Sunday, October 25, 2015

"I love the Pochentong Ward"


After the annual P-day activities we went to see our new investigator, who was going to meet us at the church. Ming Oun met us there and had like fried rice that she made for us to take home. We just told her, that she can't feed us meals every single day, it's against the rules. She was like "well I am still bringing you treats" But besides that we sat and waited for like 30 minutes for the investigator and she never showed up. It was kind of disappointing that is for sure... 
P-Day Breakfast

We got to teach Srei Neak again! We just answered her questions from the Book of Mormon. I love her! I feel super lucky to be able to help teach her. She told us that she wants to come with us and help teach after she gets baptized! Seriously she is so so so great! After Srei Neak we went over to Ming Naan's house and I really think she is going to come back to church. We just read from the Book of Mormon with her. It was crazy because she lives in a construction site. So it was so loud. They were drilling concrete, and there was dust everywhere, but it always amazes me how you can feel the spirit wherever you read the Book of Mormon. Whether it be in a quiet room or in a dusty loud construction area you can still feel it! It's amazing! After Ming Naan we tried to go see a less active but she was sleeping... she is always sleeping when we go over.... Funny story there was this girl riding her bike and it's a goal of mine to always contact people on their bikes. So I totally just followed her, I felt like such a creeper... I legitimately went down a completely different road to follow her. But we did end of getting her number so that was pretty sweet! It was awkward after I got the number I just turned around so the whole following thing was pretty obvious... It's all good though! We got her number so it was for sure worth it! 
She is pretty much the sweetest lady I know

Ming Oun helped us find two new less active families! One is Bong Sompoah. She had this brand new baby boy which is making it hard for her to go to church. Oh my goodness he is so cute, and so chubby I just want to hold him, but you know... can't do that! But oh my goodness he is so cute. Bong Sompoah is super sweet, and I really think we can get her coming back. She has got a super sweet spirit I am glad Ming Oun helped us find her. Then we found this other family they are less active, we just have to get them converted to going to church now to. It's so important! I know we can get them back. After that we went and taught Srei Neak! We taught her the commandments. She promised to follow them! Then when she was praying she promised Heavenly Father she would follow them, and she prayed to be able to find friends at school. Then went she finished she was just crying. She just told her that God has helped her so much with everything. She is seriously filled with that christ like love! You can just tell she loves the gospel so much! 

USU picture, She dies after this transfer

We moved dirt for Ming Po for service. She has water in the back of her house so we are trying to lay dirt down so that the flooding will stop. In Cambodian you can get dirt for like 10 dollars, and only with it you can usually find.... old pants, garbage, tile, wood, pieces of banana trees, bottle, and so much more. We worked on that most of the morning. Ming Oun came and helped us and she wore a cow suit. I can just see her thinking what should I wear for service... oh of course the cow suit.. haha she kills me! I love her! She always want's to help! She is great! Then we went to Ming Tavee's house and shared DC 100:3-5 with her about the holy ghost. It was exactly what she needed! Before 
we even started she was asking questions about it! 

10$ Pile of Dirt

We did some more service for Ming Po, we still aren't even close to being done, but we are making progress so that's what counts. Even though we were all pretty tired it felt so good to help her! Then in the afternoon we got to teach Srei Neak again. We taught her about the law of fasting and tithing, told her her baptism is November 7th. She was so excited. She just lit up. AHH! I just love her the light of christ that's in her is just amazing! She is so great! I can't even tell you how excited she was! I feel so lucky to be doing what I am doing! The Lords plan is so much greater than what we think! The gospel is really true happiness nothing else really matters! 

We saw Lookyiay Tooc in the morning, and she is just the sweetest. She told us she always "watches the road for us but we never come" just take my heart... haha we are going to try to see her more. She just loves the visits. She is so sweet! Then we had this game plan to eat out so that we could see more people... well the game plan failed... everyone we went to see was literally sleeping 3/4 people we went to see were sleeping... haha the struggle.... We ended up seeing a contact that we met last week. Well we tried to teach her, and then randomly she grabbed my hands asked if she could paint my nails, and I was like yeah sure, not exactly understanding she was going to do them then and there, and after that it she would not listen. Don't get me wrong she was super nice, but she didn't want to listen to the gospel, so end of the story my nails are pink and sparkly now, and she didn't listen... the struggles... haha! But her mom came out and she was literally one of the nicest old ladies I have ever met. She told us how much she loves Americans, and how they are always so nice to the Cambodian people. then before she left she told us to call her mom, and she would call us her children. Cambodian people do this if they really love you! She was so nice. We got her phone number, she lives in an area that isn't open to missionaries yet, but one day she is going to hear the gospel! I know it! 

Today at church I realized something, I realized just how much I love the Pochentong Ward. I mean I already knew I loved it, but yesterday I just thought how extremely blessed I am to be called to this area to be called to this mission really. I love the Cambodian people they have such a special spirit and such sweet hearts. I can't even express how much I love these people. Also Ming Naan and Bong Goontii came to church today! Both are less actives so that was really excited. They both seemed really happy to! We also had Lookpuu Seh neighbors come to church today they came to ours because theirs is really far. We got to teach them after church. They have a really strong belief in christ, and believe that God has an amazing plan for us. We gave them a book of mormon and they seemed really interested. They were both really open and willing to learn. They are really promising. We are going back on Tuesday! After that we waited for the same investigator that we waited for on monday... and long story short she didn't show up... So we went to Bong Amys. I feel like whenever we go over there she teaches me!

Overall it was a really good week! Kalin have a happy birthday! Hope you all have a great week! Love you so much! Feel really lucky to be where I am, and have the family that I do!
Sister Schwab

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