Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conference Week!

Hello Everybody!


We went and saw Srei Mao and Bong Hang! Srei Mao is doing really well and we are shooting for her getting baptized in 3 weeks! Bong Hang just needs a ride to go to church so we are working on that! Both are doing good though, and have a lot of support around them! I am super excited about the both of them! Then we went and ate at Ming Penny's and President Loy's house because it's transfers and Petra was leaving to start serving his mission on Tuesday. So we went and had dinner at their house.
Tuk Tuk Ride

Khmer New Year party


We saw Parri, and her mom and reviewed about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Turn's out Parri's mom hasn't been reading the BOM either, so we committed them both to start reading together, and we committed them to reading Ether chapter 12 just for a start! I really want to see them start reading together! I know it is going to start making a huge difference for their family. Then we went and saw Ming Saron and just kind of did a review of stuff! She remembered a lot, and she is really growing in faith and testimony... we are still just working on that marriage certificate! I love her so much though haha! I remember when I first met her I was like "Oh goodness this lady is hilarious" haha but oh my goodness I love her so so much!!! Seriously she has worked so hard to get where she is at, and I know the Lord is going to help her the rest of the way! Then we saw Bong Charm and talked about Prophets and invited her to go to conference! Then talk Bong Thavery the same thing! It's super awesome I still can't believe that the prophets and apostles seriously receive revelation for all the members of the church! So crazy awesome! Man, our church is just so awesome haha! Then we went and saw Bong Dawn, whose mom just passed away about a month ago. We just talked about Heaven, and how her mom is waiting for her there and is taken care of. Then we talked about the ressurection, and how amazing it's going to be to see our family members when they are no longer sick, and have nothing weighing them down! It turned out to be a really good lesson! Seriously I just love the gospel! I love the fact that we can overcome anything because of our Savior! Everything, even death! I know 100 pecent that we can conquer death and be with our family members again!

Love this family


We tried to go see Srei Mao but she wasn't at her house, so we went and saw Ming Teret, an active member. We did some service for her and made some bags, and just kind of talked about life! She is super awesome! Then after we shared DC 58:2-4 with her and she loved it! She talked about how this life is hard for sure, but the Lord has made it so she has enough... enough to survive it, and then she talked about how she can't wait for the day when, if she endures to the end, get's time to rest, and just be happy with all of her family in heaven. She really really cares about all of her family and wants them to enter into the church with her. Right now she is planning on going to the temple but she wants to wait until the rest of her family is worthy so that they can go together. After that we tried to go visit some members but they were all getting ready for the party, haha. Then we went to the church and they had their Khmer New Year party! It was so good! I seriously loved it! All the little primary kids danced and had some plays. It was super good. Then after that we taught Sister Jackson, and we talked about "The Living House" And how all the trials that God puts in our life are for our benefit. 

And I love this family

Members Grandkids

Superstar Relief Society President

Thursday :

We went and saw Srei Nawt a daugther of our Stake President. She is like 12 years old, but turns out she was having some problems. She told us that she was made at God because all of her siblings don't live with her and her parents are always working trying to support the family. She was super cute she told us if she was older she would support the family but she just has to learn and go through school first. We talked about how even though she might be far from her family in this life, with the gospel we can live with our families for eternity. She told us whenever she is home by herself she always prays, and knows that God will protect her! She is seriously the cutest nicest girl! I mean I know that God loves everyone, but I know that he has got a special place in his heart for srei nawt. Then we went and saw Ming Mao, and talked about the bible we decided that each week we are going to share different stories from the bible with her, which will atually be really good for me as well... well because I don't really know the bible as well as I would like to. 

Members attacked us!

More and more people kept joining the picture

Zone Conference BB


Sunday :

Conference was soooo good!! I feel like I get so much more out of conference then I used to. I kept on thinking about all of our investigators, members, less actives, and myself. The talk about the Ressurection make me cry haha hey when I feel the spirit it just happens.
" the Savior cured my cancer, and he can cure yours too." I know that because Christ, and his atonement any of our sickness can be cured, even the grave has no victory! It just made me think about Gloria, Terry, Grandpa Kendall, and Grandma Jean! Just all of the loved ones we have lost... but what's amazing is that we haven't really lost them! They are with us now, watching out for us! I am so grateful for a Savior that loved us so much that he came down and suffered for us... so that we could live with our families for eternity! I love this gospel so much! I think I love it more and more everyday as I am out here sharing it with the people!
Also really loved Elder Hollands talk! Really just everyone so so good!
Well that's it for this week! It's Khmer New Year this week so it may get a little crazy in our area! Hey but the more the merrier right? I love you all hope you all have a great week! Love you!

And I love this family

Love Sister Kong!



fun fact: Last week I ate Silk worm and cricket and this week i finally tried the pigs blood I keep on forgetting to tell you! haha

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