Sunday, May 1, 2016

All is well!

Hello Everybody!


We went and saw Polly a RC of ours, but he wasn't home so we met his mom. We shared with her about Faith, and how if we have faith our weakness can become strengths, still one of my favorite scriptures by the way. After we shared we just talked about the Atonement and how we couldn't imagine not having Christ to rely on during the time when we are weak. She talked about how before she discovered the church she just felt alone... but it's amazing the light the gospel has brought into her life. Honestly I have been thinking about it a lot lately... I can't imagine not having the gospel... not having the grace of Christ, there is no way I could do it, no way any of us could do it by ourselves. It just makes me want to share the gospel even more, I just think of all those people out there trying to make it through this life on their own, when they don't have too... We have someone we can rely on no matter what, who is always going to be there for us... our Savior! After we talking about it we asked Ming to give the closing prayer, and while she was praying for her mom and her health, she just started to cry... the spirit was really strong!

She passed her baptismal interview!!


Tuesday was a day full of little miracles. We went and saw Bong Charm and read in the book of mormon with her. She can't read so we decided that everyweek we are going to come and read the Book of Mormon with her. She told us last week that she really wanted to start reading it, so that's what we are doing. Then we had a an awesome lesson with a member. We talked about finding revelation through the Book of Mormon. She was like "sister's I think it's inspiration that you came here talking about this because I haven't read the BOM in like 2 months.. I didn't realize I was falling spiritually until you came and talk this." We asked her if she understood about finding revelation through the BOM, and she told us actually I am way confused about that, what does Revelation even mean, I thought it was something only the Prophets can have. We explained how she could receive personal revelation, and commited her to read, and write when she did. That way God will continue to give her revelation! It was an awesome lesson, I felt like it was something Bong Thavery really needed. Plus every single day I just love the BOM more and more! It's literally like a compass for our life, if we don't read it we are literally shutting the door for revelation from god into our lives. It's so important! Then we went and saw Srei Deth, Ming Rit's daughter, we have been praying to find a member that can help us with lessons, and she literally was like hey well i am free all of the time and i love helping the sisters! Another miracle!Then we went and saw my favorite Ming Saron, she is doing great just reviewed for her baptismal interview. Then the Levitt's took us out to eat some Indian food, and get our feet massaged by fish... yeah the fish loved my feet the most out of everyones.... that must say something.... haha It was super fun though! I love the Levitts! 
Fish Massage with the Levitts!

The fish like my feet the most. . . 

I love the Levitts!


We had a really awkward lesson with Srei Mao, and Bong Han, our investigators... yeah I don't like awkward... haha they just wouldn't talk it's like they were shy when they were with each other... but it was all good. We also went and did service at Ming Sroah's house. We just helped her move dirt, she is trying to make a brick house right now, so we are helping her get it ready. 


We met a new less active that just came back from working in a far area. Her name is Si Don. She was super awesome the only reason she was a less active is because she was out working. Now that she is back she is coming to church every week, actually she taught Relief Society this week. She is really good she has been a member for about 10 years or more, and her son is a member as well. They are really strong, and trying to convince her husband to learn right now... but he has a drinking problem, BUT we are working on it! Then we saw On Polly and taught about Joseph Smith. He is so shy but we are going to get him to open up one way or another! 


I got to do an exchange with SISTER KONG!! I love her so much! We had so much fun on Friday we saw like 8 people that day! It was so good, she is such a good teacher and I feel like I learned so much from her. She just connects with the people so much, and the love of the Savior really shines through her. It was so fun to go on an exchange with her. I felt like she really helped the people in our area! Some of the people we saw were Om Lime, she is the sweetest Om ever who wants to go to church, but she has such a hard time understanding... but she is so cute! She has got a lot of faith. We also saw Bong Han, our investigator. She has to change houses because she doesn't have enough money... she just broke down with us... she is about to have another baby and her husband left her.... they can't afford there house anymore.... we shared some scriptures with her and comitted her to pray and start reading the BOM! I know the Lord will help her through this! 


So this Ming was super mad at us! We told her we were going to eat with her but we ended up having a meeting so we couldn't... we didn't have her phone number, and oh my goodness the Elders called us and told us about it, so we went and saw her, and I was like Ming I am so sorry, and she told me "whatever sorry or not I am not taking it" I asked her if we could come back tuesday of next week and she was like "do whatever you want but I am not eating the food" The thing about Cambodian's they are quickly offended but they also forgive quickly as well... but you have to be forcful as well. So we just sat there and talked to her a while and after like 2 minutes she was talking about how she was going to go to america, and about her family.. haha... she kills me. She is literally one of the most sassy people i know! I also would not like to get on her bad side! Lucky we slipped pasted that one! We are going to see her this tuesday, and I will not forget haha! 

Then we went and shared a message with Bong Chentra. We shared about fasting and then started fasting with her! I am hoping she gets some serious miracles from fasting :) I know it has a lot of power!


Nothing too exciting on Sunday just the normal church, and then we went and got Srei Mao ready for her interview on Tuesday! Ming Saron will have her interview today at 10 and Srei Mao will have it tomorrow at 5! Parri will also get baptized this week so we have a potential of 3 baptisms this week! I am so excited for them they have worked super hard to get where they are at. This is only the first step though, next step temple! Honestly when they get a temple in Thailand I am coming back to see all of these members get sealed with their families! I love them all so much! After seeing Srei Mao we went and had FHE with Ming Mao's family. We ended up sharing a scripture in DC 6:21, 34-37. It is about how Christ is the light because without him this life would be darkness... but it doesn't have to be because of our Savior! 

So anyways that is what happened this week! I love you all so much! I can't wait to see you all on MONDAY! Happy Mother's day mom! Love ya! Seriously you are all the best I hope you have a great week!

Shoutout to Sister Jackson for letting us use the computer to do the baptismal interview, and for just being awesome! I don't know what we would do with out her she has literally helped us Siem Reap missionaries so much! Now she is going to the city to start a new adventure! Good luck and I know that the Lord is looking out for you and always on your side! Thanks for everything Sister Jackson LOVE YOU!

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