Sunday, October 18, 2015

Staying in Pochentong!

Hello Everyone!

P-DAy/Cleaning the house
Om Yuana's little girl, she is a smarty and knows so much English!

She decided she wanted to model for a bit

Cleaning the house round two... let me just tell you about cleaning the house. So we took these two days to clean our houses because #1 our houses were pretty nasty from all the missionaries past, and #2 everyone was out of town because it was a Cambodian holiday where they all go back to their hometowns. Cleaning the house went well, I am so glad that we did it, so while I was cleaning a desk, I opened a drawer and there was a mouse in it! Oh my goodness it scared me so bad! We also found a dead mouse in a cupboard in the kitchen, the old washing machine, and one got stuck in our oil. We sort of have a mouse problem... it's getting better though... I think... After cleaning we went with all the missionaries in Phnom Penh to watch the Joseph Smith movie! It was super great! I got to see Sister Collins and it was so good to talk to her and see how she was doing! She seems to be doing great! 
Sister C. took a pic of me, I sorta fell asleep during my prayer

We went to go visit the 1st counselor in the relief society Ming Daraa. She has been really sick. She has a bone disease. She told us this story that she got in an accident and couldn't walk or do anything, and then she had a dream. She said in the dream she saw President Somnaay ( Ming Somnaay's husband that passed away) and that she saw Christ. She said that they told her to walk and took her by the hand and after that she could walk again. I don't know if that entire story is completely true... but I do believe that Heavenly Father speaks to a lot of the Cambodian people through dreams! It's pretty awesome actually! Either way it was for sure a miracle in itself, and Heavenly Father is looking out for her! Then we went to go see Ming Gomsan a less active... she said she was busy and her husband said come in... it was sort of awkward so we just said we would come back tomorrow. We had english class that night but nobody came because of the holiday, so Sister Christensen and I just stood outside the church with our flyers yelling at people and chasing them down to give them the flyers haha! After that we talked with Lookpuu... I don't remember his name, but he was telling us about the family history he is doing. When he told us about it he got really emotional, and you could just feel how much he LOVES his family. He just wants all of them do live the gospel so that that can live together for eternity. It made me miss you guys, but also super grateful that I get to share the gospel and give others the opportunity to live with there families forever. 

Tuk Tukking it! 

After our annual weekly planning on Thursdays we went and visited Ming Gomsan. The less active that we tried to visit before. I had been praying that night for a way just to let her know that she can trust us and that we love her, and I know this may sound kind of strange but the thought that came to my mind was stickers... yep stickers... I forgot about it and then when we were praying before we left the house I thought of them again. So I just brought her some stickers I gave some Disney's Chip And Dale ones to her son, and then I had some Minny Mouse sparkly ones as well. She loved them! Keep in mind this is like a 30 year old... she loved them so much! She was just sticking them all over her phone, and then she was like now I will always remember the sisters. They live on the railroad, I never knew stickers could make someone so excited and happy. So that little little thing was an answer to prayers. Also Sister Christensen asked about how they met, and that also broke the ice! They loved talking about that! Then we went and saw Ming Phiap she is the one that doesn't have an arm... she told us that when she was 7 she stepped on a land-mine and that's how she lost it. These people have been through so much.... I just keep thinking I don't know how you feel but christ does, and he loves you so much! I feel super lucky to be teaching such amazing people. After we went and saw bong Amy with Ming Po and Bong Pake... they just sat there and were talking and I literally had like no idea what was going on haha. They just kept giving us food to. They gave us like this OnSan, it's like rice, beans, egg, and pork wrapped up in a leave. It was super good, then they gave us some fish meat with a chili pepper in it... not so good. They are so nice, they just want to help and give in anyway that they can! 

My Trainer is pretty much the best! 

Kids from our Area

Cambodians, they nap everywhere

The day that my mouth decided not to speak Cambodian.... so we started off the day by going to Ming Oun's house. She bought us like hot dogs, pastries, coke, and like lots of other stuff. We were like no it's okay, and she was just like eat it all! We couldn't eat it all.. so she made us take it home! She is like super nice.  Then we went with Ming Oun to some less actives houses. We went to visit Ming Naan and she told us that the night before she had a dream of three of us coming to teach her the next day, and that she had to shower because she wasn't clean... she said after the dream she woke up and said "if that happens tomorrow I promise I will believe." Then we ended up going to visit her that day it was so cool to see the Lords had in this work. He is there even when you don't see him! Then we had a lesson with our new investigator Bong Vwee. We talk lesson one, and you know what my mouth and my brain were not on the same page with the entire speaking Cambodian thing. I would literally say someone and she would look and me and then Ming Oun would translate what I said! I was like... well.... and then I tried to say the first vision in Cambodian, and I totally butchered it I felt so bad... I could still feel the spirit though... so I hope she could as well. Oh man though it was rough, and I was like well I can either cry about this or laugh and take it as being one mess up closer to being fluent, so I did the latter. 

Ming Oun said she had a new investigator for us, so we went out to her house. Her new investigator ended up not being at her house, so we ended up going to meet Ming Tavee. Ming Tavee. We went to her house and sang Nearer My God to Thee with her and Ming Oun. It was really great. I love the spirit that comes with music. She also gave us more food, and then later that day we went to the church and fried some banana's with President Lamon, and Mattieda. they are both return missionaries and they are seriously so awesome. President actually speaks perfect english but he won't with the missionaries. Probably a good thing because I need to practice this language as much as possible. After that we went and had a lesson with Somnat. She is the 15 year old that got baptized like a month ago. I LOVE HER! We just shared about the book of mormon and I read Ether 12:27 to her, she helped me read it, and then just shared why I love it so much. She looked at me and was like yeah just like your reading and speaking it is weak now, but with my help and the lords help it will become strong! I lover her! I just wanted to give her a huge hug, so I did before we left! It was a
really great lesson. 

Somnat, I love her so much! 

I have come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason! Sunday morning we went to go pick up Bong Vwee for church but she wasn't at her house, so we went to go back and head to church, and we ended up meeting a less active. She was like I was just coming back from the old church and nobody was there, so I was on my way back when I saw you. That was for sure the Lord's plan for us because if we didn't go to pick up Bong Vwee we would not have met Om Smah. She was so excited to see us, and then she came to church with us. We are going to visit her this next week! She LOVES the missionaries and we LOVE her! After church we went and met Ming Yuana and she fed us lunch. Oh my goodness she fed us so much, and she wouldn't stop giving us food. I didn't think I was going to be able to ride home... for real! They are so kind, even tho they don't have a lot they want to share everything, and they want you to eat it all or they will be offended! They are the most kind hearted people ever! We had another appointment after that but the women never showed up, so we had another lesson with Somnat. It was transfer calls yesterday and drum roll. . . . . . . . . . .  I am staying in Pochentong I know surprise surprise! I am super excited and grateful to be here with such a great comp! I love it so much! I love this gospel and I love the people of Cambodia! I know Heavenly Father loves all of his children so much, and I am grateful for the chance I have to share this message! Love you all have a great week! Happy Birthday Dad! 
Ming Yuana gave us so much food! 

Sister Schwab

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