Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week of Suprises

Hello Everyone!


P-day was a little crazy but we went and ate at this sushi train place... it was pretty good actually. Then we found out that we are getting a new comp... Do you remember Sister Semones from the MTC yeah well she is going to be with us for a couple of weeks, so back to the trio life. Anyways that night we taught M about miracles. She told us that her sisters had been fighting for 4 weeks straight and they hadn't been talking to each other, and then they went to church, and all of a sudden they were fine again... She asked them why they had started talking to each other again, and they said I don't know. miracles! Just going to church brings such a good spirit! It's amazing! I love it heavenly father really does just work miracles everyday! 


Tuesday we went and saw Ming P and taught her about temples and Family history! She said she wanted to start doing it. Then we picked up our new comp Sister Semones! She was feeling a little under the weather so we let her rest the rest of the day, and got our house reorganized and unpacked. 


We had an English class conference and talked about ways we can improve English class! Then after we went to get our new bikes, and then went off to English class. For the spiritual thought we had the Jone's the FH senior couple talk about Family History it was really good! We had some students that were super interested in it! 


We went over the baptismal interview questions with Srei L. She told us that she still has some questions but she know that she will continue to grow! Which is common and true for all of us.... i mean I still have questions, but usually when I do. I just think ah Heavenly Father has it all worked out haha. Then after that we had a lesson with N, and talked about baptism. She also told us about how much she loved Moroni from the Book of Mormon. She was like " I want to be just like him" Oh the Book of Mormon... it really is so good!


We went and taught K about baptism and our new investigator Bong H joined in on the lesson as well! Then we went and saw Yiay S and just read the Book of Mormon with her, that is for sure one of my favorite things to do on the mission. Just the spirit that comes from reading! I love it! Then we went to the church to wait while Srei L got interviewed for baptism. She told us that she was so nervous just like that feeling that you get right before they give you a shot haha. Well it's all good she got the interview and she passed! So she will be getting baptized this coming Saturday! Wahoo! Then we got everything ready for Ns baptism which was so so good! M gave a great talk about baptism, Som M about Holy Ghost! The spirit was really strong. After she was baptized she told us she felt so so happy! She had the biggest smile on her face! AH! I love it! It really makes everything worth it! Honestly it does! It was honestly one of the best baptisms I have been to here in Cambodia :) 


We went and taught Srei L and showed her faith in Christ. She told us about a miracle that happened.She she was telling us this week that she had someone that was following her on a moto, and she got super scared... because she was just riding her bike. and she was by herself. He was literally going the same speed as her even though she was on a bike and he was on a moto. She had a thought to turn into a random alley. She did it and then the moto flew past her. Then this random moto driver asked her "hey why are you going down these roads they are dangerous." Then she said she was overwhelmed with this feeling that she was being watched over, and that there are lots of people that care about her! Heavenly Father is just so good, and I know he does watch over his children. She started to cry when she told us about it! The spirit was super strong... I know Heavenly Father is watching out for her. 

After that we went and saw Bong V and talked about temples she is working for going in about a year! Then everything else fell through so we decided to go to Ming Ss house to see if she was bad yet. turns out the just got back the night before and they had to leave again that night to go to Thai because there daughter has a muscle disease. When we got there both of them were in tears... I know that Heavenly Father made it so we were able to go to there house and see and comfort them... he really does watch over his children I am so grateful everything else fell through so we could go and see them. Then I ended up dopping Ming S over to the baptism and dang it's a good thing we got new bikes because we went over a pretty big bridge haha... I barely made it up, but we did it. She was laughing so hard. Which was good because she was having such a hard time... really was a tender mercy. She was the one who made the outfits for the baptism so she was really happy to be there and see it! Yeah that baptism was really chaotic and crazy... and that's all I am going to say about it! It was insane and everyone came out and were stressed, but hey guess what they were baptized and that's what counts! It was one of those moments where you remember that you are in Cambodia and that's for sure... you realized how new the church still is here haha. It's all good though! It will just continue to grow! 

Sunday :

We went and saw Om Nye who is still sick. She is 73 years old and she just keep on looking for something that will help... 

Then we saw Neri! She is so good! She is going to fast about the choice to be baptized this coming week! 

Church We had 6 potential investigators show up it was awesome! Everyone was so excited to have so many people there!

We did a little split after church because we had two investigators we needed to meet so I went with M to teach. We taught about reading the scriptures. It was really good! Plus M is a killer teacher and going to be an awesome missionary! I can't believe she has only been a member for 3 months. after the lesson we just talked about Missions while we waited for the other Sisters. Ah I am so excited for her to serve she is going to be so good. I want her to come to Wyoming :) Seriously though M is one of my favorite people ever! This area is exploding and I am so happy to be here :) The work is good! It's hard but it's worth it! 

The less active that I met my 3 transfer that was neighbors with us, his name is J, well he wasn't going to church and then I came back and he asked are you going to church and I said yep are you going to go? And he said what time does it start? So we told him the times and now the elders visit him and he has been going to church for the past 3 weeks!
Ming S I heard is doing really well! She is continuing to have miracles, and her house is getting better :) 

Well good luck to Hanna this week she is going to be so awesome! Thanks for all the support and love you guys are the best and I love you! 


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