Monday, May 23, 2016

SURPRISE Transfer...again, and when you speak like you are from Siem Reap...

Hello Everyone!


I had to say good bye, a lot... and it was hard! I really do try not to cry, but it's hard when you have to leave your family again! Then you just worry about them when you are gone! Like they better make good decisions, and stay with the gospel! I have had so much fun in Siem Reap it has been so good. I love it here so much!! Plus I love my comp! Sister Chanthakhoun, she's the best! First kid from America! Love her it's been awesome to see her improve! After saying some goodbyes we went to FHE at Ming Mao's house. Who I love as well! It was great, we ate dinner together and then read scriptures together! They have a really strong family! I really excited for them, I think in a couple of years they could be sealed in the temple! So EXCITING! 
Saying Goodbyes


I love love love love these people! 

Consisted of more goodbyes, and a long bus ride to the city....

Oh yeah while we were on our way to the city I got a phone call from President " we have a change in your assignment... you are not serving in Kean Svaaay, you and Sister Lines will be serving in Chamkarmorn which means we are whitewashing... haha whitewashing again!? Not going to lie I was a little nervous when he said that... whitewashing is always so rough the first week... It's all good though... I will go where the Lord wants me to go! 


Sister Clark took us around the area real quick... haha yeah those quick go arounds are helpful but sometimes they just make you a little more overwhelmed than before! Haha oh the joys of whitewashing. Anyways we just went to the house and got everything ready! Then we went to English class! We taught intermmedaite class. It was really good, we met two of our investigators there. They seem really great! We had like 30 students! Also it was so good to see old students/members from TTP! I had missed those guys! 
My favorite Student is still coming, and my new companion!


Weekly planning is so rough when you are whitewashing! It was good though in the afternoon we went out and tried to find houses. We found lots of houses but most of the members weren't home. We saw Om Nae. I met her once before on an exchgange with Sister Larson. When I saw her, she was like HEY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Haha she was really excited! She has been Less Active because she has been sick lately... and wow she is taking a lot of medicine for it... like way too much I think... So we shared Ether12:27 with her and told her. That those pills and everything can only do so much what she needs to do it put her trust in God and go back to church because that is where she is going to find real strength! It was really good... and she came to church on Sunday! It's been a really long time like 4 months since she has gone to church! I was so excited she came! Then we saw Ming Ruet who is an active member, but the rest of her family are LA's. She told us about a miracle in her life. She wanted to go to conference but she didn't have enough money to get a moto ride, but she had a feeling that God would take care of it, so she got a moto ride there and back, and then when she asked him how much it was. He looked at her and just said don't worry about it! He didn't want any money and she had never met the man before! So awesome I love how the Lord is so in charge! Then we met with Nada an investigator who is awesome! We committed her to be baptized next month, and she is already in 1 Nephi chapter 20! I am not kidding you she is amazing! 
I have missed her!


We saw two RC's Yiay Sem and Thida, Thida is like 10 years old and so so cute! She is super smart as well. They are a great family! We talked to them about miracles as well. Then we had a huge rain storm! We got to the church for a meeting and we were soaking... literally we left puddles... haha raining season is coming! Wahoo! Then after the meeting we met Ming Ponluu she is a RC! Oh my goodness she is so good. We shared a scripture with her and she told us about how she was preparing to be baptized but it was hard for her to give up tea and she ended up drinking some... when she drank it she got super sick, and the sisters came over.. and she felt like she was going to throw up the entire time... she was like after that I never wanted to drink it again.. She told us she knew that that was God's way of telling her not to drink it! So awesome! God is so good. 


We did some serious house hunting! We found over 15ish houses if not more... we didn't get to meet with everyone but we did find the houses and that is the start. We ended up meeting with Ming Sochetha's family.. and they just flat out told me... they were like you don't speak clear like you are from the city... did you just come from a kite... yes... yes I did! Darn it Siem Reap I was afraid some of that would rub off on me haha! All well it is what it is... they can understand me it's just I sound like I am from a kite. Then we saw Nada again at the church and taught her the 10 commandments which she agreed to follow! She is golden! 


Our church is at 3, so we had time in the morning to meet some members. We saw Om Chea at first. She is good. She is really old... in her 70s. She is a good active member.. we just shared with her about faith. After that we saw a investigator at the church. Her name is Srei Rain. We didn't really know what to share with her so we talked about the atonement. She is 24 years old and has one son. She told us she just wants to live with her family for eternity. She also asked tons of good questions like " did christ even suffer for the wicked people" Why is our church different from the others "how can we use the atonement in our lives" I was amazing! She is really good! I am excited to meet her again! We committed her to baptism for the end of next month! It's crazy being back in the city, but I feel like we can have some success in this area! I am really excited to met the members and help those LA's coming back! Church was good! Our Gospel Principles teacher was AWESOME! I felt spiritually ready to go after her lesson about repentance. She is a return missionary and she is so so good! I am not kidding you! Plus our investigator was way into it! 

Other then that nothing else really happened just house hunting.. it's like easter everyday really! But I love my new comp! Sister Lines is awesome, and so full of love for the gospel! Can't wait to serve with her! We are going to have so many miracles! I love you all and you are all in my prayers! HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!!! Love ya! 


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