Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another week in Siem Reap


FHE with Bong Chantee's family! So here's the thing we forgot that our area is 40 minutes away from our house and P-day ends at 5. So we head out to see them at like 4:50 and we got there at like 5:40 haha and we had to be back at our house at like 6:30 so we seriously had like 20 minutes to eat and share a message... We just ended up praying with them and eating and we leave at like 6... haha we biked so fast to try to make it back home in time, but we were still 10 minutes late... haha the struggles! Sometimes you just forget to add in the biking time! 
Bong Chantee



On Tuesday we went out to see the investigator that lives super far away from us. her name is Om Thoen. We went and saw her, and let's just say he wasn't all that interested in what we were telling her. She has two grandchildren that are also learning but they had already gone to school, so we are going to go back and try to visit them. Om's daughter is on a mission in Austraila and she ended up coming back this Sunday because she is sick... super sad she is going to see if she can get better so she can go back out. She loved her mission so much, but this week we are going to take some of the youth and all go and see her together. After that we went with Ming Rit and went and some less actives. One of the less actives his name is Bong Chi, I met his two sisters in the TTP ward. They both sent in their mission papers and are waiting for their mission call. Both of them are way awesome. Anyways he got in a moto accident the day before we visited him, he looked super rough, we shared some scriptures with him and then he promised he was going to start coming back to church. It was super cool, and Ming Rit was just awesome. She just tells people how it is, but with a lot of love! She was like you are a child of god, and he is waiting for you to come back, stop drinking and just come back already, do it for your family" and sure enough he was at church this sunday, and everyone was so excited! In like all of the talks in sacrament meeting they were talking about less actives and helping them come back, and they all talked about how the were so happy that Bong Chi was back, and just talked about how happy God is because of it! It was super awesome! Then during the third hour of church we all got together and talked about ways we can get home teaching going, and how we need to find those less actives and get them coming back. The ward is really focusing on that right now, and it's what we are focusing on as well as missionaries. It's way cool! I am super excited to see what is going to happen! I think we can have a lot of success with this, and get lots of God's children coming back to church!
Ming Rit's grandkids



We went and visited an area that has lots of Less Actives and Recent Converts. Most of the Recent Converts are not coming to church! That is what we really need to work on in this area is RC and Less Actives! It's nice though we know most of the people in our CBR book now we are just working on finding the less actives that we don't have any records for... which can be hard at times haha but we can do it! 
The day when we rode our bikes to our investigators house who lives an hour and a half away haha... she was kind of tired!


We went to Battonbong for Zone Conference. We talked about we really want to focus on Member Resitation we really want to focus on having 50 percent of members stay active after baptism. So we want to work on quality baptisms, finding the people that are already ready to receive the gospel. We talked about how we don't need to try to sell the gospel to people, we need to find those who God has already prepared! It was super awesome! Every time we have zone conference i just want to write everything down because it is all so good. haha!
Our House

Our area


We didn't really do much because Sister Kosal was sick..but she is feeling better now so all is well! 


Saturday morning was rough... We have an investigator that has a date to get baptized next sunday, but apparently the sisters before didn't get permission from her parents because her mom found out and won't let us visit anymore. Also her brother is a monk so he wasn't happy about it either. it's super sad because she was awesome loved the bom and loved going to church she had tons of friends there... and now we can't even go see her. Keep her in your prayers... I hope it will still work out... she really is so good. Our branch president said when her mom told her she just cried and cried... huh.... it's just a super difficult situation.... Other then that we went and saw Bong Chompa our other investigator, she is doing great. She just needs her wedding certificate, and she just found out she is having another baby! She has been praying for that for awhile now so it's super awesome! She was so so happy! Also we found a former investigator that wants to start learning again she has a lot of potential! We are super excited about her! Even though she stopped learned she still read Book of Mormon and prays everyday. Then we went to English Class and I gave the spiritual thought on the life of Christ.



I already talked a little bit about sunday, it was good Lookpuu Rotaa and Bong Mao came to church, and we had two other investigators that came as well, so we had 4 at church! It was good! The highlight was for sure bong chi coming back though, everyone was so excited! I have never seen so much love from a branch for a less active member then I did yesterday! If every ward did that all the less actives would stay haha! Yeah but overall it was a pretty good week!


also funny story i asked Sister Kosal how much she understood what people were saying from a scale from 1-10 and she told me 5... haha the struggles we are both trying to learn Cambodian... well again! Anyways kind of funny!

Sister ស្វប់

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