Sunday, May 15, 2016

Transfer calls already..... WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Hello Everyone!!

Sunday (of last week):

Really don't have too much to tell ya, just that Ming Saron, and Srei Mao got baptized! Wahoo! It was good. They both got up and shared the sweetest testimonies! They were literally like 20 seconds each! They were both super nervous. Ahh I love them both so much, it's was so cool to seem them enter into the waters of baptism. They have worked really hard for it! It's amazing seeing them start of the path that will lead them to eternal life with their families! We also went to the Elders baptism... they had 7 people get baptized :) It was a really good week here in Siem Reap! Couldn't do it without the Lords help! 


I got to skype you guys! I love you so much! It was so good to see you and hear your voices. It literally felt like 10 minutes... but that is okay... Again mom Happy Mother's Day! Crazy to think that next phone call I will be home like a month later... what the... did I ever mention that I hate how fast time goes here...haha i mean it's good but it can slow down just a little. After skyping we went to Ankgor for the last time before transfers. It was super fun... but oh my goodness it was so hot! It get's super hot during the day and then at night is gets super windy and randomly rains. then after that we went and did service at Ming Sogetha's house. We just helped clean her house and build some stuff for her garden. 


We went and saw Ming Saron and talked to her about the family booklet and family history book. She really wants to go to the temple! She is just worried because she doesn't have any money... but we testified that if she has the faith it will happen! Her husband and her granddaughter are also learning with us right now. I want to see them sealed in the temple so badly! Also I just have the feeling that a lot of her ancestors are waiting for her to get their work done! It's so amazing, the gospel is just amazing. So another cool story... we went to her house and she had electricity like a fan and TV. The people that she is renting the land from decided to do it for her... I had the though come into my mind... it's because of her tithing! She has been paying tithing since the first time we taught her about it! Even though she literally doesn't have a lot... since the lord told her to do it... she just listened and did it. She is being blessed for it that's for sure. The Lord is just so good! The gospel is just so good! I love it and I love being part of this work.
We also saw On Polly's mom. She told us how she had been really sick... she went to the hospital in Cambodia and they gave her the wrong pills, so then she got really really sick and had to go to vietnam to the hospital. She has problems with her blood, and she is always really really pale... She told us she just needs to be very careful, and watch what she eats and exercise everyday and she should be okay... she is just worried about her kids... We started talking about Polly her 9 year old son and she just started crying and she is really worried about him because he is sick all of the time... Then I had the thought... "promise her that if she keeps following the commandments and setting that example for Polly he will serve a mission" The spirit was so strong when we said that... it was so strong! She was crying we were all crying....



We went and did service at ming leenaa's house she is a less active... the Elders moved huge rocks, and we cleaned up the house which included sweeping up leaves. you would be surprised how much we do that here, and can I just say I had never been so sweaty in my life... all I was doing was sweeping up leaves haha, but let me just say her house did look a lot better after we swept all of those leaves up haha.
Then we went to Phoom Veal to go see members but we got rejected by like everyone so we just went and shared a scripture with Parri's family.
At night we had english class, did I tell you we are teaching an ABC class! It's so fun! I love it so much on wednesday we only had two students but then on saturday we had 12ish come! It's getting bigger and bigger! I love teaching it so much!



We went and saw Bong Thavery and shared Helamen 12:5 with her. She told us about the problems she is having with her family. She said people keep asking me why I am putting myself in these difficult situations, but I tell them that's where my family is. She was like they just tell me I should leave them so I wouldn't worry anymore, so that I could be happy. We told her " you have a goal to go to the temple right now with your family, and those people may tell you that leaving is what is going to make you happy because they don't know of the happiness of the gospel... families can be difficult sometimes that is for sure, but overcoming those problems and going to the temple that is where true happiness is... She seemed a lot better after our lesson! I can't wait for her family to go to the temple! We need that temple in Thailand ASAP!
Then we saw Bong Sokpeak she was having a really hard time as well but after we met her and shared D&C 6:21 with her she said she felt so much better! She just loves the spirit that we bring... she is surrounded by a lot of hardships, so it means a lot to her when we come and visit. 


We saw Parri and talker about prayer with her, we are going to have her practice for baptism so she isn't scared anymore. She should be getting baptized in 2 or 3 weeks! Then we saw ming Mao and watched the Faith in Christ video with her she loved it! She has been really sick lately... she has liver diease and it's been making her really weak... but she is just keeping going! I love her family so much! Bong Thavery came during the lesson and then we brought her over to teach Ming Saron with us. They hit it off it was awesome! Seriously they like loved each other right from the start! I love seeing invstigators gain that relationship with the members. After that we saw Polly and watch the restoration with him! Then we saw Bong Chentra, and they introduced us to Bong Pisay, she is having a super hard time right now. She just wants happiness in her life again... she has got such a light... I love her! She just needs happiness and the gospel has just that. We taught her about pray and gave her the Book of Mormon! I am way excited for her!


We went and saw Ming Sidon a less active that just came back! She is awesome, super strong! Then we went and saw Om nao who I promised I would go climb a mountain with when i got back... so that will be fun haha! then we saw Srei Mao. We taught her about the Priestood and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She is doing really well, then we swung by Ming Sroh's place. She is also doing good! She wants us to make her a facebook so she can share the gospel to EVERYONE! We are currently showing her how to us an iPhone.


Srei mao and Ming Saron got confirmed! Wahoo! Also... Ly Heng got baptized wahoo!!! He has waited 1 and a half years! I was so happy for him! He is going to be a killer missionary! 

So turns out I am going to Kien Svay with Sister Lines! She is Sister Chanthakhouns old comp from MTC days! I am also Sister Training Leader over the east zone... Not going to lie I am pretty sad to be leaving Siem Reap I love the people here they are like my family... I am also going to miss being with Sister Chanthakhoun... my first kid from america... she is growning up so fast haha! She is going to rock it out here with Sister Kong! I am way excited for them! So yep that is the news... sort of nervous to be going back to the city after being in the kites for so long... but hey it's exciting! I hope you all have a great week! LOVE YOU!!!!! Casper get better! Grandpa love ya and hope you get better! 

Love ya
Sister Schwab

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