Sunday, March 20, 2016

Turn up the heat!

Hello Everyone!

Normal P-DAY


We tried to go to some RC's houses but like nobody was home! So instead we ended up going to see Bong Thavery... now Bong Thavery is like an awesome active member! We just shared about Miracles I love hearing miracles about the members! She was telling us that ever since she started taking sunday's off from work that her family has actually been making more money! Like double as much as before. It really is amazing and the Lord really is blessing her! Her family is a family with a lot of faith! She was also telling us that she is trying to get her passport so that she can go to America and sing! After that we went and saw a new investigator her name is Om Lime. She is super cute, she is this old lady with no teeth. I asked her if she wanted to learn about Christ and she said "yeah I want to get baptized you know become all clean and stuff" Haha I was like awesome! Then we tried to teach her... haha she is super cute it's just hard for her to learn, and understand us. She kind of just repeats what we say and then when we ask her she doesn't know... it just doesn't sink in.. that's okay though! She is great and has the desire and the faith! Seriously I already love her so much! 

I ate a beetle


We taught Parri, we changed her baptism date to the 3rd of April so her aunt could come. It actually turned out super great because Parri's mom Bong Mon got baptized on the 6th of April like 5 or 10 years ago, so it worked out really well. After that we had an appointment with a PI and we wanted to meet her outside of ankgor watt, but she thought we were meeting at the church... the church is a 40 min bike ride from angkor watt, but I told her we would be there in 25 minutes... we made it in 30 haha well, turns out that she is not in our area, she just sells in front of ankgor watt, so I called up the other Sisters and they had just finished teaching and were off too lunch, so they came by the church and taught her. All in God's plan I guess haha! It actually worked out perfectly! Then we went back out to our area to do some service for Ming Sroh! We cleaned her shop for her... then I get this call from Lookpuu Rotaa, and Bong Mao, who tell me that they are waiting at the church. So we swing back around and go to the church again... haha we were SO SWEATY and gross! We taught them about scripture study, because they both haven't been reading the book of mormon..Hopefully the next time we meet they will have read it together!

English Class



We got to see Bong Gia today! I was so excited! We literally never get to meet her. She is always at church, but she works everyday of the week, and we always see her when we are on our way home, but turns out she had a day off this week and we just happened to swing by her house. We talked about miracles with her as well. She was telling us that she is the only one in her family that is a member, her other siblings are buddist, she told us that it has been 7 years since she joined the church, and some her of siblings still won't talk to her.... She is still just so happy, the faith of the people here really does just amaze me everyday... even with all of their hardships they still are thankful, and happy. I was so excited we got to see her though! So it was super hot on Thursday and we get home with two extra sisters in our house because they were doing an exchange, and we had no water and no power... we tried to sleep in our house but at like 11:00 Sister Kong wakes up and says "alright we are going to a hotel" so all 6 of house just slept in a hotel that night... I guess you can say we can't handle the cambodian heat.... we need our AC!
Gardening service activity

English Class



Came back to the house, and our house was flooded, but we still didn't have any water... yeah i don't even know... eventually we did get everything cleaned up, and we did get the power and the water back on! :)

We got to see Darlin, Julin, and their family. We went to their hotel and they wanted to feed us breakfast... so we ate with them... it was way weird the breakfast was like America... I was so happy to see them though, I literally felt like my family was coming to visit! They were wondering when I would come back to TTP! haha! I love them so much! After that we went to go see Bong Charm and shared the story about Peter walking on water... She told us she has a lot of faith, and she was telling us it's just hard to go to church because it takes her 2 hours to ride her bike and she has to take both of her kids... it's just hard for her, but she says she really really wants to go. We just encouraged her to keep on having faith, and the Lord will help her get to church. Then we went and saw Srei Mao she is a new investigator and a husband of a less active. We taught her lesson 1! She already has started reading the book of mormon, and we committed her to baptism for the 24th of next month! Super awesome! She is great! She is 20 years old, and has one son! Most of her family are already members of the church!


We taught Parri, just getting her ready for baptismal :) After that we went to go see Ming Mao a RC but her daughter was there, Bong Thavery, so we just ended up teaching her again. We taught her about Alma 34:41, and having patience through trials. It was just what she needed, she was telling us how her mom is super sick. She's got a liver diease, and the medicine that is supposed to make her better is actually making her alot worse. Her mom already got a priestood blessing, but we all decided to fast for her. I really have a strong testimony in fasting I know that miracles can come from it! After seeing Bong Thavery we went and saw Ming Mao to check up on her. She is super sick... she had an IV in her arm and just told us how weak she feels, and how guilty she felt for not being able to go and clean the church. I was like Ming don't even worry about it! Then she told us that she was giving a talk tomorrow and she was so excited! She was like it's about time, I know I haven't been a member that long but I have been waiting for this day for a long time! So even though she was super sick, she was so excited to talk on sunday! She loves sharing her testimony! Ahh, I love her so stinking much! After seeing her we went and read the BOM with Ming Saron.
Friends from TTP


Elder Xiong was sick, so I ended up translating for all 3 hours of church. I mean usually I translate for 2, but the three hours was killer. I really need to work on my translating, most of the stuff make sense in Khmer and then when it comes out my mouth in English... I like yeah that doesn't make sense.. haha all well! So we met some people that came from Singapore, and I guess they knew Van and Susan Hale! Crazy right?! Anyways so after that we went and saw some LA's and some RC's. So here is a good story, Ming Sokpeak our RC tells me "Sister Schwab nobody here will ever marry you", and I was like why? Then she goes, ït's because you are so big, the guys will be afraid if you hit them that they will die" I about died laughing and then she about died laughing, and then when I told me kid what she said we both about died.... oh my gosh... what the? It was really funny, and super random! That's what you get when you tower over all the Cambodian people. So overall this week was pretty good. All of us missionaries are giving talks next week!

I will be talking about Charity it's funny, because I have been study alot about Charity lately. I want to have more of it! Sister Chantakhoun, my kid, will also be giving her first talk! She will speak on Faith! So wish us luck! Hot season is here and I have never been so sweaty in my life, I am literally sweating all of the time! But it's all good! This transfer has gone by super fast. I seriously love it here in Siem Reap! All is good! I love you all so much! You are in my prayers!

Tell Sethy to have fun at prom!

haha Love you all!

Sister ស្វប់

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