Monday, October 3, 2016

Time is flying by

Hello Everyone!


For P-Day we just went out to lunch with Sister Nit and Sister Lines to lunch and then we went and watched women's conference at the mission home with all of the sisters! It was so good. Utchdorf what can I say! 4th flour last door! So so good! I am so excited for conference! I have waited 6 months for this haha! It's literally the best in the mission and I am way sad that this is going to be my last one in the mission, unless I come back as a senior couple of course. Which after talking to the amazing senior couples we have here is something I seriously want to do! After that, we had the regular meeting with President we are just getting ready for the craziness we have coming up these next couple of weeks. Here is the list for you! TUESDAY MLC, WEDNESDAYTRANSFERS THURSDAY NEW MISSIONARIES COME IN FRIDAY ZONE TRAINING SAT GENERAL CONFERENCE SAT GENERAL CONFERENCE! Haha and then Zone conference the following week it will be crazy but fun that's for sure! Haha time just flies by! 


We met our investigator Om Soka and taught her lesson one... she was super tired from selling the night before so she pretty much started to fall asleep during the lesson, so I tried to make the lesson more exciting haha we started using examples trying to get her into the lesson, but it didn't work so we stopped and let her take a nap before she had to go out and sell again, bless her heart she tries so hard to stay awake but she is just SO TIRED all of the time.... she wants to learn so badly though!
Then we saw Om Siat and just read the Book of Mormon with her. She loves when we just come over and read with her, it's one of her favorite things. Om Siat is awesome, she is reading in second Nephi right now with the Isiah chapters and she loves it, haha most members get super confused by the Isiah, but not Om she loves it! It's awesome! 

Then we swung by Bong Anima's house a RM who served in LA and we had FHE with her. It was so fun! We shared in 3rd Nephi 18:19-21 with them about prayer. Bong Amina bore her testimony about how she is so grateful that she has a father who loves her and she can tell all of her problems and concerns to. She doesn't have that on earth, because she has some problems with her family, but she does have a heavenly father who loves her and it looking out for her, it makes this life doable no matter how hard it is, we don't have to do it on our own! I love it! The power of prayer is something that I have really grown a testimony of on my mission! I am so grateful we have a heavenly father who is will to listen to us whenever we need him! 

Wednesday :

We had our District meeting on commitments and having conviction when we give them!
Then in the afternoon we went and saw our RC Bong Lisa, we shared with her about Family Home Evening because we think it's something that can really strengthen her and her family! plus its Phcum Bun which is a huge holiday inCambodiaa when all of the people go to the temples and worship their ancestors, so we thought we would focus on families this week. 

Then we went and did service for our investigator Bong Nih, before she left to her hometown for the holiday. 


Ended up being filled with random meetings and weekly planning :)


HAPPY PHCUM BUN... which actually is not just a one day holiday... because that just doesn't make sense right.. if it's a holiday it has to be like a week right? haha well at least that is how it is in cambodia at least. So we just cleaned the house and then we went to the church for donuts and a movie! I ended up translated for Sister Kosal and Sister Sung ;) It was so fun to have everyone together though! I love being surrounded by such amazing people all of the time! I feel like I have learned so much from everyone and their testimony! 


We saw Bong Saophia in the morning and taught her about Family home evening! Then Sister Ormax got to call her family for Phcum Bun! So fun! 

After that we saw Om Soka and did service at her house for awhile we helped her cut veggies and may I just say I have improved a lot since the beginning haha i was terrible at first I told sister ormax that and she was like yeah you were haha I support what my comp says you were terrible at first haha but she is impressed by how much better I have gotten... hey it just takes a little practice thats all!
then we saw Om Siat and just read with her again because she loves that so much

Then we saw Ming Sarom an active member we taught her about General Conference because we are trying to get all the members super excited for it next week!


Church was great just translated for the Senior Couples :)
Then we went and saw Ming Sophat and talked about General Conference with her!
Then we saw Bishop and had a little FHE with him! I love their family so so much. We were going to share DC 88:118-121 with him but he told us he was going to share a scripture first and it was the same exact one haha! Inspiration I am telling you, and so we shared in 3 Nephi again instead! Literally though they are going to be the first senior couple missionaries of Cambodia they are so awesome, and want to share the gospel with everybody! 


This morning we dropped off Sister Nit at the airport! Look out Oregon here she comes :) then we had lunch with our Zone and playing a little soccer/keep away!

Well, that is my week for ya nothing too exciting! I am still loving it! Oh yeah, transfer call were this week and turns out........ nothing happened if I am completely honest I forgot that it was transfer calls yesterday haha! All is well! Love you all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SETHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so stinking old! I hope you have a great day! love you so much! 


Sister Schwab

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