Sunday, May 29, 2016

Krispy Kreme is open in Cambodia!

Hello Everyone!


Krispy Kreme is open in Cambodian PP! That was pretty much the highlight of P-Day! After P-Day we met Bong Muay and Bong Sophia our RC's! Muay knows really good english so usually we teach her like half in english half in Khmer haha. It's kind of weird but pretty fun! She is awesome and super super strong! Sophia is doing good as well, she is having a hard time right now though because her older sister has gone completely back to Buddhism...her name is Bora... it's super sad because she was only baptized about 5 months ago.... but we really want to try to reactivate her!
Krispy Kreme in Cambodia! 


I don't really remember what we did on Tuesday because I forgot my journal, but we saw Ming Ponluu in the morning and sang "The Lord is my Light" with her and then talked a little bit about missionary work and committed her to share her light. Then after we saw Om Gia, this old Om who we thought wanted the missionaries to come see her, but she politely told us "Sisters if you didn't come see me I wouldn't be angry or disappointed, I would thank you..." She went on and on about how she is already so strong... well guess who didn't come to church this week?! Haha I was like come on! It made me want to go see her everyday... haha nah it's all good! As long as she keeps growing that's all that matters. Then we had a BM meeting with Lookpuu On who is so awesome! He knows everyone in ward! Seriously we just went through all the CBR's and he told us about every single member! It was great! Yeah also I don't know how but Sister Lines and I both got a little sick this week... it's so strange having a cold in Cambodia... and the worst part is I started loosing my voice. Our last lesson of the night we went and saw Ming Ruet an active member and I couldn't talk like at all! Ming Ruet is awesome though she has been a member for more then 20 years. She was telling us that when it's gets harder, she doesn't give up on faith, that's when she clings to the gospel. Ming Ruet recycles garbage for a job, and you would think living like that she would be bitter and upset at the world, but I have never met someone as happy and faithful as she is. Right now she is only of the only active members of her family, so we want to try to help them all come back!


I woke up and my voice was terrible, it was cracking and breaking, and occasionally not coming out at all. Plus I just felt sick... then we went and taught lessons and it was a little rough... haha it was so frustrating because I felt good enough to go out, but my voice was gone... how am i supposed to be Khmer without a voice. We went and saw Ming Pholla and Ming Jenny both LA's when we saw Ming Jenny we shared Ether 12:27 with her, and she just burst into tears. She has been really sick lately and when we shared that she just broke down. Her entire family is less active, but they want to start coming again. We invited her daughter to come to english class, so now that's happening which is so good! 

After that Sister Lines told me she was feeling under the weather as well, and when we went back to the house she crashed... dang colds...I just did some CBR work and stuff, haha I get a little stir crazy at the house not going to lie! It's all good though! Now we are both feeling a lot better!
It's hard to talk on the phone.


We got a random call from one of our RC's saying she was having a really hard time... She told us that she really needed to talk to us.... anyways we shared a scripture with her the "Peace to thy Soul" one. She said it was really what she needed at that time! After her we went and saw Om Nie, who has been to church two weeks in a row now :) and Ming Sochetha.
Old Friends from TTP


Exchanged with Sister Larson! I love her so much! I learned so so much from her! I've only been waiting like 7 months to be her comp! It was so good! She helped me so much. We went around and she showed me houses. We met with an LA, and our goal for the day was to find unplanned service opportunity, and just turns out that she needed help cleaning her house and organizing her medicine so we were able to help her! God is just so good. If you really want something he will help you accomplish it. Then we went to Ghost Village, and taught an old investigator Srei Mao.The area is literally in a graveyard... like there houses are surrounded by tombstone and graves.. the call it ghost village.. some missionaries don't go there because it freaks them out! It's a good thing the Schwab Mortuary prepared me for this haha! Srei Mao is really good she just hasn't gone to church! Which we need to make happen! After that we taught Muay again and committed her to sharing the gospel, we gave her a pamphlet and she is going to pray about who the Lord wants her to give it to!


We went with Lookpuu and he took us around to houses. He told me that I sound exactly like his little Sister on the phone, and that I remember him of her. Lookpuu On is awesome he has been to America before and been to the Salt Lake and Jordan temple! His little sister also lives in America. He really wants to go visit her again! Anyways after that we went and saw Om Parri, and then we had a Youth Activity. We shared a lesson, and talked about Ether 12:27 and we all went around and talked about weaknesses we have and how through the atonement we can strengthen them! It was awesome a really good lesson!


Okay we went to lunch with Sony she is one of the young women in our ward. We went and had lunch at her house and after lunch asked if we could share a message with them. Sony is the only member in her family. She lives with her cousin and her sister. We talked to them about prayer and the power of it. After sharing with them we asked Sony's sister to give the closing prayer, and she did! One of my favorite moments as a missionary is seeing people take that huge loop of faith and pray for the first time! After she was finished Sony just started to cry and said how thankful she was for today, and that she has been praying for her family to receive the gospel for a long time now! It was so so amazing! 

So now for the awkward moment of the week... we were teaching Srei Rean and heres one for you i wanted to ask an investigator if she had her marriage certificate done already and instead of that i asked her if she had porn... the words are so similar. . .  she gave me the funniest look and then I realized what I said and my member present looked at me and we just died laughing. It's all good don't worry! She is still golden and doing awesome! yeah the struggles sometimes haha!
Church was good! 

Well that was pretty much it for this week! I hope you all have a great week I love you all so much!!! Have a great summer! 


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