Monday, September 7, 2015

Is this even real?

Does everyone understand that I will have like no english in the next two days... Oh my goodness I'm like so excited/nervous/excited! I seriously can't believe that it has already been two months already. So monday was our last day in the temple, and it was hard. The temple is so amazing I can't even explain the peace, love, and spirit that I feel there. It'll be hard to go without it for these next 16 months, but like Sister Loftus said " we are just doing work for the living right now" Maybe if you guys come pick me up we could just stop at the Hong Kong temple on the way home... just think about that don't worry you have a long time to decide haha. 
Last Temple Walk

We also had our last TRC on monday the wifi did not work very well at all so the lesson was cut short, but it was still comforting in a way because the members are so so nice. Seriously even when they can't understand us you can just feel the love from them! I'm so excited to meet everyone, the Cambodian people seriously seem just like some of the best most humble people ever. I can't wait to meet them, I already love them so much!

You have to take a picture with the flag

So how about this, last week at the MTC and guess who we get to hear from? Dallin H Oaks! What I mean come on how lucky are we? Last tuesday Devo and we get an apostle, come on! He talked a lot about Preach my Gospel and teaching with the Holy Ghost. Which is something I've really been trying to work on here. Just listening and discerning when the spirit is near so I can act on the promptings it gives me. It was broadcasted to all the MTC's and I was just thinking of Jesse out there in Mexico! So awesome. She's almost out of there too that's crazy!
Last District Picture

So we had to help with the New Missionaries on wednesday, we didn't host we did a demonstrate teaching thing. So you have an investigator we come knock on the door do the get to know you part of the lesson for like 10 minutes, and then a group of like 30 new missionaries takes over. It was actually really fun to teach in english! You kind of take that for granted sometimes! It was hilarious we walked into this second lesson and it was this older guy from japan and we asked if we could share our message and he was like "are you single" we were both like yeah.... and he said "I have three sons come in" everyone was like dying haha! Hey I saw Rocky Hansen that Wednesday and on Friday he seems to be doing awesome, I think he's like the DL now. Yeah go SV right?! Haha it's always good to see people you know!

Thursday we had our last lesson with Narack, and it went well he got "baptized" on friday so that was pretty sweet! We both cried sharing our testimonies with him for the last time. It's funny how much you grow to love your fake investigators and just your teachers in general. That's one thing i've learned here is just how fast you can love. I love love love my zone, my district, my branch presidency, my companion. It'll be hard to leave, but so exciting! I can't wait for everything, I know it'll be hard, but nothing worth doing is easy right?

Saturday we had in field presentation or preparation... it was good it was kind of long but necessary you know. Gosh it was sort of weird practicing teaching in English, I like had to remember how to preach the gospel in english to other people, not going to lie the first practice was a little rough... haha! I feel really lucky that I get to teach the gospel in such simple terms!

Sunday was good it was hard we had to say our goodbyes and everything. I cried and cried you know how I am with goodbyes, but it's really not goodbye you know, and I mean I cried but like any other sister missionary would cry. I was telling everyone the other day it's strange because you feel so happy all the time, but I've also never cried more in my life haha. Sister Moon told me after I got done sharing my testimony bawling and after she gave me a hug, she said how much we are needed in Cambodia. She said if we just have a good heart, everything else will come. It was super nice of her, I think she is just nice!

So quick one more thing before I go, this week I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father was trying to teach me about faith because I can't even express how much the story of Peter and Christ walking on water has come up this week. My new favorite scripture right now is Matt 14:30-31 when Peter asks the Lord to save him and the lord puts out his hand IMMEDIATELY- I love that because it's so true that Lord is just waiting for us, and once we call and his name he is going to help us. Also everyone should read the talk " I stand all amazed" by Elder Holland it's so good I can't even express how amazing that talk is. It really shows how much our Heavenly Father and Savior love us. Alright fam I will talk to you tomorrow! I love Tys car! Sethy is a stud! Kalin keep up the good work haha! Love you!

Sister Schwab

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