Monday, October 24, 2016

Coming up on the two month mark!

Hey family... well I can't believe it's already Monday.. I honestly have no idea where the time goes...

Oh so funny story,
So we were riding our bikes in Siem Reap and I was riding the Elder's bike, with the super high bar, and we were in this path in the forest and there was this huge puddle it was pretty much like a mini lake really. Well I go and try to go through it fast because it should work if I go fast right.. wrong... I got stuck and try to catch myself on the bike but my foot gets stuck so I end up cannon balling into this huge mud puddle Sister Rean about died laughing... she was like " I wouldn't have laughed but I heard you scream and then saw you flying in the air into the mud puddle. Haha oh the struggles :) also side note! I love Sister Rean she is a killer missionary and I love going on exchanges with her it's always a blast and I always learn so much from her.


Nothing really too exciting we just headed out to BB for zone conference on Tuesday

Back in Seam Reap

Visiting old friends


After zone conference (round 4) I went on an exchange with Sister Um. I've been waiting to go on an exchange with her since I was trainer Sister Kosal in transfer number 4! Sister Um is an awesome teacher! She is super straight forward, but in the most loving way... it's really a gift she has haha! Her quote "If she loves you she is going to tell you straight up what you need to change!" She and Sister Collins are seriously like a power duo that are going to make miracles happen in BB!
Our Jungle Hotel


We drove out to Siem Reap and went to English class! It was great to see all of the members there they were all like "Wow Sister Schwab you haven't ended your mission yet?" Come on.... haha!


We went out and did exchanges with the Siem Reap Sisters. I went with Sister Rean it was nice because I was able to show her some houses in Branch 2. We went and saw Bong Mom's family with Parri our old investigator that never got baptized... well this was the first time Sister Rean met them, and Parri said that she wants to learn again, so the Sister's are reteaching her to prepare her for baptism! It was so good to see that family. Bong Mom is pregrent and due in December.. she said when I come and see her with my family she will have a new baby boy!

Lime tree

We taught them about reading the Book of Mormon as a family and the power that comes from it. The committed to having family home evening and reading together as a family. Hopefully this will get them to start coming to church again!

Road trip

I saw Ming Saron!!!! She was so excited to see me and I was super excited, Sister Rean keep on laughing at me because I was biking super fast and couldn't control my excitement! It was so good to see and she was for sure surprised haha! She was like wow I thought you weren't coming back until December! Ahh I love her so much! We actually ended up teaching her husband who has a baptismal date for December! it amazing to see how much Ming has grow in her testimony... she shared with me the scripture she is going to share in fast and testimony meeting! And it's amazing to see how the Lord has blessed her. The people that she rents the land from rebuilt her house so that it could make it through the rainy season, and in the new house she has a huge picture of the temple... Honestly the gospel is amazing! Miracles never cease for those that have faith!

We had lunch at her house and then had to say goodbye again... it was a lot easier this time because I will get to see her in two month with you guys :)
Sunrise in SR


Zone conference round 5!


Open house in KC! they are dedicating a new building out there and for the first session over 700 people came! It's so amazing to see the church grow here in Cambodia!
Church open house


Baptism for Sophia! The baptism was great! Her daughter ended up coming and this was the first time I even met her daughter. We waited 15 minutes just for her daughter to come, but let me tell ya it was worth it! We had the program and it was great. After Bong Sophia was baptized she honestly was just glowing. She just talked about how happy and good she felt... In all of my 3 months of teaching her I have never seen her as happy as she was that day. She was just glowing..

After the baptism we went to FHE with Om Sokha's family... they are all super sick and have colds... but they all came to church! After Om saw the baptism she got super excited for hers and kept asking when she was getting baptized! Ahh! Miracles I am telling ya! this family has changed so much since we have gotten here, it's amazing to see the miracles that can happen when a family goes to church and study the scriptures together. It really does have power! We shared Mormon 9:19-21 with them and shared about miracles!

Bishops Wife

Well that's really it for this week! It's was pretty crazy but really fun! I love my mission I love the people here and I love my Savior!



Sister Schwab
PS happy b-day Kalin!!! love ya!!!!

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