Sunday, October 11, 2015

This week in Cambodia

Hello Everyone!


So monday after our normal everyday P-day we went and visited a less active member named Bong Pake. Now something you need to know about Bong Pake is that she is intense. What I mean is she is just really intense and talks super super fast I mean I cannot understand her. We were teaching and she got really frustrated about singing(burning food for their ancestors) So she was super super yap about it (yap=frustrated). After that she started talking about how she is tired from work and gets really impatient with her kids. She is sad. She said when we was 6 she saw someone get killed with a grenade right in front of her, and that she saw her boyfriend die right in front of her as well. She said she is thankful for the gospel, but that she is just really upset and tired all of the time. My heart was literally breaking for her. I just looked at her and started to cry and told her how much Heavenly Father loves her, and even though I don't understand what she is going through that I know that Christ does because he suffered for every single one of us. We just cried together, and then I just gave her a hug. Sister Christensen said when I said that, that my grammar was like perfect and she had never heard me speak so well, so that's good. I know that wasn't me tho Heavenly Father for sure helped me out that night. We just wanted her to know that she is loved and Heavenly Father and the spirit helped us do that. 
Just Buying Fruit on P-Day

Beautiful Pochentong

We got to do exchanges today Sister D, native Cambodian, came with me and Sister Christensen in the morning and went and saw Ming Nang and Lookyiay Tooc. Ming Nang had alot of questions about signing, so it's a good thing Sister D was there. I am not to familiar with the whole Buddism thing. After lunch I went out with Sister Killian to her area. Her investigators and the people in her area are amazing. After the day we talked and she helped me a lot. She just told me about when she was a Koon (baby) code name for new in the mission... she said she felt like she had to learn to re-trust herself and that you realize when you trust yourself you trust the lord as well because he called us here. That was exactly how i felt, like I am learning to re-trust myself. She told me not to overthink or over-stress because it will come! She gave me lots of really good advice that helped me a lot! 
Sisters in the House, Sister C is taking the picture


We finished the exchange after lunch. Before we finished we tried to do some contacting. We asked this one girl where the road went, and she literally looked at us and then just really slowly and awkwardly ran away. We both just died laughing, never had had anyone just run away like that before. Then we had english class that night. We only had two students but we sang I am a Child of God, and then I shared 2 Nephi 26:33 with them for the spiritual thought. 
This little girl loves getting her picture taken

See. . . I told you she liked it!

This week we made it a goal to pray before we contact, and we have been really praying for some new investigators. So thursday we started our contact with a pray and right when we opened our eyes a girl came over and asked if we knew of any apartments for rent. She spoke English, and she said that she was getting kicked out of her house, she didn't have any money, and that she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Her name was Joy. We just talked to her, and gave her a number of a member we know that could help her, and then before she left we asked if we could pray for her, with her. We did that, and then she left, but both sister Christensen and I felt like she just needed to talk then, and maybe later we will check up on her and see how she is doing. Then we went and saw two Mings with there children. We went and talked to them and ended up teaching part of lesson one to them right there. We are going back next week. Heavenly Father really answers prayers. His hand is in everything! Then we talked to Koonteii who is a less active member. She told us that she once wondered why she had so many trials in her life, and then she heard the story of the building that burned down and they turned it into the temple. She said of course heavenly father breaks us down so he can build us up to our full potential. I loved that and it was so true! 

Little kids while we were teaching

We went to visit Ming Somnay. We shared a scripture with us, and then she told us about how other members asked to borrow money from her so that they could sign!! WHY?! We need to make sure that the members understand that we don't sign... yeah but Ming Somnay is awesome her son is waiting on his visa so that he can go serve his mission. Yeah it was hard to find people to teach. It's some Cambodian holiday this week and everyone goes back to the kites, or there hometowns. So we are running low on people right now. 
Celebrating one month in Cambodia!

We got to watch some conference! I love conference it was so good. I don't even know what talks where my favorite. I really like the talk about seeing everyone through parents eyes, seeing everyone as a Child of God. I think once we do that every other aspect of the gospel just will come so naturally. Also I loved Elder Hollands talk about mothers! Seriously it just make me want to give mom a hug, so mom just know that I love you! After conference we did taught Ming Phiap. Ming Phiap has one arm and has one eye that works. She watches over 5 kids that are not hers and has three kids of her own. It was crazy when we were teaching her the kids were everywhere acting all crazy, so I was like Hey do you want to sing a song with us, and we all sang I am a child of god together. The spirit was super strong, and then right after the song it went right back to craziness. But when we sang the spirit was there so that was good. Then we went contacting and the first people we talked to wanted to hear about the gospel so we scheduled to come back the next day. 
Milo Before I write

Cambodia Dress

We listened to conference again. I love President Monson, I worry for him and his health, but he is so awesome. I know that the light of christ really does shine through everyone, and can touch the lives of others just through the spirit. I loved conference so much I can't wait until I can read and mark the talks. After conference we went and taught Bong P and On V. Bong P has a husband, and a boyfriend. Her husband has three girlfriends, and she has a 7 month old baby that lives with her mom. She needs the gospel in her life, she needs happiness in her life. I was reading in 2 Nephi 30:5-6 and where is talks about the darkness falling from there eyes. I love that. I want that for everyone, life is hard but the light of Christ cuts through that darkness and gives us happiness. Yeah we are meeting them again on Thursday. 

Yeah that was my week though! It was really good! My comp is still as awesome as ever! She is seriously like a Cambodian when she speaks she is like family to them! She helps me so much!
Well, I hope you all have a great week love you so much!
Sister Schwab

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