Monday, December 12, 2016

កិច្ចការផ្សព្វផ្សាយសាសនា (Missionary Work)

Hello Everyone!


We went to the ផ្សា​ and did some shopping and then we went and prepared stuff for English Class and MLC.


We saw Om Siat... she wanted to have Family Home Evening but we had MLC in the evening so we had a Family Home Afternoon. She invited everyone to come, but because it was at 2 everyone was sleeping haha oh the struggles... But it was still really good, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and our investigator Ming Vana came in! We watched the video and then bore our testimonies about the Savior... Om Siat just told us " Watching this video just strengthened my testimony I know that Christ died for us so that we could receive salvation, she testified about the miracles Christ performed and about the Plan of Salvation! Wow I am telling you Om Siat is amazing! She is one of the best members/ missionaries I know!!!

Then that night we had MLC, and we learned how to take care of our new bikes, fun fact now I know how to oil a chain, tighten brakes, and fix a broken chain! haha so that's way better then before oh yeah and I know how to shift gears now... well sort of before my knowledge with bikes was at a zero or less then that now it's probably at a 10 out of 100 so it's better then before haha!!!


We had MLC most of the day. We taught about Faith in Finding. We talked about how it's Christmas and miracles are bound to happen! I feel like we have had so many miracles and I know that there are more to come! It's really cool that in missionary work you literally can make miracles happen by opening your mouth... Just a few words like I know that you are a child of God can change someones life forever! It's amazing... honestly I just love missionary work!!!

Then we had english class and showed the video "Light the World" It's soooo good! We encouraged all of our English class students to think of someone that is struggling and reach out to them... be like Christ and help them! It was so good! It amazing that that video can touch your heart no matter what language you speak or where you are! The students seemed to really love it! Then after the video we got up and bore our testimonies about service!


We saw Monika and talked to her about Missionary work and committed her to sharing a pamphlet with someone that she cares about... Monika is amazing and already invited her mom to accept the gospel! It's funny because she is kind of shy when we teach her but wow she just invites people to learn and she is so confident! I love it!

Then we Navi and watched the Joseph Smith video with her! After watching it we asked her how she felt and she told us that it all makes sense now... why there are so many churches and why it needed to be restored... then we committed her to be baptized on the 14th of January! She really is amazing and the restoration answered so many of her questions!


We had all day zone training and then I bore my last testimony... sort of weird actually it was super weird! I told myself I wasn't going to cry... but I totally did haha I didn't even get to words out without crying... I really do love my mission and I can't believe that it's coming to an end.... wow it went by so fast.... I knew at the beginning I would love my mission... but i didn't know that I would love it this much!

After zone training we saw Monika... who called me at like 3 and told me she couldn't make it to our lesson.. I was like no it's important that we meet you because you have your interview tomorrow and then she was like okay sister I have to tell you something... I want to meet you but I don't have my BOM because I gave it to my friend to read... I gave her the pamplet but she wanted to read the book so I gave it to her.... I about died!! Monika is sooooo amazing!!! I told her that it was okay, we would bring her another one haha! I love her!!

We saw Monika and prepared her for her interview!


We saw Ming Vana and Navi haha Ming Vana is really funny actually she kind of reminds of dad. She will not sit still, she always has to be doing something, so getting her to sit down during a lesson is kind of hard sometimes we would teach and then she would stand up and do something else, so we would start yelling the lesson so she would come back haha... but it's all good I really like her and she makes me laugh and even though we had to yell parts of lesson 2 at the end she still committed to baptism!! Wahoo Miracles!!!

Then we read the BOM with Bong Sophia's those are some of my favorite lessons... there is nothing like reading from the book of Mormon!

Then we saw Ming Somat and watched the Joy to the World video with her, and then Monika had her baptismal interview and she passed!!! So she will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!


We saw Bong Chenda and Bong Kiang, we are going to start meeting them more because they both committed to baptism!!! So cool I am telling you December... so many miracles!!! At church we had 6 investigators! Monika brought her Aunt Ming Sokha and now we are teaching her as well!! So awesome! They have a really great family, and I feel like there are going to be a lot of new strong members because of Monika and her desire to share with everyone!!

After that we had FHE at Om Sokha's house and shared the Christmas story!!!

Well that was my week I am getting really excited to see all of you! I have the best family ever you know!! I love you all and see you in like 2 weeks :)

Sister ស្វប់

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