Sunday, February 21, 2016

Transfer calls. . . they always surprise you!

Hello Everyone!


Monday we went to Angkor, and it was super awesome! I can check one of the 8 wonders of the world off of my list! Way awesome! Sometimes I forget that I am in Cambodia, seriously I feel so blessed to be in such a beautiful place! After Angkor Wat we went and met with Lookpuu Rotaa, and Bong Mao our investigators. They are having a really hard time right now. They are very poor and they just changed houses, but their new neighbors continualy try to break into their house so Lookpuu is worried and doesn't want to leave his family there. They love meeting with us and going to church because it's one of the only places that they feel... happy... we love them alot, and right now we are shooting for a baptismal date for them next month!


We went and saw Ming Saron, our new investigator and we taught her about prophets. She is progressing really well... Her family is really poor, and her house.. well it's like a big tent with a big wooden bed in the middle. She has no walls or anything, all she really has is the wooden bed for her house. Her husband doesn't have a job and he is half deaf. Or partially deaf... we really want to try to teach her entire family. She is so awesome and has lots of faith it's just her family is having a really hard time right now... After that we went to see a Less Active her name is Ming Goontia. She came to church last week, and this week as well. I am pretty sure she will be a rescue. We taught her and Ming Rit went with us! Anyways after that the elders showed us a new investigators house and we are going to start teaching her this coming week.

Less actives we go visit


We went and saw Bong Charm, a less active, whose husband "lost himself"they literally have no idea where he is, and she is taking care of two little kids by herself... it's super super hard for her. She is super nice, loving, but she is having a super super hard time right now... then we went and saw Bong Thavery, she is super fun. She is a super strong member! She put up a sign on her shop that says she doesn't sell on sundays anymore, and she said ever since she has done that, they have been having so much more success then before. She is seriously awesome! haha I love her so much! She is always working at the shop for her mom! Her mom Ming Mao is a RC and haha she is so awesome as well. Their entire family is just awesome. Super strong members, they just get it you know. Then after that we came back and had English class, which we have come to discover that our english spelling is going downhill! Haha I don't know if I will be able to write when I get back! English class is always super good! We practiced talked on the phone in English it was pretty sweet seeing two cambodians try to speak to each other on the phone in English! They actually did really well! 

Bong Po's daughter


We had an exchange and went on a 3-4 hour bus ride trip to Battambong. I did the exchange with Sister Pace. She is just finishing up her training and oh my goodness she is already so good at teaching and the language and everything! Seriously so good! I learned alot from her. She is going to be one awesome missionary! 

We have the cutest neighbor


Finished up the exchange and went on the 3-4 hour bus ride back to our area. 
Long bus ride


We went and taught our investigator Bong Parri, she is so good. We committed her to baptism for the 27th of March. She was so excited! Oh my goodness I love her and her family so much! After that we went and saw Ming Phorn who usually doesn't like to meet with us, but it was really awesome because she asked us if her son could receive a priestood blessing. I was so glad she asked she has been less active for a really long time, so on sunday the elders came and gave her son a blessing, and are going to start teaching him. I really hope this gets her family to start learning and to get her back to church. After that we saw Bong Po, she has been less active ever since her mom passed away. We start her about prophets and we started talking about President Gordon B Hinckley and it was awesome to hear her talk about him, because that is the prophet she remembers. I think it brought some of those old feeling of happiness from the gospel back. 


We went and saw Ming Saron, she was having a super hard day so we just shared a scripture with her, and chatted with her a little bit, I think that was what she needed. Then we did some service for Bong Mon's family. We cut up this tree so we could feed it to her cows, and then after that we went and saw Om Nate. The real news of sunday is ..... TRANSFER CALLS! So here is the news... I am training... I am training someone coming in from America! Also I am staying in Siem Reap! I am super glad I am staying in Siem Reap I seriously love it here so much I love the people and I love the area. I am sort of nervous to train, but I know that the Lord will help me out haha. It will be good. I am super excited for this upcoming transfer I have a feeling lots of miracles are going to happen in this area. Also Sister Kosal is going to the city and serving with Sister Y. I am super grateful for the time I got to serve with her. I love her! Anyways that's it for the week we are heading down to the city tomorrow so I can pick up my koon on wednesday! Wish me luck family! You are all in my prayers! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
Sunday best for church!

Om Nate wanted to be styling for the picture

Sister ស្វប់

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