Sunday, March 6, 2016

8 months in the mission

You know... I am still kind of confused... I can't believe I have been out for 8 months, someone literally asked me how long I had been serving yesterday and I said 5 months... I didn't think I was lying but turns out I have been here way longer than that! haha! Super crazy how fast time flies though. 


We went to see our investigator Ming S, our investigator. We taught her about the POS. She understand Adam and Eve like perfectly lucky for us the second school lesson last sunday was on the plan of salvation and adam and eve. Was it inspired? I think yes! She is beginning to understand more and more! It's super cool start to see her come unto Christ. 

Avocado Smoothie. You gotta try it! 


We went to go see Bong C a less active. We taught her about the Holy Ghost. We thought maybe it would be a good lesson for her because she is always super worried about her children, and she just... she just is having a really hard time right now without her husband and everything. We thought sharing about the Holy Ghost would help her because even in the hardest times, the Holy Ghost can comfort us. After we taught her the lesson she did seem pretty happy, and then she gave us all of these green tomatoes and told me how to make them. These people really are the best people even though they have nothing... they still find something to give, and even if you don't want it..haha they still make you take it! I love these people so much! After that we went and saw Ming S again, because I have had the question on my mind like all week to ask her why she wanted to get baptized.... I was just worried that she wanted to get baptized because she thought the church would build her a new house or something... but it was way cool because when I asked her she told me "Sister, I have tried the Buddist church, I want to enter into the church of christ. Before I knew about the gospel I committed many sins.. she said I am ready to be clean, I just want to be clean from everything that I have done before!" It was amazing to hear her testimony about that... sadly though... we are going to have to push back her baptism until next month! We just want to make her she is super ready! Plus we haven't gotten to teach her everything yet! After that we went and saw Lookpuu R and Bong M our two other investigators we taught them about the LOC, and talked about how they need to have their marriage certificate.. they understand why, but it will be hard for them to do... because they are super poor... 
My kid!

7 hour bus ride to Phnom Penh


All day training at the mission home! Found out again, like I do everyday... I have so much to improve on! 


7 hour bus ride back, then after the bus ride we tried to go meet some less actives and nobody was home!!! 


We went and saw a RC her name is Bong C! We went and ate with her, and then shared a scripture about the Love of Christ. We shared in 2 Nephi 26:24. We were talking about the atonement and how amazing it is that because of atonement we can live again.. Then Bong Chantee told us about her father... her father drown a long time ago. She said actually last night I was just thinking of how much I missed him, and then I had a dream about him, and she said when I woke up I just knew I would be able to see him again one day. Then we came to her house that day! Super awesome! I love Bong C so much, she always talks about how we are just one big family! After that we wet and saw Ming S again. We talked about repentance and baptism... she is really wanting to repent, and we told her about changing her baptismal date, and she completly understood.. it went a lot better than I thought. 

Ming R's grandkids!


Sunday was good we taught our 9 year old investigator Parri about the 10 commandments which she totally understood, she is literally so good, she understands so much! We gave her a picture Book of Mormon book and oh my goodness all of the little kids loved that! We told them they have to read the first chapter before we come back! Parri is going to be baptized on the 27th of this month.. if everything keeps going well! We just need her mom to start coming back as well. She comes every once in awhile but is still a less active! After teaching Parri we went to the church and taught Lookpuu Rotaa and Bong Mao, and we taught them about the 10 commandments as well. Lookpuu Rotaa was confused about why we couldn't worship graven images, and after reading the scriptures "yay scriptures!" for real though I love the scriptures that speak more powerfully and strongly then I ever could! He completley understood, and after that he was like I really want my wife to understand, would you please just practice with her and ready with her? It was a total change like black to white! We were like YES! So I really hope it keeps going like this! It was for sure a step in the right direction that is for sure!

Other than that nothing much really happened this week! My kid is doing good I seriously love her so much! I really hope by the end of the training that she is confident in herself! She already has a love for the people and that is going to go a long way! Also she is improving so fast! It's super amazing to see the gift of tongues working like right before your eyes! I think with me it was more difficult to see, but with someone else! It's evident! Super awesome, I am so grateful for the Lord and all of his help in this work! I am just lucky enough to be apart of it! 

Love you all so much I hope you had a good week! 

Sister ស្វប់

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