Sunday, January 3, 2016

New years in Cambodia

Here is this Week!


When to district meeting and watched the Best Two Years. Oh my goodness it was so good! I have never seen it before and seriously it was great. It was the way we celebrated new years. Then we stayed in the rest of the day because Sister Yin was sick, seriously feel so bad for her... so we just worked on CBR's and stuff. 
Lookyiay Cherat

Bong Sokphiak


We went and visited Lookyiay Yawn, and oh my goodness it was a little rough... she just doesn't really want to listen to us. We were trying to teach her about the sacrament and she kept on going off on some tangent.. haha every... single...time... she just did not want to listen to us... she is a less active. She had a stroke and she still has a bit of a hard time walking. Hopefully we can get her back to church.. she says she still has faith and wants to go to the celestial kingdom, but she just doesn't really want to go to church.. so yeah... we are trying to help her realize the importance of going haha. Then we taught Bong Savon and she is good as always! Seriously love her so much! I just love Toul Tom Poung. I feel like I have only been here like two weeks but it is already like one transfer already... I don't want to leave. I love the people here so much.
Cambodian Kids



We went and saw Lookyiay Cheret, and I am telling you if anyone deserves to go to the celestial kingdom it is her. We talked to her about enduring to the end... well we talked a little bit about it ...she pretty much taught us. She said when she first started paying her tithing that she was paying about 75 cents in tithing each month... and now she is paying about 5-7dollars. She said ever since she joined the church she may still be poor but "she isn't poor in heart" she said God provides everything she needs for her. She also told us that she just doesn't have a lot of strength nowadays, but she prays to be able to go to church every week. She said that every time she always has enough strength to go to church. She really is amazing... I can't even express it... While she was talking I just kept thinking dang... I bet Heavenly Father loves her so much and is so proud of her, I know he loves us all, but yeah... She also doesn't know axial, so she can't read, but she is still so happy and loves when we come over so she can hear the scriptures. She is seriously an example to me, her faith, is so strong, it really is amazing, and she has only been a member for two years... she is so awesome I love her so much!

New Years party


We went and saw Ming SokE she is having a super hard time right now, she is a Less Active whose husband doesn't come to church, and also her kinds are coming right now either, so she is the only one. I have a hard time understanding all that she says because she is from a kite and she doesn't speak as clearly as everyone else, but I do get most of it... haha the struggle of the language sometimes. Anyways then we had a New Years party with the ward. It was super great Sister Kimball gave a talk, and then we ate with everyone in the ward. Dang I seriously love this ward so much, I can't even express how much I love it!
Someone bought this land so everyone needs to move.


We went and taught Julin and Darrin. They are both super good. Darrin is getting baptized on the 17th of January as well as Bong Savon. That means we should have two baptisms coming up in the next couple of weeks! Pretty exciting! Darrin is soooo excited! haha she asks about it every time we come. She is like... two weeks right? Right? haha She really wants her mom and dad to make it so that is something that we are praying for. Their mom just had a baby named Jenny and the Elders came over and gave her a blessing. I love their family so much!!!! Then we went to this Poom where we contacted some people a few weeks ago, one of the bong's name was Bong Somnaan she has like 4 kids and just got divorced to her husband like a month ago, she left him and then a week later was when we first met her. We taught her lesson 2 and then asked if we could meet at the church the next day. She has to work in the mornings so she couldn't come to church but she wanted to meet us at 4 the next day.
Splits with Sister Larsen


We met Bong Somnaan and she is so awesome! Her life is really hard... she goes around everyday on a cart and sells these clam things. She just walks around in the heat all day... and she has to do that job so that she can stay in the Poom and so that her kids can go to school. She is an only child and her mom and dad passed away. She left her husband over a month ago. She also went to church, our church, one time, 6 years ago, way cool to think about... the people really are prepared to receive the gospel. Even though it may not seem so at the time they are being prepared. While teaching her lesson 1 she told us that all day on sunday she was just thinking about meeting us at the church... she was just thinking of the church all day, and then when she got to the church she said she felt so so happy. It was super awesome to because during that lesson I was thinking the same thing, that it just felt warm and happy and the spirit was super strong, and then right after that though Bong Somnaan told us that. We asked her when she wanted to meet again and she was like "I am free every single night" haha it was awesome... She is super great and super prepared for the gospel. I can't wait for her to feel the happiness that the gospel brings... she needs it.... everyone does...anyways that was my week!

Youth from the ward! Love them!

I hope you all had a great week! Love ya so much!! 

Sister Schwab

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