Sunday, July 3, 2016

The fastest year of my life

Hello Everyone!


For P-Day we took a step back into America... it was weird... I don't know how I felt about it! We went bowling with all of the Sisters :) One good thing about being in the city... is you do get to hang out with all these killer missionaries around here! After P-day was over we hustled home and made some Rice Krispy's for the Temple Activity. We broke records and it only took us about 10 minutes to go home make them all and be at the church! 

So we told everyone that the activity started at 6, knowing that everyone would show up at 6:30 because well, that's just how it works down here in cambodia. Also there was rain.... rain always puts a damper on things... I don't know why but when it rains in Cambodia... everyone hides away in their house and won't go out and do stuff. So anyway we ended up only having about 12 people show up to the activity which actually was pretty good! 

For the fireside we talked about going to the temple. The Elder's talked about how to prepare to go to the temple. Which was super good because most people here think the temple is just like a dream... something out of reach. Then the senior couple Elder and Sister Jones talked about Family History! After them we got up and taught about what we actually do in the temple. It was just a really good fireside! I love the new focus we have on temples! I love them so much! I can't wait to go back and go to the SV temple!


We saw Ming P. and taught her about the spirit and about revelation. She told us that she didn't really know when she was feeling the spirit or what recieving revelation was even like.... so we reminded her about the times where she wasn't able to understand the book of mormon so she prayed and then it just all started to makes sense. We testified that that was the spirit! She got super excited and said "wow I guess I do know what the spirit feels like" 

After that we went to lunch at Bong S. house. My RC from TTP oh my goodness I love her so much. It was so good to see her again! Honestly that is one bonus from serving close to my old area. I get to see the people that I love so much on random occasions! Then we went and saw Yiay C.  she is an active member from TTP. We were just going to say hi, but she wouldn't let us leave without sharing a scripture with her haha! So we shared Ether 12:27 with her! My favorite you know haha! I love her though she is such an example to me! She is probably one of my most favorite people I have ever met in my entire life. She is just so happy even though she has so little. 

Then we saw Srei L. and finished teaching her lesson one :) Srei L. is doing really good. She is just super busy with work right now but she always squeezes in time to meet with us! We committed her to baptism for the 30th of July!


We went and saw Yiay S. and T. and started reading from the Book of Mormon with them. We use the picture book. It is literally one of my favorite things to do here... is just to read out of the Book of Mormon and explain it as you go. The spirit is just always there when you read the Book of Mormon I love it! Then we saw Om N. and Om P. we taught them about sacrament and the atonement... they both committed to come to church... but I didn't see them at church so we are going to go see them again this week! Don't worry we are going to get them coming back! Then we had english class. I gave the spiritual though about going to the temples! I just love it! Heavenly Father's plan is just so good! It's perfect! We are so lucky! 


We saw Srei L. and talked about reading the scripture we testified that they are the word of God. She looked at us and said "i know that that is true" She then went on about how Nephi testified that she is writing the word of God, and after that she just knew that it was true. Then we went and saw R , and Srei L. we just watched the Restoration with them. Then we went and watched Faith in Christ with Nada. The Senior Sister Training Leaders brought in their investigator and then we just had a group discussion afterward. There is nothing like the spirit that comes when you testify of the Savior!


We saw Ming T! She is an active member from my birth area Pochentong, well turns out she just moved to Chomkamon! Way sweet that I get to see her and visit her again! She had some problems at her other house so she had to move. She said she came to the new house and had no idea where the church was or what to do, so she prayed and asked God what she needed to do. Well she had this thought... just wait for the elders to come. So she sat by the door and waited for the Elders to come. Well the Elders were contacting that day, and were having no success at all! The had this feeling to go to an area they had already contacted in before but they went anyway... Well turns out that was Ming T's area she called them in! MIRACLES!!!! The church is true!! Seriously Heavenly Father is so good! Then we saw Ming S. and read the BOM with her as well. She loves the picture book of mormon she says she uses it to translate the regular book of mormon haha!
Then we saw S... her mom isn't letting her go to church right now.... We are trying to help her. She is good and has a lot of faith it's just hard for her right now. We are going to see her again tonight. 
Then we saw Om K... she is an active member and her house is way sketchy. We felt like we were in the sarotov approach which is actually a reoccurring thing... it just happens in Cambodia when you are trying to find less actives,,, it's fun it's like an adventure every single day. Anyways we climb up to her house and i see like 3 rats run across the floor and up the wood ceiling. Then we get in there and she says "my house smells like pee" she gets out this nastily smelly stuff and then just goes ape with it and starts spraying us with it... it was so nasty the smell of the perfume literally made me sick haha. It's okay though it's all good in cambodia.
Then we saw M. and talked about Christ like attributes we all picked one to work on! M. is still awesome and still helps us like everyday! She is the best. 


We went and saw Yiay S. and T. and read from the Bom again. Always so good they love it! Then we saw Bong V. and her husband and taught them about Faith. It was perfect timing because the wanted to fast but they didn't really know how so they were really hoping the missionaries would come over before they started to explain... and what do you know... we came! I am telling you God is so good! We literally came 5 minutes before they started fasting. After we taught them we went and saw R. and K. our kid members. We taught them about fasting and fast offering. Then we went and saw Srei L. we taught her about the WOW she has some problems with it, but she committed to follow it!
Then we taught N. and she told us that she has had a better relationship with her uncle since learning about the church. She said before they didn't get along at all, but now it's getting better and better. Her family really is being blessed because of her!


We saw N. who is doing great. We taught her lesson 2 and she understood it, but she still hasn't committed to baptism yet... she says she wants to make sure that baptism is what the lord wants her to do so we committed her to pray about it, and ask God if he wants her to recieve baptism or not. Our other investigator bailed out on us so we just ended up teaching Srei L. because she was just chilling at the church. We taught how Enduring to the End.

So crazy i can't believe that I have been serving a year this week.... it's gone by way way too fast. All I know is that a year before I never thought I would be were I am at now. I am super grateful to all of you guys and the love and support i have had my entire life. i love you all so much. I am so grateful that I chose to come on a mission... I can't believe it was ever even a hard decision for me it shouldn't have been... it should've been easy. Even single day I love my mission and more. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to work with him and serve the people here in Cambodia! Seriously I love them so much. They are my family. These next 6 are going to fly... but I don't really want them to! I love it here and still have lots of work to do! I am so lucky I get to testfiy of the Savior every single day!! It's the best choice I have ever made!

Well I hope you all have a great 4th! I love you all! 


Sister Schwab

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