Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pochentong Week-1

OH MY!!!

Can we just talk about how last week I was in america and now I'm in Cambodia! So everything went well on the plane ride we entered into Cambodia at like 10-ish in the morning here. So we came in and quickly met the Mission Presidents who then brought us to meet our new trainers! My trainer is Sister Christensen she is awesome! She is super amazing with the people and the language, oh my goodness she is so good at the language! I'm seriously so lucky to have her as my trainer! Yeah she is sweet!
Outside our apartment, actually a nice day

Sister Schwab and her Trainer

So after we met our trainers we went and got some Cambodian style lunch. Which consisted of rice, pork, and eggs, what kind of eggs you may ask... well probably not but I'm going to tell you anyways a duck egg. It pretty much tastes the same as a chicken egg. We also had some Milo which was pretty dang good. They also have it in America so hey go try it sometime. After we had lunch we went back to the mission home and had a quick interview with the mission presidents and met Sister Levitt. She is extremely nice and so is her husband. They said I get priorities because their daughter lives in SV! After we left the mission home we went back and did some personal/comp study. Oh my gosh I about died I kept falling asleep it was a little rough! Then after that we went contacting for a bit I seriously didn't know a thing that was happening haha although we rode our bikes in Cambodian traffic it's crazy! If anyone was planning on coming to Cambodia anytime soon i would suggest a bike not a car because at least on a bike you can weave through the thousands of people! Then after we came back from contacting we ordered some pizza, it was actually pretty good pizza. We live with Sister Matthews and Sister Kellian. They are just great as well! We have pretty awesome group in our apartment. Now our apartment is nice but also covered in mouse poop, so we are going to try to fix that. 

Why not take a selfie with the Toilet outside our apartment

Beginning of the Storm

So friday we had our weekly planning session which was really just us trying to look at RC and members and LA's we are just trying to learn this area. OH I'm serving in Pochentong by the way!!! We are whitewashing the area. So we both don't exactly know what we are doing. it's all good though we are just trying to get to know the members and everyone. After our weekly planning session we went and tried to find some of the members houses and did we find any... no we didn't haha. We found one house but the member wasn't there. We rode down the railroad and yeah there is a lot of poverty, but I thought it would be hard to adjust to but it's not. It just makes you grateful for what you have and the opportunity we have to share the gospel because that it what is really going to help them. I already love the people so much i just want to be able to understand them!!!

So it's pretty much the cutest thing ever when we ride our bikes and all the little kids come running and yell "hello, hi"at us. Seriously they are so stinking cute. Love them! Anyways after that we went to the church and called bong amy. He is a member. Turns out she is in the hospital right now. She told us that she would send her husband to show us where she was. Right when he came there just happened to be this massive rain storm! It was insane! It was flooded roads in literally like 3 minutes I think. Good thing we had our handy dandy ponchos though right. yeah for our backpacks it's not even worth it to put one on yourself. We met bong amy and she is seriously amazing! She has such a sweet spirit and strong testimony! She has so much faith! 
Oh look another toilet. . . 

Saturday was sweet! So we woke up and went to Zone Conference we talked about the importance of the book of mormon and just making sure our investigators have spiritual experiences. Anyways so after we went to zone conference we had a Women's conference. It was like two hours long, and so let me just tell you about this. We had the bishop talk and he showed a Thailand commercial and oh my gosh it was interesting. . .  So there is a store owner who had a homeless guy that wouldn't leave so he would kick if out and swear at him... I know he was swearing because the english subtitles haha! Anyways so the homeless guy becomes mean like the store owner and then he get's stabbed and killed. I was like what in the world, and then I don't know how he tied it all together and into the lesson because I cant understand the language. It was pretty funny.

Funny story we were preparing for women's conference and we could not get these stupid pans apart we were dying laughing me and Neakming were trying so hard but we could not do it! Eventually though we did get it haha

 Then we went around and talked to some of the members and everything! Everyone is so nice! The Cambodians really are the most loving/blunt people I know haha. After Women's Conference we went over to the church to have a baptism interview for Somneak, a 14 year old girl who is so so amazing! She is a sweet heart! We met the president, his family, and some of the young men and young women. The offered to feed us some food, and it was just like some soup, but so we were eating and there were these chunks of tofu looking things that I wasn't going to try because well I don't like tofu, and then Elder Tatton looks at me and goes oh you know what that is? Coagulated pig blood... you know i could get past the bones but not that I took a sudden halt eating after that. haha
Sunday we went to church at 8, it was really good we had a chance to meet the members, and we got up and bore our testimonies I'm pretty sure i said i know that heavenly father loves you like 3 or 4 times, but hey that's important right haha! After that the members came up and were like "sister nyiay cebah" or sister speaks clear. They are just nice! Seriously I can't tell you or even express to you how loving the people are. After church we decided to go see bong amy again. I had been thinking about her all day so we brought a member with us and went to the hospital again. So we ride into the hospital and I mean you know it's a Cambodian hospital so it's not nice by any means we hear this guy like yelling with pain, we go around the corner and they are performing some surgery on this guys foot he got in a car accident. So that was outside of the hospital we walk in and there is literally a trail of blood leading from the bed to the outside where they are performing surgery. It was pretty nasty... but you know I was just thankful really that we came and that time so bong amy didn't have to listen or watch that. We just talked with her and shared D and C 58:2-4 with her. Yeah so it was actually perfect timing when we came, even though it may not have seemed like it, it really was! 

After we went and visited a less active. She is 74 years old i think... and she feels sick all the time. I didn't really understand what they were talking about but i just told her I know christ understands and that if she will pray for strength i know heavenly father will give it to her. It was a good experience she is super kind. She has the sweetest of spirit. 
Streets of Pochentong

Yep so that was really my week in a nutshell. So really I don't understand much of what is going on most of the time but when I do I give a little testimony, the traffic is crazy and i feel like I may die most of the time, but Heavenly Father protects his missionaries right, but all in all I'm all good, and I love it! I know that this is going to be hard and discouraging at times, but i'm not doing it for myself I''m doing for these people, and for the love I have for our savior. It's not fair to know about the gospel and not share it! We are so so lucky! Well that's what's happening in Cambodia!
Love ya

Sister Schwab

here are some pictures from the MTC I didn't send. 

Last time

Sister Hoffman

Again with Sister Hoffman!
Our Party, haha love the District!

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