Monday, April 4, 2016

When you're halfway

Hello Everyone!

Normal Pday, just went to the phsaa, and did the norm.


District Meeting was all about revelation through church attendence. Which was so good because we have so many Less Active's! It was really good though, we are really trying to focus on getting those less actives back. After District Meeting we went and saw Srei Mao and when we went Bong Hang, one of our potential investigators was with her. Well we ended up teaching them about the Atonement and Baptism. We committed Bong Hang to baptism :) We just need to get her coming to church though.

After that we did some service at Ming Rit's house. We help her take out the seed of all these random fruits... um well but I don't know what they call them in English. Anyways sort of weird service but it was good! haha I love Ming Rit. She just tells ya how it is. Which, I guess is the case with all of the Cambodian people. Which believe it or not is one of the qualities that makes me love them so much.


We went to Sokpeak's house, he is the fist ever member in Siem Reap, and we went over to his house to do some service. So for service he had this road that was like made of dirt, so what we did was moved all of that dirt down by his house so that he could pick up his house and put it on a higher foundation so when the raining season comes it won't flood, well we worked on that for about 3 or 4 hours. You know it's funny for almost every single one of my service projects in Cambodia it has been moving dirt :) Hey it's all good though because we love it! After moving the dirt we all had lunch with the Branch President and his family. 
Service Project

Service makes you tired


We went and saw Parri, and talk a little bit about Baptism and the Priesthood. She is doing super good. Then we went out and saw Bong Tavery. We are trying to help her prepare to go to the temple. She told us that she wants to wait until the rest of her family can go with her, so we told her that to start preparing now she can feel out the family booklet, so that when she goes she can have names for her family! Okay seriously, this may sound lame, but Family History is so legit! I just think of all of those people waiting to receive the gospel! It's way cool, and we are really trying to members into doing the family booklet, it's just kind of hard here because they have no records of their ancestors because of Pol Phot. But we are really trying to get them to write down what they remember just so we can get those names written down! Got to think of those souls on the other side too! It didn't really hit me until like 2 weeks ago just how important it is to get the members doing family history work. Then we went and saw Ming Saron, and we decided that we are going to fast for her and her family! She was way excited about fasting, we talked about the miracles that can come from fasting, and it got her super excited and she was more then willing to do it. then we saw Bong Gontia. We talked about going to the temple!
Parri and I

Lesson with the members


We went and had lunch with Bong Chantee and her family, and just kind of talked about life. We also taught her about preparing to go to the temple. She really wants to prepare to go to the temple with her entire family, including her husband. Her husband is in jail right now but gets out next year. She says he still has faith and she wants to work with him to try to go to the temple in a couple of years, maybe when they have one in Thailand. Then we went and saw our RC and LA's and tried to help them excited about going to the temple and doing the family history book. 

We got home that night and I get a call from Elder Xioung saying " You have an emergency call from President, you have to pack you bags tonight, and you are leaving to KC tomorrow to be comps with Sister Nhem..... " I was so sad, I hung up the phone and literally almost started to cry, and then I get a call back... "One more thing....APRIL FOOLS" Gosh I was so mad, but it was so clever haha man, it would be transfer calls right around april fools...


Fasted for Ming Saron. Then we saw Om Nao, and helped Om Yum pick a scripture for Parri's baptism. After that we went to go see Srei Mao but she wasn't there so we saw Bong Teret instead it was really good, we talked to her about enduring to the end. It was the first time we met with her, and she is super awesome! She has been a member for like 10 years :) Her husband is a less active right now, but she is still coming to church every week.
She got new glasses so she could read the scriptures


Okay sunday was a little crazy.... so we had Parri's baptism...well her baptismal program. Turns out... Parri has never ever swam before or been in water that deep, so when she got in she got super scared and didn't want her head to go under the water, she was so so scared. She got so scared. I felt so bad... I felt like I should have asked that question before, but I didn't even think about it. Anyways she was so scared that the baptism didn't end up happening.... After church we went and saw her and her family. I asked her if she still wanted to get baptized and she was like yes. I was like in in how many weeks, what are you thinking. She told me 3. So we are going to try to help her overcome her fear of water so that she can get baptized.
Parri's  pre-baptism picture, but there will be another one in about 3 weeks! 

After that we had a lesson with a bunch of members and we all went around and talked about what we hoped for in life. It was the coolest all of the moms were like
"I was my kids to grow up and serve missions just like the Sisters,
" I want my family to see our example and enter into the gospel so that we can go to the temple together"
"I want my family to have happiness

Then Parri was like when I grow up I want to serve a mission

I literally hope all of them come to Wyoming! Haha seriously I love them so much that would be so awesome!

Anyways after that we went and tried to visit a RC and turns out her mom isn't letting her go to church or meet with us anymore, but don't give up hope we are going to soften her moms heart somehow.

So really that was all that happened this week! We are trying to work on some of the LA's and get them coming to church. For this coming week we have a Khmer new year party with the Ward on Wednesday, and then Friday off to BB, and then Saturday/Sunday Conference! It should be a pretty good week! This week I was thinking about it and I can't even believe that not serving a mission was even an option for me! I love it so much out here, and I don't know what I would do with out all of these amazing people I have met! I love them so much! Also totally half way done with my mish... its going by way too fast!!!!!!!!!! Ahh!!!!!

Love you all hope you have a great week!



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