Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day!

Okay I have like no time to email, so I am just going to tell you about some little miracles that happened this week!
Elephant ride

We found two new investigators! It was awesome and both of them came through the members. For the world wide zone training this week we talked about "teach repentance, baptize converts." We really want to focus on finding people through the members and this week that really paid off. We want to focus on finding people that are prepared because those are the people who will stay strong in the church and stay active. We shouldn't have to sell the gospel to people!

Zone Training

We went to go visit one of our members, and she had a friend that was just sitting there. Right when we got there Ming Sroah, our member, looked at us, and was like "sisters you are just in time, this is my friend and she really wants to learn about Christ will you help her with that.. We met Ming Nih she really wanted to know about the gospel and when we started teaching her she understood a lot. She was more then willing to pray in the after the first lesson, and she took a Book of Mormon so her kids could read it to her. She doesn't know how to read... but so crazy story about her she has quite a few husbands in her life, and she said they all either died or left... super super sad and now she is a single mom and has 11 kids. Most of her kids go off to work though she only has three left at her house. Anyways she is super prepared though, and she has tons and tons of questions about everything. And on Sunday she ended up coming to church with Ming Sroah, it was a miracle! She was really really excited to go to church.
Angkor Wat


Valentines day! Love you all!

This is how every boy should give their mom a Valentine.

Also we found another investigator the one that Ming Saron brought to sacrament meeting last week. Well we ended up meeting her this week after church and the Elders had baptisms this week. We were teaching her and we had only taught about pray and she looks at me, and says "I am going to tell you straight sister I want to get baptized can I do that next week?" I was like we have to teach you first but we are shooting for baptizing her in 3 weeks after we have taught her all the lessons. It was awesome though, such a miracle. She is super prepared that is for sure! She was like okay I want to meet you a lot then so I can get baptized fast, so we are going to try to meet her 3 or 4 times a week. It really is amazing meeting the people that are so prepared for the gospel. Super excited about her.

Relief Society Pres. 

Got Stung by a Bee.


Miracle number 3 our investigator Parry the daughter of the lesson active, yeah so we told their family that we want to prepare her for baptism in 3 or 4 weeks but they need to come to church. It was a miracle because they have like 3 members in their family that are less active, but after sitting in during the Plan of Salvation lesson on Saturday, they all ended up coming to church on sunday! MIRACLE!!! Out of every miracle that happened this week that was for sure the best one. It was seriously the coolest seeing that huge family ride in on their moto (seriously they had like 5 people on the one moto, and they brought two moto's haha! Seriously though that was the highlight of the week! I am super grateful to be out here and see miracles like that every week. 

Angkor Wat

Side note: Got stung by a bee on saturday, felt like I got hit by a bus Sunday morning... I was super sick in the morning, but after sleeping it off a little bit I was able to go and meet everyone, plus go to church! Super happy about that we were super busy on Sunday, no time to be sick haha! Yeah well I don't have any more time we have an investigator we need to meet! Love you so much everyone! Happy Valentines day! LOVE YOU! 

Sister ស្វប់

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