and she wasn't there so we ended up doing some contacting which was good, then we went to Bong Koontii's house and she said "kom mian peel"or i don't have time, man I'm beginning to hate those words. Everyone seems to say that. So we went to do some more contacting. It was really great when we had been rejected by like 3 people for teaching them the gospel Sister Christensen goes "doesn't it just feel good testifying of christ?"and I was like you know what it totally does even if they don't accept the gospel it''s just great sharing about the gospel!
Trying the cross the street in Cambodia

A cute random little girl

So we taught a referral given to us from Ming Po today, her name is Soneata she is 15 years old, and oh my gosh I love her! We taught her about prayer and about how we are all children of god. The only thing we worry about with her is that her aunt is a pastor for another church, and both of her parents are not members, so if her mom doesn't learn with her we may not be able to keep teaching her... So pray for her family because she is sooo awesome. Also I've decided that all my investigators just better get baptized because I love them so much so fast! Even though i can't understand them I just love them! I want to see them all in heaven after this life. Seriously I love the Cambodian people! After we went to Soneata's house we went to Ming Somaay's house and we planed on sharing a scripture with her. We went in and she told us about a dream she had had. That her husband, who had passed away, was on a boat and he was telling her to get in with all of the kids and hang on tight and never ever let go, that boat was the gospel. It was really amazing to hear her talk about it, I mean I didn't really know what she was talking about when this occurred but I still felt the spirit. Then Sister Christensen translated for me! Love her she is the best! It was a really neat experience though! 

Ming Somnaay

Just chilling at church

On thursday we went to the mission home for an interview for me, and then after we did that since we were in the city we just decided to stop and get some DQ and it seriously was like the best thing ever! It was the way we celebrated one week in Cambodia! Then we came back and did some weekly planning for awhile. After planning we went to see Someat and Somnaan, someat got baptized this sunday. We tried to find their house and we got lost and it was raining and sooooo muddy haha. But we did eventually find her house and guess what she wasn't there! It was all good though we went and saw MIng Naroon who is an older lady in the ward that is sick. We shared a scripture with her about the ressurection, and it was good. She is super sweet, but just hates feeling sick! After that we made our way home I was actually cold when we went home! Never thought that would happen but it was dark, raining, and muddy! I was like what the?! It was all good though we made it back! 
The picture doesn't do the bug bites justice

Chilling in traffic

We had our zone training where I got to see everyone again! Everyone seems to be doing really well! We did our training and got to know the mission presidents better! They are both so amazing! Everyone is for sure in good hands here! 
Random picture. . . haha I didn't really eat that! 

Today we taught about the restoration of the gospel to Soneata she took everything really well and seemed really excited about the book of mormon! She is praying everyday! It is so cute! I love teaching her because she believes so easily and just absorbs it all! When we finish teaching her we help her with english! Which is so fun to be on the flip side of that! Anyways i love being in lessons because i actually know what is going on because i know those words! Sister Christensen is an awesome teacher! I love listening to her teach! So after we taught Soneata we met Someat and Somnann at the church and prepared her for baptism! She is so sweet! She was definitely ready for it! 
Baptism and some of our ward


Well I don't understand like anything when I go to church. Seriously it is rough, BUT i love the members and I know that with patience, faith, and some hard work the language will come. We had Someat's baptism and it went really well, after she shared her testimony and is was great, she has a sweet spirit! Then after church we went to some houses with the relief society. It was really good! This week I've felt pretty inadequate at times, BUT we all are inadequate, it's awesome to really have to rely on the savior so much, because there is no way we could do this without him. It's amazing the miracles that can happen when we rely on the savior! I love it here this week has been so good! I'm so glad I got to email you! Seth kick some trash this week, you're a stud! Love you all
Sister Schwab

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