Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rain and Missionary Work.

Hello Everybody!


We went to KFC for Sister Chanthakhoun's birthday this week! I bet you didn't know they had a KFC down here! Anyways after that we just went back to the house and chilled, nothing too exciting. Then we went and saw Srei Mao, our investigator. We taught her about prayer and scripture study. Before she started meeting with us she always used to get the worst headaches and would just feel frustrated... but honestly prayer has made such a differerance now whenever she feels like that she just prays and her headache is gone! It incredible what the spirit can do. One thing I have loved seeing on my mission is the difference of the investigators prayers, like compared to the beginning and the end. The beginning they usually just pray for us to be safe while we bike, and for their family to have happiness, which are all good things, but it is awesome to see them grow and become closer to their Heavenly Father! It's like at the beginning they are talking to a stranger... then it grows into that friend/father child relationship. It has been so cool to see it!


We went to BB for Zone Conference! It was so good! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and Family History. We talked about how when the Angel Moroni came to Jospeh. The first thing he talked about was the Book of Mormon, but then after that he quoted in Malachi, and talked about the sealing power of Elijah. President Christensen taught us about how the two most important things were the Book of Mormon and family! We talked so much about family history and the Book of Mormon. Every time we learn from President Christensen I just want to record it, so I can watch it millions of times... haha I feel like I learn so much. I really loved talking about Family History though! I realized before my mission, if I am being honest, I really didn't know much about the doctrine, I mean I still feel like I don't know much, but one thing I know, and know even more now is that I loved the gospel. Why? Because I love my family so much, and the gospel gave me the opportunity to live with the ones I loved for eternity. That is the reason I came out here. I didn't really know the gospel but I loved the gospel. And now I still don't know everything... but I love it even more then before! I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that has a perfect plan for each and every one of us!

We have two Family History Senior Couples coming in June and it is super exciting! I can't wait to start helping the people of Cambodia with family history work! There are just so many people here waiting for us to get that temple work done for them!
My companion is awesome!


We went and saw Ming Saron and taught her about tithing! I was a little worried about teaching about tithing just because of everything that happened with the marriage certificate, and she is always worried about money, but we taught it and she was like " wow it took you long enough to tell me... I wondered what those little slips were haha" She asked tons of questions about it, and really wanted to pay it. I was like we only do it once a month! I seriously couldn't believe her faith though, she wasn't upset about it at all. It was more like how and when can I do it? I love her so much she has grown so much from the time I first met her. After Ming Saron we went and saw Parri we just read in the Book of Mormon with her and our trying to help her get started again. She already knew so much when we asked her about it. She already knew the story of Lehi, but we still commited her to reading it again! After that we went and saw Ming Gontia, and helped her get started in her family history book :) she actually seemed pretty excited about it! They have given her one before but she didn't start it. We are going to go back everyweek and help her with it! Not going to lie it's kind of hard because we don't have a lot of records down here in Cambodia, but I know that God will open the doors for us if we really try!


We did service for Ming Sroah we just cut down some trees and moved some dirt for her. She is trying to make a better house. So that she can feel safer when voting starts in the next couple of years! 

Friday :

The Elders showed us some new houses to go visit. One of them was the wife of an active member, they are an older couple. She hasn't been to church in over 3 years but her husband, who is the nicest old lookpuu ever, goes every week. Well we talked to his wife for a bit and she wanted nothing to do with us. She was like don't waste your time talking to me, talk to my husband he is the one that goes to church... I don't want to go to church and I don't want you to meet with me... Well here's the thing family has been imbedded in my mind lately, and I know it's killing that Lookpuu that his wife isn't going to church... so I wasn't taking no for an answear. She said no about 100 times, and then I was like "too bad we are coming over and having lunch, I will make the food." She was like okay... I guess so. So at least we can get our foot in the door we are meeting her this week.

We also got stuck in this massive random rainstorm... it was so random. Honestly it came so fast, but we ended up in Bong Thavery's shop for it, and then the Elder's came as well. We all hid out for awhile. It worked out really nice actually because we were able to help Bong thavery get the shop closed when the rain started coming. We were all in there though during the rain storm, and all of a sudden a huge tree branch flys through the ceiling and almost hits Elder Walker. Thavery says Ëlder Walker the tree loves you it wanted to see your face" haha oh Cambodian humor... it kills me! It was crazy though! Have to be super careful for the rainstorms in the hot season because they are dangerous!
Got caught in a rainstorm


First off Sister Chanthakhoun is 20!!! Shout out to her!!! Best kid ever!!! So Saturday we went and saw Ming Mao and read from the bible with her, we read about David and Goliath, after we reviewed the story, she was like I loved this so much I just have to read on and find out what happens to David...she was like What happens Sister.... yeah so we explained... how David's story ends... she couldn't believe it! But it was also good for all of us to remember that we have to endure all the way to the end, not just stop. Ming Mao is so good though, and she love love loves the bible and just the scriptures in general! Everytime I meet with her I just want to be better! Do better! Then we met with Polly a RC of ours. She is only 9 and pretty shy, but just give it two more times and he will open up! :)

After that we saw Bong Chentra and she is having a super hard time right now, she is struggling with work, and she just told us that she has been waiting for years to see blessings from God but she is still waiting.... the thing is she does have blessings from God, but she really is having a hard time right now. Her dad and her brother left her and her mom and left the church... so now she is providing for her family. We decided we are going to fast with her next saturday... She just needs a little miracle in her life that's all. She just needs to know that God is there looking out for her.

We also got to see Arica our investigator who is so awesome!


Well guess who had to play the piano today.... guess who doesn't know how to play the piano?! haha don't worry I just sat up there and pressed the play and stop button which is actually harder then it looks, the first song I messed up and everyone was off for the entire thing... whoops my bad. Also nobody had hymn books so I felt like Me and Elder Xiong were just singing a duet up there... haha oh the struggles!

So we get back to the house and Sister Chanthakhoun tells me "so ming saron totally paid tithing today" you know our investigator, that has struggled with money. So we went and visited her and she told me, I could only pay 10000... which is 2.50 in american money, but she said just wait until next month I will pay 15000... I can't believe her faith. We told her at the beginning of the week, not to even worry about it because she doesn't have to pay it yet... but she wanted to so badly she just did it... I just wanted to cry....Literally she just has so much trust in God, if he tells her to do it, she doesn't ask any questions she just does it. I love her so much! I told her how much that meant to him... Honestly the widows might that is Ming Saron! She would give up everything for the gospel. She may not understand everything, but she loves the gospel so much. It gives her happiness through all the suffering and hardships she has had to go through it gives her hope. She is amazing and an example to me!

We then went and saw Srei Mao, she is golden! Hopefully Srei Mao and Ming Saron will be baptized on the Mother's Day... well at least that Aunday! Hopefully it all works out I love them so much seriously!!!

Well I hope you all had a great week! Even week I love my mission more and more, even though it's hard sometimes it's all worth it! I love these people, I love my mission, and I love all of you guys at home!!! I hope you all have a good week! Love ya!


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