Sunday, February 28, 2016

When you become a Mom!

Hello Everyone!


We went to lunch with Sister Jackson because Sister Spangler went back to america this week. We went to this cambodian/chinease place. Then we went with her to go get some ice cream. I seriously can't believe those sisters died... so crazy! I feel like they were such a big part of the mission and now they are just gone! What the? Time really does fly by....
Have fun in America!

New companion: Sister Chanthakoun from Minnesota! 


We took a 7 hour bus ride to the city to do transfers.
Goodbye Sister Kosal, have fun with Sister Y. 

Took a quick trip to the city to see these Sisters before they left.

We switched comps, Sister Kosal went with Sister Y, and I waited for my kid. My kid's name is Sister Chantakhoun. She is fresh from the MTC in America. So the four of us that were training, we waited for our kids's at the phsaa. Then the Kids came in the big van with President Christensen. After we met our kid's we went contacting. It brought back some crazy flashbacks... I can't believe it was only like 5 months ago that was me. I remember, I was super scared and had no idea what they were saying! It was super fun though! My kid is awesome I for sure think I got the best daikuu! She is from Minnesota. She is super cute and already loves the people! I can't wait to see her improve she is going to rock it! After contacting we went back to the mission home and caught our bus back to the kite.
7 hour bus ride back to our area

Sister Tao going to serve in Vietnam


In the morning I showed the new sister's around the area. Then in the afternoon we went out and saw Ming Saron, she is having a super hard time with her family she is super frustrated with her sons right now. She is just having a really really hard time... She still really wants to get baptized though, and she still prays for her family every single day. She has got really strong faith. After seeing her we went and saw one of my favorite families and we taught Parri. She is so good, her mom told me that when she used to pray and read with Parri in the scriptures, her husband would say "why do you read with her, she will never know how to read, she doesn't understand."but now Parri prays, reads super clearly, and she has a deep understanding for the gospel for only being 9 years old. She is so good. I can't even describe how much I love that family! Also side note Sister Chantakhoun like everyone loves her. Even though it's sort of hard to speak right now, she has such a strong spirit when she does. I can't wait to see her improve she is going to be such a good missionary!


We had Soktia come with us to teach lessons, which was literally an answer to my prayers. I had been wanting to go visit this less active, but I can never understand her, I mean Sister Kosal couldn't even understand her when she was here, so I had been praying for a member to help. Well, Soktia called me Thursday night and was like hey I want to help the sisters! It was a miracle. Anyways we went and saw Om Nao, Om Brak, Bong Kontia, and Bong Dawn. It was really good. We have been focusing on sharing about the atonement lately. We are hoping that sharing about the atonement and love of Christ will get those less actives coming back to church. I love sharing about the atonement. I am so grateful that Christ came to earth and suffered for us, and even though I don't know exactly how the Camboidan people feel, that he does. He knows each and every one of us! I am so grateful for that.
After English class.


We went and saw Ming Nih, and taught her lesson two. Also I would just like to say how thankful I am for the spirit I was teaching about Adam and Eve and I am pretty sure I butchered it, and I was worried that she wouldn't understand and she sits for a second and says "so they had to eat the fruit so they could have kids"my mouth just dropped and I was like that was not me! That was the spirit! I can honestly say if we try our best the lord really will make up for the rest. After we taught Ming Nih we went and taught Parri, and Om Num paritipated in the lesson. We talked about scripture study and prayer, and Om Num told us that before she didn't know how to read but now she knows how. How did she learn? Reading from the Book of Mormon. It's amazing I am telling you miracles happen if we have the faith to receive them! It's so amazing the Lord really does bless those who have a sincere desire. After teaching Parri, who is getting baptized on Easter by the way, we went and taught Ming Sokpeak a RC. When we saw her she just started to cry, she is super frustrated with her kids... and she has been sick.... She said she was really angry because she didn't get to go to church this week. We let her talk it out and then shared about the atonement. After we shared she was so happy... she just gave us a huge hug, and said thank you so much for coming, when you visit I just feel happiness again, like I just went to church. I was so happy to see her like that, because when we first went there she was distraught... It's amazing what the spirit can do!
Quick bike selfie.


We went and saw Ming Mao and Bong Thavery. They are so awesome, we also shared about the atonement with them as well! They both have such strong testimonies already! Before we left Ming Mao said "i just want you to know I love you sisters with all my heart" I seriously love everyone here in Siem Reap. They have blessed my life. Cambodia for sure has my heart. I love it here so much. That was my week! My kid is doing awesome no worries she is going to be a great missionary! I just want her to be confident! She has the spirit that's for sure, and her love for the people shines through her! It was a pretty good week this week! I love you all so much have a good week!

The Elders conquered the Earthquake.

Also random side note:

When we have a kid fresh from America you realize how much you have changed
1. English is hard... sometimes I can't translate my Camboidan into English, it just doesn't make sense...
2. Traffic doesn't scare you... you almost get hit by a moto... and then your like what's the problem, that happens every day...
3. People are blunt... people say you are fat, or too skinny, yeah it happens every day.
4. Cambodian's are a lot more touchy than American's... just embrace it!
5. The people use the same knife they used for the meat to cut the pineapple, I mean we can wash it right?
There are so many more! I didn't realize how different it was here! I guess I forgot!

Sister ស្វប់

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