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Another week in the mission

Hello Everyone!


Okay so on monday Sister Moon and Brother Moon had an FHE, It was super awesome they talked about building the kingdom of Zion, and how if we are going to be able to do it, we need to do it together. The church is still so new here so it's important we work together. It's crazy to think about but most of our Bishops, and leaders in the church are like RC's because we don't have anyone else to do it. It's crazy sometimes I forget just how new the church is here.... It really makes me thankful for growning up in a place where the church is already so firm. I think it may be a couple more years, or a couple ten years before Cambodia is like that. It's also so cool though to be here, where the church is so new! I love it! It grows every day! 

The Moon's came to visit



I had an exchange with Sister Hall, she is super awesome, and already way better at Khmer than I was! We took Sister Jackson's tuk tuk around all morning and when and visited some LA's. We taught about Ether 12:6. Om Nao talked about how it's true nobody has seen God, but we know he is watching and looking out for us all of the time! Which I know is true! Then we came back and had interviews with the Mission President. President Christensen is so awesome. He gave me loads of good advice about training and what to do, and we talked about personal study. It has been a focus on the mission! Every time I meet with him I feel like I learn so much. One thing I learned that I really need to do better on is PONDER... , I really am not good at it. I am really bad at just sitting back and thinking while I am studying, but President made a good point when he said "if we don't ponder while we study it's like asking God to open the doors so we can receive revelation and then shutting it again." It is something I really want to work on, actually I just want to work on studying in general... It was a super good interview... it was crazy he asked me how long I had been serving and I was like 8 months and he looked at me and was like "no way it's been that long" but it has... time is flying... After that we went and did some service for Om Num. We did some gardening for her! SERVICE, it really is the best! 

Doing service

Wednesday :

Wednesday morning was rough we literally rode our bike everywhere and nobody was home, but we stopped at our investigators shop and she was just sitting there trying to read the book of mormon, dang she is awesome. She can't really read, so we sat with her for about 45 minutes and read with her. I can't even tell you how awesome it is. She is literally coming unto Christ. One of my favorite things in the mission is to see people changing, and she is. She has changed so much since the first time we met her, she just has such a strong desire to learn and understand. She is really working towards baptism so that she can start a new, I love her so much, it has been really amazing to see her change. You can just see that light entering in them. It changes them. It's true that the gospel really is the best thing for the people here in Cambodia. It is the only true way to have infinite happiness.
Also we found two new investigators today. Srei Mao and Bong Hang. Srei Mao is the wife of a LA who just started coming back to church. We went and taught her and she prayed! She is great, and really really wants to learn. I am super excited about her. She already has that desire and wants to learn. She is 20 years old and has a little baby boy. When we went we only taught about prayer and Heavenly Father, and we are going back this week to teach her again.



So we went and saw Ming Saron and taught her about faith and repentance, she told me that when my mom and dad come up I can't just forget about her, I need to come see her... I told her that I stopped my mission like the beginning of next year and she like freaked out... I was like I still have so much time don't worry, but yeah... I guess Ming is right... I don't have that much time, even though I do, but don't... All I know is that I hate time it's weird! After that we went to see Ming Sokpeak a RC, we taught her about having patience during trails. Her daughter came over and was like "have you ever tried this before" I was like no what is it? BEETLES! Did I try it...YES... did I have to pull off the wings to eat it... YES... Did I make my kid eat it... Um.. Yes.. Was it good... NO! It was nasty... but hey I felt like I had to try it. When you're in Camboida, right? 


Zone Training!
During zone training some of us were chosen to share our testimonies about why we loved our missions. I was one of them, I think one of the things I love most about the mission is the people seeing them change, the new missionaries seeing them grow, and most of all I love sharing about the Atonement of Christ, and giving the people here something to hope for. Just knowing that even though I don't understand all of their pain and heartaches Christ does. I love sharing about our brother who loved us so much that he was willing to come to earth and suffer for us. I love our Savior and I love sharing about it! I feel so lucky to be here in such a great place with such amazing people, and getting to share about the gospel! 


We went and saw Parri and lucky us we got to teach about the LOC... always awkward with your 9 year old investigator haha... anyways other then that we shared about Temples and Eternal Marriage I loved talking about it. Right now Om yum is preparing to go to the temple, she just needs her family to become active again. It was a really sweet experience we all just talked about how we wanted to live with our families forever, and preparing to go to the temple is the way to do it. And amazing enough... Sunday all of them were at church! All of them! It really is amazing what a difference a little 9 year old's testimony is making on her family. It really is true children do have the purest testimonies! I love that family so much! Then we saw Bong Charm and Lookpuu Rotaa, Bong Mao, and we went and saw Ming Mao and talked about Miracles in her life. 


We had 6 investigators at church! Then after church we finally got to meet with Ericka she is soo good. We taught her lesson 1 and she already understands so much. She believed everything we said and promised to read the BOM so cool story about Ericka I knew her since the day I got to siem reap but I just have never gotten the chance to teach her because she is always so busy. because she works at a cinema place, but she has still come to church everyweek. also she speaks really good english like she is pretty much american. Anyways we finally got the chance to meet her! She is great, super nice, and we pretty much just think of her as family haha! After we met with Ericka, we met and saw Srei Rat she is a RC, and she is having a hard time... she is 15 years old, and she pretty much provides for her family. She told us her bike was broken so she couldn't go to school or work, and they didn't have any money to fix it, so this morning (monday) we went back to her house and fixed her bike... I love that girl so much she has a lot of faith. Sister Chantokhoun my kid, said when she was talking she had the thought that she was going to be a missionary... I think so too! She is great!
Other then that nothing really else happened this week. Sister Chantakhoun is doing good. The start of the mission is just super hard, but he is handling it like a champ! She is going to be a killer missionary! Well that's all for this week! 

Shout out to Hanna Norman! Finland! You are going to be awesome! Love ya and good luck! Finland is one lucky place!

Also SV Lady Braves! Good job! Second place is awesome! Seriously love you all! Keep your heads up! 

Sister ស្វប់

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