Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week of Khmer New Year

Hello Everyone! I am not going to lie to you... nothing too much really happened this week! Khmer New Year kind of made it hard to meet people! hHy, but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else than in Siem Reap. It was super awesome to get to go past Ankgor for Khmer New Year. Like over 1.5 million people come into Ankgor, and they party for 4 straight days! Some people just stand on the side of the road and throw water at you! We got hit so many times haha, hey but not going to lie it felt pretty good in the over 100 degree weather! 


We went to the culture center. It was super awesome. we some some plays and stuff about the history of ankgor, and of a cambodian wedding. It was super cool though, I love the Khmer Culture! Then we got to do some archery and stuff. It was a really good day.
Archery on P-Day



We cleaned the house all day.


The other Sister's showed us a house of a less active that just barely started coming back to church. Her name is Leenaa. She is like 40 years old. She told us that before she got super sick, and "was dead for 7 days" but the Elders came and prayed for her and fasting for her and after a week she came back to life. She said during her dream she saw the temple and two angels, and that they were helping her. She told us she saw all of her family in the temple. Now that is her goal, she wants all of her family to enter into the church and go to the temple. Her daughter is super cute. She is mute, and can't talk. but she is teaching us some of the sign language in Khmer so... :) She has a really cool family we just need to get them all coming back to church! After that we went and saw Bong Charm. we just talked about prayer and encouraged her to start praying with her kids. Both of her kids wanted to try to pray. Haha they both gave closing prayers haha! Then we went with the Levitt's to go to lunch. Then we went to the church, and played a "traditional"Khmer game. Which included trying to pop each others balloons on the foot. All in all it was a pretty good day. We also had some people show up for english class which was surprising! They were all members ;)


We went and saw Parri, and talked about Christ's baptism. She still wants to get baptized but we are going to have to wait a week or two because she didn't come to church the past two weeks...
After that we went and saw Ming Saron, and guess what?! She doesn't need her Wedding Certificate! I called President and he told me if she has her family book that is good enough. I told her and she literally was so happy! She just got the biggest smile on her face and just gave us a huge hug. So now we are just preparing her for baptism. Should be happening in the next two weeks or so! I am so excited for her she has worked super hard for this! then after that we went and saw Ming Sokpeak, and she was having a super hard time... just family problems. We shared Matt 11:28-30 with her. She told us that she is so grateful that we came and taught her... it makes even the worst of days, good ones. I love her so much! I lknow the Lord is looking out for her. 

Her first Wyoming shirt


Today we just went and saw Ming Saron, and taught about love and service... just trying to prepare her for baptism. Then we went and saw Om Nao. She is always so good. Listening to her speak kills me, I can't believe I can understand her...for the most part... haha but I know that's not me that is for sure the Lord, couldn't have done it without him. Anyways she wants us to take a a P-day and go up a mountain with her! Which I totally think we can do! I love her so much! We talked about the ressurection with her! I honestly can't wait to meet all of the people here again! When they are sick like this anymore! I love the people here so much I can't wait to see all the blessings the Lord has in store for them! 
We visited the King

Always looking forward

Sister Kong preaching!


Had lunch with Ming Sroh, haha she wouldn't let us leave! I told her we had to go and she was like okay one more story haha and then she went on for like 30 minutes haha! But we love Ming Sroh she is an awesome missionary and loves to share the gospel with everyone she meets literally everyone! After that we went and saw Ming Mao and had a review lesson about Joseph Smith. Guess who gave the first vision in Khmer? Sister Chanthakhoun! Wahoo! First one and she did awesome! So fun fact! I seriously love Ming Mao everytime we go teach her I am reminded how much I love to be a missionary! She literaly just has the spirit so strong. She has strong faith, and every single time we talk to her, the spirit is just so strong. I love her so much!

I had to rent a bike, everyone laughed at me



Surprise! President ended up calling us and telling me and Sister C that we are giving talks . I talked about going to church, which was kind of awkward seeing as it was Khmer New Year and there were only 30 people there... maybe 30.... haha and then Sister C talked on prayer.. she took it like a champ! It's way hard to get those last minute talks when you are still in your training, but she did it and she did awesome! So at 9 our Stake President looks at us and says "we have no bread for the sacrament" then he goes to call someone to go buy bread at the phsaa for it... I was like wait no give us 5 minutes we will run to our house and get some... so we rode to our house as fast as we would came back at like 9:07 ish and started sacrement... then we gave our talks, we were super sweaty too from riding out bikes! Hey it's all good as long as we had the bread right? Haha church we went and saw Bong Rii, usually she doesn't like us to visit her. Well her husband and 3 friends were super drunk ... she invited to sit with her and just eat some mangos. We just sat with her and talked with her for a bit. I think that was exactly what she needed she just needed someone to be there with her...We both felt like we shouldn't try to share a lesson so we just talked to her for like 15 minutes and then left. When we left she stopped us and gave us a paypaya ... I don't remember how to spell that... but it was so nice of her! I honestly think that was what she needed! 

So that was pretty much the week! Lot's of people down here make it a little crazy to get around places but it was super fun! This week should be more of a normal week! I love you all so much! Also random fact... I went through 3 bikes this week.... the struggles.... haha well I love you all!

Have a great week!



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