Sunday, July 10, 2016

I am running out of titles...

Hello Everyone!


Pday, we went out to some Italian resurant place for lunch so we could go see Thida, an investigator of the Sister in TTP. She is super cute and will be getting baptized in the next couple of weeks. Then to celebrate the Fourth of July we went ice skating. Which if I am being completly honest is one of the more dangerous things I have done in cambodia since I have gotten here. I am no balance, so it took me about 30 seconds on the ice before I biffed it.... You know I am not the biggest fan of ice skating haha because I suck at it! Seriously it's lucky I didn't brake anything when we went... I am that bad! 

After that we met with our RC's first we met with S. She has been struggling lately... her mom won't let her go to church.... so this morning while I was personal studying... I just prayed because I had no idea how to help her... then I opened up the scripture to Mosiah chapter 24. It's when they forbid Alma's people to pray and then the Lord creates a way for them to escape bondage and lift their burdens for them..... Heavenly Father is so good. I am so thankful that he knows exactly what people need. When we shared that with her she loved it... she was like "sister this is exactly like me" Then after we testified about how Heavenly Father is going to lift her burdens and create a way so she can go to church, but she has to have the faith and keep praying.
Then we saw one of my favorite people ever M! We just reviewed a little about the covenants we make at baptism! Honestly she is so good. She is going to be one amazing missionary one day! 


We saw Ming P. in the morning and taught about the ten commandments... it actually turned out to be a really good lesson. Probably because it was with Ming P. and she is the best. Then after that we did some translated for our Clerk because he didn't understand what he was suppose to do because the program is in English... well translated wasn't bad, but seeing as I have no experience in clerk work that was a little hard haha... but it's all good. After that we helped him do some Family History work and put it into family search! Om P. is way into it! It's awesome I love it! After that we saw our investigators N. and Srei L. The are both really progressing and working their way towards baptism on the 30th. 

Language Study


In the morning we went and helped Om do some more of his family history work, and then we went to see Om N. we were going to teach about Family History work but she got in kind of a rush because she had a customer coming that wanted to rent an apartment from her. It was really funny though because she has Sister Lines to give the prayer and when she finished Om just kept praying... she was just asking extra blessings from God... me and Sister lines just stared at each other laughed and then folded our arms and kept praying... haha it was hilarious she went on for about another minute just asking for more blessings and then she closed it haha.. Hey whatever works I guess. Then we went to see Om P. We started to talk about family history with her and she got way into it. She got super excited she told us that her mother and father had passed away and that she wanted to do the work for them and all of their siblings She was telling us that her mother was the only one of 7 siblings to survive Phoul Phot. She said she was taken to a camp and all that she remembers was that if you did something wrong you were killed, if you ate too much you were killed, if you were smart you were killed.... Cambodia has been through a lot of pain and suffering I am grateful that we are able to share the gospel here and try to heal some of the damage. That's the amazing thing about the gospel is that it can heal the hurt so there are no scars remaining! I am really excited for her and the family history... I know that if she starts putting in her effort and going to church and obeying the commandments she is going to experience some real miracles with it. Then we taught Srei L. and taught about Family History she told us that her dad didn't like the church when he was alive so maybe he doesn't want her to do the work for him, but we encourage her to do it so at least he can have the chance to do it, because we don't know what he is feeling now!

Then we had English class... we all made songs and posted them on facebook... honestly we have the best English class ever. 


We saw Amap( which means little fat one) she wants us to call her that because she wants to be fat... haha She is a new investigator of ours. She is actually a past investigator that we picked up again. She is way good, she is just super busy. She is a reseacher. She had a foundation that helped her go to school and she told us that when she was young she made a goal to be like them all she wanted to do was help people that were in the same situation as she was. Now she is doing it she travels around all of the poor kits and studies how dieases are spread. She also interviews the children there and tries to figure out ways to help them. She is really good, but right when she promised to go to church they called her and said that she needed to leave sunday to go on a 10 day trip to the kite to study malaria there. Darn it! She is too good haha! She told us I know that one day i will join this church, I just need time first... so we will call her in ten days when she is back. Then we taught N. about the priestood. She is in Helamen in the Book of Mormon! Helamen everyone! 


One year in the mish! We had zone training and then went out to eat with my group! Can't believe we have made it this far! Who would've thought.


In the morning all of our plans fell through but it all worked out because we ended up seeing a Less Active her name is Ming S. and she said " i knew you would come today, I had been waiting for you" Dang, I love how Heavenly Father has everything worked out. If everything wouldn't gone according to plan we wouldn't have seen her. Well we talked to her and she told us that her daughter is sick and they are going to Vietnam, so she asked us if we could pray for her and her daughter so they could come back quicky to the could come to church. Last time they went to Vietnam they went for 3 months. The left on Sunday... so it was so good that we got to see them!!! Heavenly Father is sooo good!


Then we saw N., and guess what she told her parents! They said she can get baptized! Then in her prayer she asked Heavenly Father to help her become a member of this church quickly! She is so good! 

The normal church acitvities :) 

Well I am out of time! Love you all I hope you all have a great week love you!
Sister Schwab

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