Monday, October 10, 2016

Last Conference in the Mission

Hello Everyone!


We got everything ready for the new missionaries coming in we have 4 viets and 4 khmer missionaries coming in SUPER EXCITING!
My Planner this month in honor of the SV Temple

My Comp is awesome

Then we had MLC aka Missionary Leadership Council. The best part of the meeting is always Presidents when he teaches his doctrine! He talked about the attributes of a good missionary! It was so good!


So today we had transfers so you know always craziness at the mission home! Super fun though, we had a training the new trainers meeting, and then we get a call.... and turns out the new missionaries passports had problems so they ended up having to wait a few days until they came in. Which it was a crazy morning, and then we went home did our studies and came back to say goodbye to the amazing sister Dao, shout out she is literally one of my favorite people ever I love her so much! Well President called us in and told us that on Thursday we have a train the kids and their trainers meeting, and nobody was going to be there in the morning so it was all us, so we spent the rest of the day getting everything ready for that. Then we went off to English class.


We trained the trainers and their kids and then we went and got them bikes :) We love that bike store I'm telling ya haha then we had a meeting to prepare for zone conference!


In the morning we had zone training and then we went TEACHING! First off we saw Om Soka and taught her about the 10 commandments. She agreed to follow them and she promised us that she would go to general conference this Sunday.
My Mission Grandma

Then we saw Bong Saophia and taught her about conference and bringing questions that she had. I told her about when I was trying to decide if I wanted to go on a mission or not and then I watched Elder Bednar's talk. In that talk he talked about missionary work, and how when we have something that helps us or something that we love we just get the desire to share it, and that was exactly how I felt! I love the gospel so much, and I can't imagine what my life would be like without it... so I had to share it! The taught was called "come and see" and to this day it is one of my favorite talks ever... just because it gave me that every push to go on a mission.
I love her so much!


Then I went out with Sister Chiill a new missionary... she was having a hard time and feeling a little homesick so we decided to go out teaching because what better medicine is there then teaching? We saw Ming Savon an LA and taught her about conference.... she wouldn't commit to go, I was like Ming God is trying to tell you something through the mouths of his servants and if you don't go you are pretty much telling God that you don't care what he has to say.... after I said that she said she would go... (for the record she didn't go ahh!!)

Then we went contacting and Sister Chiil contacted someone that wanted to learn, I was so excited for her, and the joy that was on her face was the best. You know it's amazing God knows when we are having hard times, and when we endure it and push through he always gives us little miracles! I love it!


I am super sad that I had my last conference in the mission... no going to lie there may have been some tears shed. I am just so grateful that I am lucky enough to be out here surrounded by so many amazing people and I get to testify on my Savior every single day! I still think back to the time where I was trying to decide if I should go or not... I can't believe that it was even a hard decision it should have been easy... of course I should go on a mission. The Savior has given me so much of course I can give a little back!

After conference we had FHE with Om Soka's family and we shared about prayer!
Well that was my week! I love hearing about all of the temple stuff it looks amazing, and I can't wait to go through with all of you guys! It gives me chills thinking about it! I love all of you so much! I am doing great! Dad happy 50th b-day this week! haha :)

Love you,
Sister Schwab

Conference favs
"Love more suffer less"
-Elder Hales
"Jesus Christ is joy!"
- President Nelson
"To whom shall ye go?"
-Ballard (probably my favorite talk, I am going to share it with Ming Savon haha) I am serious though!

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