Sunday, October 4, 2015

One Month Already?!

Hello Everybody! 

Okay so on Monday we went to this place in Phnom Penh called USA donuts. There we met this guy named Patrick, Patrick was from Ireland. He had just spent the last couple years of his month in Thailand, and he was just stopping in Cambodia for a week to check on the charity he sponsors. Then he was going to go back to Ireland for the first time in like 4 years. We talked to him a bit, and before he left Sister Christensen pulled out an English Book of Mormon that she had put in her bag that morning, and said "I know that this book can accomplish miracles" The spirit was so strong when she said that, and then he looked at her and said that he had recently taken a book from someone else to help him stop drinking, and he for sure wanted to read that book. I think the Lord set that up perfectly because Patrick was at a point in his life where he needs the Book of Mormon! It was awesome hopefully he reads it but I know that he will! After that we came back to teach Bong Niro a less active who just had a baby last week, and oh my goodness he is the cutest. We shared about family prayer. She has a great family! 
The Church

We went out to our far area and saw Bong Recksaa, and Bong Tii. They are both recent converts. We shared D&C 62:3 with them. I came across this verse in my personal study, and thought since it was fast and testimony meeting why not share. I love thinking our testimonies are recorded in heaven! Everytime we share it! We shared this and then we invited them to share their tesimonies Bong Tii was so nervous so we all practiced sharing out testimonies together to practice for sunday, and just show how easy it was. It was a really neat experience! They are both super awesome! Then we went and visited Somnat. She got in a moto accident last saturday and wasn't able to receive the holy ghost last sunday. So we just did a quick visit making sure she was okay. She is okay just a little bruised up from the whole thing. We said a pray together and then left. Her mom got to be there when we said the pray, her mom isn't a member but I have hope for her. Her mom is seriously the nicest! I love her! So hopefully that opened her heart a little more to the gospel. Who knows the lords plans or the seeds that are being planted! 
Two of my favorite people

We went and saw Lookyiay Tooc. She is this really old women, who is sick all the time, but oh my gosh she is the nicest most awesome Lookyiay ever! When we visited her we sang "Love at Home" and then she just told us about her family, and how she didn't get the opportunity to learn, so she makes sure that her kids and grandkids get the opportunity. She has been through alot she went through the Khami Rouge and was telling us how they didn't get alot of food, and that they had to work a lot just dig and dig. She is seriously amazing. She has been through so much and she is so strong. We shared D&C 58:2-4 with her. It's true that we can't understand the amazing plan God has for us after this life, and we can't understand the infinite love that he has for each and everyone of his children. Then oh then we ate these sandwhichs and right after we ate them I felt sick but we had so many plans so I just ignored it. We went and saw Srei Nich our investigator and she is so awesome! She is golden! She told us she wants to get baptized before November 1st so that she can be cleansed from her sins before she starts school. I mean come on isn't she just awesome. I love her, and her love for the gospel is so evident and strong. Then we had out English class. Which went pretty well we had a total of 3 people in our advanced class. Hey but it can only get better right?

This little guy loves to help the Sisters

So remember those sandwhiches yeah they made us sick. They made me kind of sick but they made Sister Christensen super sick. So we just stayed in on thursday. I felt way bad for Sister Christensen. Dang it. Apparently the member tried to tell me that the food there wasn't good, but did I understand? No! haha I need to learn this language. Anyways I guess that's what you get when you eat from a 13 year old that made the food. It was all good though because we were better by friday. 
Bong Amy and her son!

We went and visited Om San today she is a less active she was super tired when we came in so she just laid down while we read from the scriptures. Then in the middle of the lesson she got up and pretty much started to teach us haha it was awesome! She is great and promised to go to church this sunday so that others can be blessed by her testimony. Then we went and saw Srei Nich again. She is just so ready to be baptized! I love her she passed her test for school and now gets to go to an international college here. Ahh I just love her she is awesome! Then we went to Ming Narat's house... okay I know I say this about everyone but I love her! We are trying to read the Book of Mormon with her. She is a less active and she just thinks all religions are good, and teach good things her daughter is a return missionary from England. Ming Narat is honestly the laziest sweetest women ever if that makes any sense. I love her! She gives these one worded answers to questions but she like yells them out. We were reading the book of mormon and I asked what Lehi is feeling right now and she yelled out ""EXCITED" and I was like haha yep that's right. Trust me way funnier in Cambodian! She is the best! She is crazy, we are going to get her coming back though! I know it! 

We went out to the far area on saturday and it was a struggle. All of our appointments fell through and then we came back and we had to drop Soneata because her mom wouldn't learn with us. It hurt a bit just because you love them and you love the gospel so much that you want them to feel of the joy that comes through it, but I thought we never know the seeds that are being planted it's God's plan, and he has got it all under control maybe one day she will remember those two missionaries who said this book will bless your life and she will read it! We just don't know God's plan! Then we saw Ming Narat again. We read with her from the Book of Mormon, and I tried reading some verses, now understand I am not very good at reading, but after I was done with the verse I looked up and Ming Narat seriously was just staring and me smiling with this huge smile. Then she just kept staring and smiling she is so sweet! She just oh my goodness I love her! We have to get her coming back! 
This is my companion, and our room

It was testimony meeting and Bong Tii and Bong Recksaa both bore their testimonies they were so nervous! They did awesome though! After church we went and did service for Bong Pake, we helped her move into her new house, and then after we helped her we went to Ming Po's house and helped her move some dirt and plants. Ming Po is one of my favorites she is seriously like my Cambodian mom that I don't understand. After service she washed our hands for us, and then put vasaline on all of my bug bites. She has such a sweet heart! Yep but that was my week this week! I love it here! I love my comp she is seriously awesome when she speaks she seriously turns into a cambodian like she is part of the family it's awesome! I love it! And I've already been here a month! Crazy right?! Love you all!
Love Sister Schwab

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