Sunday, January 10, 2016

Transfer calls, sometimes they blow your mind. . .

Hello Everyone!


Regular Pday, Then we had FHE at Ming Ta's house. I love her so much! She is the funniest... haha the first time I met her I had an elephant dress on and she looked at me and told me that " you can't wear that to church sister, that is for home" Haha! Anyways we went to her house and she was telling us how she is trying to get her visa so that she can go see her daughter in Hawaii, because she is having a baby, but her visa keeps falling through... so we decided to share Mormon 9:18-21, which has become one of my favorite scriptures here on the mish, and talked about miracles. We all read it and then talked about miracles that we have had in our life. Then two of our Investigators came in, and we read the scripture again, and they both shared miracles from their lives. It turned out to be a super great lesson. Ming Ta talked about how she was the first one to join the church in her family. She said her husband joined the church 8 years later. She told us that she had fasted a really long time to be able to go to the temple, and then she got an answer to her prayers and had enough money and everything to go... then right before she was going to go, she said " I realized I had asked for the wrong thing... I didn't want to go to the temple by myself I wanted to go with my family, so I ended up not going to the temple because I wanted to wait for my husband. Then one day after lots of fasting, her husband asked "where are the elders because I want to learn" She said that day she just cried and cried... wow such an amazing story... gives me chills, and now they are sealed together in the temple and they had a daughter that went to SLC temple square mission. Seriously gives me chills, 8 years later her husband joined... wow! 
Bong Savon baptism next week!

Love the YW in this WARD


So the coolest thing happened on tuesday, we were coming back from our lessons that night and there was this african man on the top of the stairs on the way to our apartment. We all said hi and then he looked at our tags and asked if we were missionaries... I told him " yeah we are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" He gets this huge smile on his face and goes "hey that's my church" His dad was a bishop in Africa. He said that his dad passed away like 3 years ago... he was talking about of his dad had to drag him to church every single week... so that he could go pass the sacrament, and then he told us his brother is a patriarch and that his sister has served a mission. The man's name was John, he told us that he hadn't been to church for over 6 years... he said he came to Cambodia a year ago and he didn't know that we had a church here. We explained to him where it was, and then he asked us if we had a book of mormon with us! We gave him an english book of mormon and he just looked at it with this huge smile on his face, and said " it's been way too long" We all just kind of sat there a second and tried to take it all in... I mean... can we just say miracles?! The Lord's hand is in this work! There is no way we can fail with him on our side! I know that John's dad was happy up there in heaven that day! 

This cute baby and family!

Indian place for lunch!


"What are the odds that you will contact the next person that comes around that corner whether on a motor, or a car, or walking?" sister kimball... Sister schwab, " 1-5" .................. "3" Sister Schwab and Sister Kimball... haha because I lost what are the odds I had to contact the next person that came around the corner, sure enough it was a women on a moto... So waving my arms and probably looking like a crazy person I tracked her down, and she stopped, then I just asked her how to get to the main road... ( I knew how to get to the main road) After asking the fake question.. we talked a little bit about Christ and she said that she had learned before and was interested in learning again! It was pretty awesome actually!! We are going to meet her this week. After that we went and saw Bong Savon, and just are preparing her for baptism. 
English class students

Sister Yin!!!


We went to Bong Savon's and all of her family was drinking and she didn't have anywhere to go so we went on a walk with her just to get her out of the house. On the walk about 15 little kids went with us because they wanted to "dao leng with the white people" haha super funny... 


We had an exchange and I went with Sister Song and Sister Yin. It was super good. Both of them are super awesome! Love them! It was just me and the two Cambodians. We went and saw Bong savon, and Lookyiay Cheret. Then we went and met with the youth of the church. The Youth here is sooooo good I love them sooo much!!! 


Finished up the exchange went and saw Bong Sokphiak. We are going to teach her daughters the lessons and get her ready for baptism. I totally ended up getting lost on the way to exchange back with Sister Killian and Sister Kimball, and we ended up biking for awhile... 40 minutes... I think I may have killed Sister Yin cuz when we got back she just looked at me and said " I need to sleep I have no strength... so yeah my bad on that one... hey but now I know! Next time totally won't go that way... So Sorry Sister Yin.... it's okay she was better after an hour... or two... haha... 

I buy fruit from this lady every week! 


We did splits with some of the people in the ward. I went with Sister Yin and Sister Kimball went with some other members. She went to visit some less actives and I went and taught Julin and Darrin. I love their family so much! She will be getting baptized next week! She can't wait on her calendar she has "God loves me" on the date she is getting baptized. Ahh... I love her so much... I love this area so much... it has a lot of my heart that is for sure... which brings me to my next event of the week. Transfer calls... so here is what is happening I got a call at 7:30 from President, and it turns out that I am going to Siem Reap, whitewashing it, and one more thing I am training. I am going to be half training Sister Koonsal. Needless to say I feel a little inadequate for the job, I am super excited but super nervous... I know that I am going to have to rely on the Lord alot this next transfer.... I will need his help, but I also now that he is going to help us so it's going to be okay! It's going to be hard, but with the Lord we can do hard, heck we can do the impossible! I am super sad to leave this area I love it sooooooo much I love the people here soooo much I can't even explain it... but I am also excited! Super grateful for the time I had here. I for sure want to come back one day! I love these people here so much, but I can't wait to meet the people in Siem Reap and love them and share the gospel to them as well. So wish me luck this week, because well... I am going to need it!
Love you all so much!!! 

Sister Schwab

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