Monday, August 29, 2016

Guess what. . . I have four months left

Hello Everyone!


We ended up going to the Royal Palace for P-day, and then after we just went and got stuff ready for the new missionaries coming in, and the mini missionaries that are leaving. 

Royal Palace


So Tuesday morning we ended up helping Sister Nit get ready to go to the airport and fly to America! She got her visa on Monday and then they told her that she would be leaving on Tuesday... crazy how fast that came around. I am so excited for her though she is going to kill it in America. So in the morning we helped her get everything ready and then sent her off to the airport. We waited with her until she got all checked in! It's so crazy she is going to America, she is going to make such a difference down there though, I went on one exchange with her for like 6 hours and I knew she was amazing, so look out everyone because Sister Nit is coming to America! 
Taking this Sister to the airport so she can serve in the USA

Then after that the Levitt's were kind enough to take us to lunch... have I mentioned how much I love the Levitts :) 

After that we went and taught Ming Savon, an LA that we meet. She works in a hospital. So she is really good and has a strong testimony of the Bible, but she has pretty much forgotten all about the Book of Mormon, and she goes to a different church.... One thing that really hit me though when we were teaching was when she was talking about the missionary that taught her, they showed us pictures of her at a watt with her Buddhist husband, and she told the members, yeah whatever any church is a good church".... No!! The thing that really hit me was how much of an effect her example had on her investigators... they are less actives now and going to a different church because you know any church is a good church... ahhh.... why?! It just made me realize that when you are done with your mission you not only need to keep enduring and following the commandments for yourself, but for all the people that we've met and taught on our missions... we owe it to them, and our example has a huge effect on them! They are still going to look up to the people that taught them even years after.... It just was a good reminder I guess... for me haha! 

After that we had a meeting to get ready for the mini missionaries and transfers. 
Matching with Daughter


We ended up calling all of the mini missionaries and making sure that they had a way home... it pretty much took the whole morning! 

Then in the afternoon we went to a mini missionary devotional where all of the mini missionaries got to stand up and bare their testimonies. It was awesome to hear their testimonies... I translated for the Jones, who are our Family History senior couple. Most of the mini missionaries talked a lot about how the mission was super hard...and they wanted to go home the first 3 days... but after the two weeks was over they wanted to stay and keep going they didn't want to go home at all.... It was a neat experience to see how much they had grown in such a short amount of time, they best part was that most of the missionaries talked about how they know for sure that they want to serve a full time mission after this! I love it!
English Class :)


NEW MISSIONARIES ALL FRESH FROM AMERICA!!! Way awesome in the morning we had a meeting with the trainers and then we went and picked up their kids at the airport! They look like a good group of missionaries! I am so excited for them they just started the hardest most rewarding two years of their lives... it's so good I love it! Plus it's about time we get some fresh people in here! It's true those new missionaries fresh from the MTC have a light and because of that light and desire they have... their are going to be some serious miracles that happen! 

New missionaries

We are so excited for the new missionaries

Other then that we just chilled at the bike store all day and got the new missionaries their bikes :) We really love that bike store.... haha... yeah....
Always at the bike store

After the successful transfer day we decided we needed to reward ourselves with Cold Stone! Bet you didn't know they had that in Cambodia... haha it's pretty new, and just opened a month or two ago. 


We saw Bong Sophiap, and taught her lesson 1, it was kind of a long lesson because her daughter was screaming bloody murder because you tube wouldn't work and she couldn't watch Johnny... haha we literally had to wait 4 minutes to give the closing prayer lucky youtube came back on, but then... half way through it stopped so have way through the prayer she started screaming again haha... oh the struggles... 

Then we saw Om Siat and taught her about prophets... she is working on fixing her house right now... she is still struggling but honestly she is still one of the most faithful people I know... she won't give up hope... and instead of pushing away during her trials she is rely on God more then ever.
Then we saw Om Soka an investigator of ours... she was super tired when we saw her she sells until like 3 in the morning every night... so she gets really tired.. we were teaching her Lesson 2 and she almost fell asleep like 3 times... bless her heart.... she is really good... it's just hard for her right now, but she really does have faith, which is the first step! After teaching we helped her get her vegetables ready to sell, side note... I still suck at cutting vegetables... and they will let you know too, Om literally showed me three different ways to do it because i was so bad at it haha. 

Then we saw Om He a LA and taught her about Family History work, which she has actually already started on she said that she couldn't remember about her parents and then she prayed and suddenly she remembered the dates they died, and when they were born... the miracles just keep coming... I know Heavenly Father is leading this work.


We ended up going down to Orang Ov with the Ministry of Environment to do a service project. We went to a school out in the khets, and helped them plant trees, more than 200 trees were planted, and after the planting of trees, the ministry taught the students how to stay healthy. They taught them about brushing their teeth and disposing of trash... The kids loved it! 

Then on the car ride home a man rode with us his name was Rekseme. He was one of the volunteers that came with us to the service project... well Sister Ormax and I ended up talking about the Book of Mormon with him, he had lots of questions so we were able to testify about the restoration, priesthood, and he even asked about baptism... so we taught him about that.. by the time he left the car, he had a book of mormon, a pamphlet, and we had his number to give to the Elders in Pochentong. He was really interested in learning! 

Then we saw Om Giang our investigator... we taught her about Family History, and she got super defensive and wouldn't do it.... she would write in the book at all... so her family is from China and her husband believes in the chinease religion... I guess they believe that if you do anything with ancestors then you will be cursed.... plus she said right now she doesn't have agency to do it.. her husband wouldn't let her.... she said she has faith, but she can't do anything because she has no agency... it was super sad... then I realized that Mulan... the movie... all those jokes about ancestors... yeah that's a real thing... don't ask me why that popped into my head haha... it was random.... yeah it was upsetting tho... so we just testified of the Savior and that through the atonement anyone can change even her husband. 

After that we saw Ming Nih, and Ming Sophia investigators... we just talk them lesson 1... but it was one of those lessons when it makes you realize how much I love teaching and being out here and being a missionary... It also just testifies to me again that this church is true.... when we gave the Joseph Smith first vision the spirit was so strong... and everyone felt it.... I just love it... I love this gospel and church, and I know that it is true, I have no doubts! 


Weekly Planning

Well that's really all for this week! Crazy that I only have four months left... I kind of hate that... I love it out here! Well I love you all so much honestly I have the best family ever thanks for all the support and love! Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Sister Schwab

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