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That moment when you you realize. . . you have to learn Cambodian again

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We had District Meeting about the importance of the Book of Mormon in our investigators/members testimonies. The one thing that is hard in Cambodia is that a lot, if not most of the people here don't know how to read. So we want to focus on going to their house and reading with them! I can't believe the spirit that the Book of Mormon brings, before my mission I did not appreciate it as much as I should have. It's amazing how reading one verse of the Book of Mormon can bring such much peace to ones week, or day. It's something that I have been amazed by on my mission. Also it's amazing how tons of the people won't know how to read, and then after trying to read the Book Of Mormon everyday they start to learn. I have heard so many stories like that. It's amazing the miracles that come from the Book Of Mormon!

I get to pass this every day

Siem Reap


We went to Bong Chantee's house a RC, she wasn't there, but her little girl was. We stopped and talked to her for a second, and she told us that she hadn't eaten that day.... we told her that on Monday we are going to do FHE with them, and that I am going to make american food. haha so I will be making spagetti for them on Monday. They are a super awesome family. Her husband is in jail right now and doesn't get released until next year... so it's really hard for their family right now... she is super great though she still come to church everyweek with all of her little kids. Also her husband, the one in jail, was also baptized, and he plans on coming to church with her when he gets out. They really do have the cutest family. After that we went and saw Ming Rith. She is the relief society president. Oh she is so awesome! I have a super hard time understanding her because she talks super fast, and did I mention that the accent in Siem Reap is sooo different from the accent in Phnom Penh... like they don't even use the same words... The have a harder time understanding me too because I talk like someone from the city... haha oh the language struggles.. it's okay though it gets better everyday... Sister Kosal asked me the other day "did you understand everything she said" and was like "nope not all of it" and she says yeah me either sometimes I don't even understand what they are saying" Haha oh goodness if my Cambodian comp can't understand then I am in trouble... haha jk we are currently learning together! Anyways, soapbox over, Ming Rith is all about helping the missionary! She kind of just tell us "sister I am meeting you here at two, and we are going to visit less actives okay?" She is super legit! 
Ming Rith


We went to go visit this Less Active that Ming Rith showed us. Her name is Bong Charm. She has got 2 little kids and her husband well she said "he lost himself" which means he got into drugs and they literally just have no idea where he is, but she doesn't want him to come back. When they were married he abused her and her kids... she also told us that her family hates her because of her husband... it is super super sad... she is having a super hard time... I just think it's so hard for us to understand what they go through... but the atonement really is amazing, just knowing that Christ does know, he knows exactly how all of these people feel, and through his atonement all of the pain in their lives can be taken away... it's amazing...

My cute companion

A place where lots of members live


Friday we went and saw Ming Phiap a less active with the one and only Ming Rith. We passed her on the way to Ming Phiap's house and she was just like -well I am coming.. haha i love her so much! Ming Phiap is the only member in her family, she has been inactive for a while. We shared the scripture in 1 Nephi 21:14-16. We just told her how God is never ever going to forget her. Then after that we went and saw a few other less actives with Ming Rith.

A RC's daughter-I love her!

Siem Reap


Saturday morning we I went on an exchange with Sister Spangler and she took us out to one of our investigators houses. It is two hours from our new house... okay like an hour and a half if we bike fast. Anyways they are great there are two younger kids Viza and Sia, and then Om Pon, we didn't actually get to teach them but just meeting them they seemed really good! I am excited to get out there and teach them. After that Ming Rith took us around to meet Chompaa. She is one of our investigators, she is good. She has been taught all of the lessons, but she doesn't have enough money to get her marriage certificate, so she is working on that right now. We are keeping her in our prayers. Then we went and saw two new investigators their names are Lookpuu Rotaa, and Bong Mao. They are super super poor, they have one little boy. they said they want to learn about the gospel because whenever they learn they just feel super happy even though their life is super hard right now.


I gave a talk in church, and I think it went okay, but you know it was hard well cuz... Cambodian... We had 4 investigators at church, and we had 3 Less Actives show up that haven't been there in a really long time! MIRACLES!!! Including the Less Actives were Ming Phiap and Bong Charm! Also we have some baptisms planned for this upcoming month so it's pretty exciting this area is great! After church we went with Bong Danna and she showed us this area that has soooo many Less Actives's in it! So Sister Kosal and I are going to focus on getting them back to church! They just need to remember the happiness that the gospel brings! Seriously though I love this area. training is going just fine! I feel like I don't even have to train Sister Kosal. We practice teaching most everyday, she is already a really good teacher! She just doesn't like to do it, so my goal is to make her love it! Seriously though it's been good so far! that was pretty much my week! Super good lots of work to do in this area! Can't wait to see what this week has in store! 

Sister ស្វប់

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