Sunday, February 7, 2016

7 months in the mish

What's up everyone?

Alright so I don't have lots of time this week for the big email so I will just tell you some of the miracles that happened this week! 

So fun fact about the Siem Reap branch. We have like 60-70 people come to church every single week, BUT we have over 200 members. Plus we don't have alot of the CBR's so alot of the people are lost as of now. Ahh it's super frustrating! There is so much less active work to do here. We need to get them coming back. If there is one thing that I have learned on my mission it's that it's super important to READ you scriptures, and GO to church every week. With the less actives we did have two more less actives come to church this week, and one hasn't been there in a super long time her name is Om Nao. She is pretty old, and just told us it's hard for her to go because the new church is so far. Sadly that is why alot of the members don't go because the new church is too far and "they don't know how to ride a bike, they are too old to ride a bike, or they don't have anything to ride to church" it's super hard sometimes... they all have different reasons why they can't come... BUT there is still hope. I really believe that once they remember the happiness that comes from the gospel, and they really understand the baptismal covenants that they have made that they will come back! Yeah that is where alot of our focus has been though, bringing back those less actives. We have tried to make it a focus on the Book of Mormon/ Joseph Smith is week. It's crazy alot of the members don't actually know who Joseph Smith is.... so we are trying to get them excited about the book of mormon and joseph smith. i think once we get them reading their scriptures again they will start coming back, and for those who don't know who to read we are trying to encourage them to come to church so that they can hear the word of God. Lots of our LA's can't read... which is also kind of hard. It's okay though! 

just doing a little service ... i guess it's really good for your skin it just takes 4 days to come off

Best President ever

So one of our less actives her name is Ming Mon and she has a daughter that is 9 years old. Well turns out she hasn't been baptized but her mom wants her to start learning with us. It's super awesome she is one of our new investigators, she already knows so much! We asked her who the prophet was, and she already knew that it was president monson! I was seriously impressed most of our RC's don't even know that haha, jk, but really tho.. Anyways it's really cool because her mom is a less active so we think by teaching her daughter it will get Ming Mon coming back as well. She always sits in on the lessons and it's awesome watching her teach her daughter about the gospel. I think it just means a lot more when it's from your parents and not from two random sister missionaries even though I mean we do love them a lot!! Yeah that is one of the miracles this week!

On our way to visit less actives

Sister Kosal! My កុន 

Random fact: Our investigators that we starting teaching about two weeks ago, love church so much that they went to our branch and the branch after ours. Pretty awesome... their names are Lookpuu Rotaa, and Bong Srei Mao, they have a little boy who is almost one year old. They are stuggling right now... they don't have any job, and they don't know what to do, but they always feel super happy when they meet with us and when they come to church. It's true no matter your circumstances the gospel will bring you happiness. 

Family picture

Ming Rit pretty much found us a new investigator we were visiting a Less Active Om Nao, and her neighbor came in and Ming Rit just pretty much told her about the gospel, and said okay the sister's will teach you right now! So we have a new investigator her name is Om Puan, it's super cool because Om Nao the Less Active helped us teach her, and she was the one who came to church this week. SUPER AWESOME!!!

Also Ming Saron, brought a "lost lamb"to church this week. She bore her testimony about it and she was so excited! Then she was like I can't wait for the sisters to teach her because I know she is going to have happiness from the gospel. Then she talked about how she thinks her entire family is going to want to learn! She is awesome, we are super excited about that! We will start teaching her this week. The members here are awesome! Seriously the best! 

Anyways those are some of the miracles of this week! It's been a pretty good week! Can't believe I have been out for 7 months already... wow super crazy... i feel like i should know what i am doing by know but i don't haha! Maybe in 7 more months i will! Well I love you all so much have a great week! 

Sister ស្វប់

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