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So I've come to a conclusion that one of the many miracles that happen in Cambodia is to not be hit by a tuk tuk/moto/car in our mission. It's so crazy at times, but the good thing is everyone drives relatively slow so we are pretty safe.... I think!

We went to go see Bong Amy, Bong Amy is a recent convert and is super amazing. She always wants to help us when we go out and teach! She has such a strong testimony! I swear every time we bring her to a lesson I learn something from her! Today was also P-day we literally went to like a mall, and then ate KFC... I felt like I was in a somewhat different verison of america... it was strange. You know a version where they don't speak any english and everything is just slightly different, and by slightly I mean quite a bit different but you know... 

We did some service for Ming Po today. We planned on moving dirt, but we ended up smashing rocks for her instead. I was going at those rocks so hard in fact that I broke the axe... I felt so bad, but she was okay with it. I still felt bad though... Ming Po is so nice though she just laughed and said that it was okay! We then went and taught our new investigators we taught her about the restoration of the gospel. She understood it really well and asked really good questions, we had Bong Amy go with us. I think she could teach the lesson on her own actually! haha she helps us so much. Then we had plans to go to some other house but when I was "dopping" ( which means-Sister Christensen was riding on the back of my bike) the tire popped so we had to get that fixed. Actually kind of funny because right before that Bong Amy's son was say how I was fat and Sister Christensen was small and then we popped the bike tire... Haha pretty funny actually. 
"This nice little puppy before service"

 Some Service Smashing Rocks

 Still smashing

We had one student in our english class who knew a ton already. She was only like 15 years old but she could read and speak it really well. I gave a short 10 minute lesson on faith and then we taught her how to pray when we asked if she wanted to try she said yes but in her heart. It was so cute I loved that. Then I gave her an english Book of Mormon and a Cambodian Book of Mormon. Then she came to church on sunday!!! She bought her friend with her. She is super cute. They seemed to enjoy it to, so we will see where that goes!
View from our farther area

Awkward skirt and bike picture

We had our first zone conference. It went really well. President and Sister Christensen are so awesome! They talked about how the vision in the mission is us they want us to become the best missionaries that we can be. We have to be the first converts! If we become the best missionary that we can be then everything else will just fall into place. They really are the best though you can tell how much they love us and love the mission! I'm really excited that they are our mission presidents, and that I will have them my entire mission! We are going to have a cleaning day of our apartment to for all the missionaries. We get an entire day to clean it. That'll be so good because well our house struggles in some areas. We are going to have annual checks to make sure they are clean. So that will be good! After zone conference we did a little contacting Sister Christensen acted like she didn't know any Cambodian haha... so I contacted like 4 ladies, it actually went pretty well we had like a 5 minute conversation. When they found out I spoke Cambodian, they pulled up two chairs and just wanted to talk to us. Cambodian's are just super friendly they always do stuff like that.

 Its just a little rainy

We got to teach Srei Neak again! She is seriously so amazing we read from the Book of Mormon and then we shared our favorite scriptures with her. She told us that she wants to read the entire thing. She already prays everyday. She is 19 years old and going to college right now. When we taught her she was like you're coming back tomorrow right, and so we went back on saturday. We also had a Relief Society activity that night. There were only like 4 people that showed up at first but after they had finished cooking and everything we had about 10 people I think... we taught a lesson on unity and then everyone just ate together. Everyone was making a joke about the food they were like don't put anything in there that the missionaries don''t like or else they will say it's "coh cbab" or against mission rules. We all just laughed but hey I say that's a good idea when you need to use it. 

Ponchos and rain

The rain started like 10 minutes before this

We taught Srei neak again this time we taught he lesson 2! Again she is so awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon, and really just wants to learn more and more. I'm so excited for her! After that we went to some less actives houses, we are finally starting to find everyones houses. Wahoo!!! We also did some contacting on our bikes on the way there it is the best contacting while riding bikes haha like seriously it is my favorite. 
One of the "Pshaa"

Yesterday we went to church and the after we went to our far area to find some houses we haven't seen yet. Then we went with the Relief Society to some less actives houses. I love the ward here in Pochentong they really want that unity and love within there ward. It's so awesome! They always want to help with missionary work and are always trying to strenghten the ward! Their heart is in the right place and I'm excited to see what is going to happen within the ward.

My comp is great ! Super humble and a super great example. She HELPS ME TONS! Hahaha but yeah the language is rough, but I know with faith and time it will come. I love love love the people here and I love Cambodia! 
Sister Schwab

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