Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in Cambodia

Hello Family! 

So fun fact, nobody celebrates Easter in Cambodia! Actually most of us forgot that it was Easter... but everyone is getting ready for the Khmer New Year, it's a huge thing in Siem Reap everyone from the city comes down here, and I guess all the roads are crowded and it's impossible to get anywhere because there are so many people! Crazy, everyone is getting ready for it! 


Normal P-day... just pretty much chilled at the house, Sister Chantakhoun did teach me how to make some pretty good spring rolls though! 


Sister Hall was sick... so I told Sister Gong to take Sister Chantakhoun out and we could do an exchange, because Sister Gong had to go have exchanges in PP so she was going to be out of her area for a long time, so I stayed with Sister Hall and we talked about life and did some CBR work. Then Sister Gong came back and told me she wanted to go with me to go visit someone. I was like "YES" I love Sister Gong so much I have wanted to go with her for a long time! So we went out and saw Ming S, our investigator. We talked about her starting to do her marriage certificate so that she could get baptized. Let me tell you it was such a blessing to have Sister Gong with me, I didn't know really enough about the marriage certiciate to even help, but Sister Gong told her exactly what she needed to do! It was literally such a blessing! 


So this morning we were off to see P and Ming S stopped us... she told us that she went to go get her marriage certificate done, and they want her to pay 50 dollars.... it's insane and way too expensive... and then she rode around until she found a place that can do it for 25 dollars... but she still can't afford it.... we are trying to figure out a way to help her, but I really think that fasting is going to help, not going to lie after meeting with her I was feeling a little discouraged, but I was studying I read a scripture that said ëverything that is impossible is made possible through God" and you know what that is totally true! It may be difficult, but if it's supposed to happen... God will make it happen, we just have to do all that we can to help her along the way. Plus if we are doing all that we can God will help us the rest of the way. I know it! Anyways after that we got to go see one of my favorite families! Om Y's fam, and we taught P, she is doing great! Then we went and saw Srei M our investigator, she is golden! She is just super quiet haha! She is the wife fo the LA that we have been teaching, she is really good though and really wants to get baptized :) we are planning on a baptism at the end of next month!

Also cool thing about Cambodia: it's been super hot lately and we are just sweating all the time, but the people here though are so nice, we literally went up to this tuk tuk driver and asked if he wanted to learn, and he totally rejected us, like total rejection, but we go to leave and he was like "wait take some cold water with you" and that happened like 3 times in that one day! I have never been rejected so kindly before haha! 

We had some weekly planning, we went and saw Ming S, and it's been really cool to see her change... she wants to get baptized so badly. When we told her about the wedding certificate she literally drove out the next morning to try and get it done, she really is changing. I love seeing her come unto Christ as well. It's so cool to be apart of God's work! He really does run it! But she is really struggling right now, they don't have enough money so her husband left and is trying to find a job.... she told us he called her to tell her how much he misses her and her family... she just started to cry, she doesn't want him to work far away, and her husband is partly deaf so she worries about that as well...She is so good though everytime we come over she is trying to read, and she told us that her husband was reading with her as well... before he left. She is really progressing though, even though she is having these trials...
Then we went and saw Bong T, Bong T is like one of my favorite people ever! She is so good, but she told us she is just super tired right now because there is nobody to help with the shop she said that they went to Thailand and found out that Ming M (our RC and Bong T's mom) has's super sad.... She looked at me after she said that and said "Don't worry Sister the Lord is going to help her, and God's plan is perfect" I couldn't have said it any better myself. God's plan is perfect, and no matter what happens in this life we don't have to worry... as long as we stick to God's plan!
After seeing her we went and saw Ming S a RC, we shared with her Alma 34:41, and she loved it, she told us she is never going to give up faith because she knows that one day she will be able to rest from all of the trials in this life. 


P PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!! haha I asked her how it was and she was just like ëasy" She is cute... she is getting baptized next sunday! We went and saw Ming M today, she just told us she feels super tired... but she knows God is looking out for her. That family is awesome, not matter what trial gets thrown at them they just keep the faith, and usually through the trials their faith gets even stronger! Also side note "when you guys come to Cambodia she wants us to come and visit" haha she really wants to meet you! 


Service, we went out to the other Sister's area and get pull some weeds and do some gardening work :) I love service!
Then we went and saw Bong C, she was super good! Usually she is super quiet but she started asking us all of these questions about the Spirit World and Ressurection, it was super good! After that we taught all of the little kids around her house to sing I am a child of God. Nothing like listening to kids sing! It always brings the spirit! After that we went and saw Om N an active member who talked to us about her life, and how she met her husband :) She is pretty funny! 


All of us missionaries gave talks, started off kind of crazy, like we had no hymn books, our presidency was 10 minutes late, so here are all of these missionaries running around with their head cut off haha trying to get everything done. Like hymn books, translating, and giving talks. Haha it went pretty good though! I gave a talk on Charity! Sister Chantakhoun gave her first talk in Khmer! wahoo! She did awesome! After that we went to classes. After church we went and tried to meet Bong R but she never wants to meet with us, but her 11 year old daughter was there and she really wanted to meet with us, so we shared a scripture about faith with her. She told us she really wants to go to church and learn about Christ but her parents don't want to go, and they are always fighting... it was super sad but we promised her we would come read the scriptures with her every sunday. Then we met with Om Y, she told me "Sister Schwab how long have you been here " I was like almost 3 months and she says "Well i am going to pray for you to be here a lot longer I don't want you to leave!" I love them so much! For real! I love this area so much I don't want to leave, this has seriously been the faster 2 transfers of my life. I love it here, and I love my mission! As for easter yeah nobody celebrates easter, BUT we did make some tacos for easter... so there ya go haha! 

Anyways that is all for this week! I love you all so much! Seth... I can't believe he is getting so old he's a stud! I can't believe he went to Prom... crazy, Good luck to Tyler for his graduation, and Kalin you are just awesome ;) Love you all

Hope you have a great week! We will be having a baptism this week!


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