Monday, July 18, 2016

Miracles in Cambodia

Hello Everyone!


We went out to lunch with Sister Hall and Sister Hom who are some of my favorite sisters! We treated ourselves to Pizza Company, because you know that's the good stuff when you are down here in Cambodia. After lunch this huge rainstorm hit, so after some shopping we went down to Chat time in the pouring rain.... it was crazy, and one of the things that I will miss about Cambodia... haha we walked into Chattime and we were soaking wet, our make up smeared all over, our eyes stinging because of the rain, and not to mention you just feel sticky because who knows what's in the air here... haha but it was all good. Just another day in Cambodia. Then we went to the church, Sophia didn't show up because of the rain, and the flooded roads so we just ended up teaching Muay. We shared DC 122"5-7 with her and talked about how all of the trials we have are for our benefit and learning. Then I shared about Gloria, and how the night before she passed away she bore her testimony to her family. Even in her weakest moment she was so strong, and I know that that is because the strength of the atonement, during our hardest times it's true that is when the savior is caring us! 


We had DM and Elder Medley gave this really good story about the importance of the sricptures. He said that in his training they had this member that got super upset and she was just chewing the Elders out, and then she starting grabbing all of her scriptures, liahona's and everything and saying take them I don't want them anymore, the elders wouldn't take them and she said take them or I swear I will take them and throw them in the mud. They didn't know what to do so they called president and he said "you take those scriptures from her, do not let her throw them in the mud." It just showed how important the scriptures are! They are sacred, they are the word of God. If we want to speak to God we pray but if we want God to speak to us we read. So the elders took her scriptures and then like 3 weeks later that same member called them back sobbing and said... I haven't read in 3 weeks and I just can't do it anymore, can I please have my scriptures back... I need them. Now that member is super strong!!! It was such a good story! The scriptures really are so important!! I can't believe how much I took them for granted when I was home. 

We went and saw Ming P and taught about scripture study... we got her the gospel library on her phone so now she can read anytime... techonogy is so nice haha, you forget sometimes. Then we saw R and taught her about prayer and then we shared DC 121"7-8 with Ming R. She told us the before all of her siblings hated her because she was apart of this church, so she just kept praying and praying and turns out now all her siblings kids have joined some kind of christian church... she said it was honestly an answer to her prayers! I love how Heavenly Father works! He is just so good.
Then we were just going to teach piano class and N was just sitting there. I was like are you going to piano class, and she said no I just figured if i came to the church you would be here and teach me.. haha for sure! So we ended up teaching her about light and committed her to sharing the light that she has with others. I love her she is so good! Cool story an Elder here, contacted her in BB and she said that she didn't want to learn, but now she comes to church everyweek and loves the gospel. Crazy what just talking to one person can do, even though it may not be right then, you never know what is going to happen later. 


We saw S in the morning and talked about enduring trials. Then we went and saw Om N after that and we shared DC 1217-8 with here, and she freaked out she loved it so much haha. She was like praying to the scriptures... which was a little weird and then she was like dang where did you find this i just want to take this and stick it to me and absorb it haha... we were like Om it doesn't really work like that haha. She is funny though, I always end up laughing before leaving her house haha. Then we saw Om C, she told us that she had to work two days this week and after the first day she felt really week, but she need the 5 dollars the would give her the second day so she just prayed and prayed and then she said the next day she was fine, just a little sore but that's it! Then she told us I was waiting for you to come so I could tell you about that miracle! 

Then we saw N, she just happened to randomly be at the church when our other investigator didn't show up. We meet with her and taught about fasting and enduring. She told us she has some decisions she is making right now and she is looking for some guidance from heavenly father so we just encouraged her to fast and pray about it. 


We saw Srei L she told us about her father who passed away two years ago, she had this diease where there stomach swells us they get really skinny and then they just pass away because they get so weak... it's really sad and there isn't really a cure... we saw someone pass away with it in Siem Reap as well... he was 50 when he passed away. We testified that we know she will see him again! She told us that she really hopes he will recieve the gospel up there! What I love about heavenly father's plan is that no matter what happens... it will all end up okay! No matter what! 


Everything sort of fell through in the morning but we ended up seeing Om P a less active that we haven't gotten to see in a while, we shared with her about the atonement and then asked if she had anything we could help her with and she actually said yes... she needed some help with measuring sugar, so we told her we would come back at two. 

Sister Semones has been a little under the weather lately so we got to take her koon with us Sister Nit. SHE IS SO GOOD! I meet so many missionaries here that I want to be comps with! Then you realized you are getting old and it probably won't happen... hey but you can always hope right. We went and saw Ming T and Om P, and then we went back to the church and taught M about light! 


We found a new investigator we contacted a girl while we were waiting for a member to show up and she toltally rejected us, but then she came back with her friend that wanted to learn her name is H. She is married with one son. She told us she really wants to learn, and she learned once before but she has forgotten everything. So we taught her about prayer and we are going to meet her again this week. Then we taught K and taught her about Holy Ghost because she will be getting baptized coming week! Then we talk Bong V and helped her prepare for her talk on Sunday.
After that we grabbed a quick lunch and went to a baptism in which sister lines played the piano and I lead the music... you know what's funny i still don't know how to lead music... on one song we were all way off on the first verse but we kept going that is what counts and then the second verse we had it haha! 

Then we saw Srei L and taught about the book of mormon he is still doing awesome and preparing herself for baptism in the next coming weeks. 

Then we saw Bong Pisay a LA we haven't seen before she works at a club and says that she drinks every single day.... that she "has to" she told her that she only wants to work there for a couple of years and then open up a makeup shop. Then I told her I know that you want to do that but where do you think your health will be in 3 years if you keep this up... we kind of chastized her a little, and then bore our testimonies on how much Heavenly Father misses her and wants her to come back, we are going to go back and teach her about the atonement. I really like her! Which made it easier to chew her out haha, it's true when you really care about someone you it's easier to call them unto repentance haha. 

Then we saw Nada at the church and went over baptism again 


Sister Xiong was sick, so I went with Sister Chanthakhoun to TTP, it was nice to see everyone again... I love those people. Then Sister Semones came to our house and was feeling pretty sick so she stayed with Sister Xiong and we went in a trio for a little bit, and man it was fun! Sister Lines and Sister C are way good teachers is was so fun to teach with Sister C again and see how much she has improved! Seriously both of them are amazing missionaries and are just getting better and better every day! We taught Neri about prayer, reading, and obedience. 

Then N had her baptismal interview and she passed! She will be getting baptized this Friday! WAHOO!! 

We are also getting reading for Pioneer day so we are teaching the yw Put your shoulder to the wheel. Sister Lines played the piano and i taught them how to sing it... can you imagine me teaching people to sing... haha they just laughed because my voice is terrible but they did get the jist of it. It's coming together! 

After church we met with Srei R an investigator that we thought had fallen off the face of the earth. She finally called us we just taught about enduring to the end, and committed her to come back to church. 

YEP that was this week! I hope you all are doing well! I can't believe all those missionaries are coming home, and congrats to Lexi!!! Tell her congrats for me! I love you all so much I hope you have a great week! 


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